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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 39: A Fated Meeting Of Polar Opposites Bahasa Indonesia

Had my pause, am back.

Yomite had received a bountiful sum of 120k Mora and 60 primogems for completing the daily quests from Katheryne.

As mentioned previously, the Adventurer’s guild system was a bit weird. Well, at least Yomite found it really abusable.

He was now currently in party with only Hu Tao, as Lumine wasn’t here, so they only got double the bonus from 60k to 120k Mora.

In the upcoming days, if Yomite had a full party of 4, and completed daily quests, he would earn 240k Mora each day, and almost two million Mora just within a week of the daily quests.

And there were plenty of other quests on the Quest Board too, meaning he would get rich in no time.

Then there was also the case of Lumine returning his money but he didn’t care about it that much.

A great cheat character had entered his party, who would care about a few thousand Mora?

Once he received his payment, he offered to share the primogems with Hu Tao and Fischl but neither of them knew how they operated so they both declined.

Apparently, Fischl had about 900 primogems herself and was treasuring it if her Mora ran out by any chance, but of course, that didn’t come from her mouth but from Oz.

There was no way someone like her would admit it.

There was a rumour around Mondstadt that powerful individuals from Liyue and Snezhnaya were buying out as many primogems as they could, but no one really knew how they worked or where they came from.

All they knew was that you could use them to make your Vision stronger but the method wasn’t known either. Only a few chosen found out about the method.

“Hey Hey! why don’t we go somewhere to eat to celebrate our first success as a party!”

Hu Tao suggested this when they left the guild. It was slightly still early for lunch, but they might as well just go.

They decided to enter the Good Hunter in the town, as it was probably the only restaurant selling food besides the Inn in this city.

Once they’ve sat down, Yomite offered to pay lunch for all three of them, as he had received money from his dailies.

Hu Tao cheered and Fischl didn’t look happy or mad about it, she just accepted the offer.

He ordered himself a so-called Fisherman’s Toast, Hu Tao had a Golden Chicken Burger while Fischl had some light salad.

‘So burger is a thing of this world as well. Interesting.’

As he looked at Fischl eating a small piece of her salad, he mused that maybe she was ashamed to ask for something more.

He ordered her and himself a hot sandwich and milk as that Fisherman’s Toast wasn’t enough to satiate his hunger.

Oz said that he didn’t need to necessarily eat, but he still enjoyed the meat pie Yomite ordered for him, eating with gratitude.

Well from his appearance, it seemed like he was a raven, and since ravens were omnivorous, they would eat anything.

Eating meat shouldn’t pose a problem or endanger him in any way.

Yomite was sitting on a chair outdoors and munching on his food with his party.

His spot was pretty nice and he could see all the way up to the entrance of Mondstadt and naturally, the bridge.

‘Oh come to think of it, that kid…what was his name again? Timmie? Wasn’t anywhere near the bridge when we’ve passed by, but maybe he is still sleeping or something.’ Yomite was thinking of apologizing in Hu Tao’s stead.

Her behavior at the time was pretty bad, it was just a small kid after all.

Once they were done eating, they entered the Resin Moon Inn.

Yomite ignored the degenerate gaze of the female teen behind the counter that seemed to be saying, “H-He brought another woman with him…h-how lewd…” And walked into his room.

He had discussed this with Fischl during their meal and apparently she also lived in Mondstadt.

Not just that, but her house was a few meters away from the Resin Moon Inn itself.

That was great, at least Yomite could save up money by not moving into a bigger room.

Once they’ve entered the room, they saw Lumine braiding Paimon’s hair. She was smiling while doing so and Paimon was also enjoying it.

“Yo.” Yomite called out, catching their attention.

“Ah, Bad Tattoo returned! Did you bring any food? Paimon is starving!” She flew from Lumine’s hands and circled around Yomite’s head.

He handed her a small snack and she sat on the bed with gratitude.

“Party leader, welcome back.” Lumine greeted him but her attention was soon however, preocupied with the new mysterious girl who was standing next to him.

“Prinzessin Der Verurteilung greets you!”

Fischl immediately struck her pose. First Impression was crucial and she always had to do her best to let everyone around her know what kind of grandiose person she was.

Seeing Fischl’s weird pose, Lumine squinted her eyes, “This…is…?”

“Our new party member! We will be in a team starting tomorrow!” Yomite joyfully replied.

His goal of obtaining a full party for the Mora bonus was achieved, why wouldn’t he be happy?

Fischl sneered at his reaction.

She could just feel the happiness he radiated, for him to finally find a soulmate, someone who could understand him. He must truly be glad she joined his party.

If Yomite knew what she was thinking, he would heavily deny it. He hated roleplaying.

It was probably the only thing he was too embarrassed to do.

He never understood those roleplayers on discord.

Their minds must have been too strong to resist such an amount of cringe.

And just like that, Fischl was heavily starting to misunderstand him and his intentions, but maybe that was for the better.

She felt like she knew what he must have gone through as a child, just like she did.

A long time ago in a place far, far away, there was a tiny little girl.

The girl’s parents were busy adventurers. She spent most of her childhood in the library, traversing the countless universes that were contained in the pages of the library books.

She became the ruler of the Immernachtreich, summoned Thundering Retribution as a royal princess, and formed a soul bond with a Raven…

‘Hmpf! Thinking that everything I, Fischl, Prinzessin Der Verurteilung say isn’t real! How pathetic! Worry not, for we shall show them the end of Epocrypha together.’ She bore her gaze into Yomite, giving him a mental thumbs up.

Her childhood was hard. So she could quickly sympathize with a fellow soul.

Unable to fit in with her peers due to her obsession for fantasy novels, she often felt lonely and sad.

She also remembered every word of her doubters, even her parents told her to stop acting like a child at one point.

“Dear…You are already fourteen years old… It’s time to open your eyes and face reality…world isn’t always a nice place, but we have to bear it…” Her father told her with a frown of disapproval.

She ran and ran away, crying, until she arrived in the library, her own world, and isolated herself for a long time…

‘All of that was in the past. Nothing of relevance.’

Right now it was the true her, Prinzessin Der Verurteilung, a top class investigator of the adventurer’s guild who happened to have an IQ much higher than most people, with a vocabulary so vast it could dwarf the entirety of the biggest mountain in Dragonspine if it were to be converted in sheer volume, and that was not including her being able to make work of any foe in ten seconds flat with either the pointed end of her arrows or fried to a crisp by her trusty Oz.

She was simply godly and divine.

However, Chuuni people tend to have multiple weaknesses. One of them being…

“I’m Lumine…”

People of a few words, such as Lumine. She could do it if she tried to, she could talk a lot, but she simply didn’t want to.

Lumine wasn’t really in the mood to feel happy or enjoy something, as she was busy searching for her brother.

This also led to a huge shift in her personality.

An almost emotionless person of a few words, introduced herself with the dullest and the most uninterested voice Fischl had ever heard, squaring off against a Chuuni.


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