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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 121: Date With Fischl, Part Final – Eternity Bahasa Indonesia

Welp thanks to the help of my editor, the chapter went from 3000 to 3620 words, lol.

I will now be focusing on irl stuff and be writing for p atreon and I feel like the first chapter of a smut will be ready for Celestia 10 Euro tier in like 3 or so days. (Of course, not exclusive, it will only come sooner.)

Hope you enjoy this chapter and see you on monday!


Yomite looked to be in a state of utmost peace and tranquility with Fischl laying on top of his lap like that, his eyes brimming with hints of affection and adoration as he steadily brushed through her hair, patting her head. His hands stilled, as he felt his lover’s eyes on him. Her gaze was piercing and unblinking, her eyes mirroring emotions akin to his own, albeit with an intensity far higher than his.

“Mm…” she hummed. “This is worthy enough to catch the eye of the Prinzessin…” she said sleepily and yawned, stretching herself further while hiding the blush and the fluttering feeling coursing throughout her being.

She stayed up the whole night, stressing out, and trying to figure out what to do during a date, yet it was all so simple…

Acting like herself was the best way to go at it.

That way, there was almost no pressure or fear.

And right now, she felt like a content kitten basking in its owner’s affectionate care.

Yomite chuckled softly at the alluring sight before him. Her hair spread around her, framing her face and he gently brushed it back, not letting it block the beautiful face of his beloved. His other hand affectionately played with one of her long locks.

“Want this?”

Yomite took a knife and cut out a part of the flesh from the watermelon slice, bringing it close to her mouth. Fischl readily opened her mouth and ate it, savoring the taste of the fruit and the care of her lover.

His eyes followed the movements of her pink alluring tongue as she swallowed the fruit, but he did not speak, just gazing away at her motions.

He watched as her small tongue licked up the juice off the corner of her lips and she looked at him with expectations, as if she wanted to eat more.

Yomite chuckled at her antics, then picked up another piece and offered it to her. She accepted it once more.

“Does the Prinzessin desire anything else? A massage? Something to drink? Or does she want me to feed her some more?”

This kind of roleplay was something he would never normally do, but he felt like it really fit the current situation and he truly wanted to pamper her and make her happy.

“…This Prinzessin desires…a morning kiss…” she cooed softly, her voice akin to a whisper like the tune of a soothing lullaby. “A kiss from her…Prince…”

Whispering to him the desire of her heart, she raised both of her dainty arms and hugged his neck, locking her eyes with Yomite’s.

The voice was soft and melodic, as it drifted through the air and reached Yomite’s ears. The girl— filled with expectations and washed over by the embarrassment of her desire— closed her eyes in hopes that she could picture the fairy tale that this was.

However, instead of seeing an imaginary prince— from the innumerable fairy tales she read growing up— standing before her, she opened her eyes, and saw the visage of her real prince, the person she dearly loved.

It took incredible resolve— nearly every bit of courage in her being— for her to say something like this to him, yet this was how she genuinely felt, nothing could and would change that fact and she wanted, she desired to be with him, more than anything else in the world.

He looked at her in slight bewilderment but obliged nonetheless.

Fischl was bolder than he thought her to be and this made him more than just simply happy.

She closed her eyes again, feeling his strong arms wrapping around her lithe body, hugging her back. A shiver of pleasure coursed through her being as she brimmed with anticipation for the ensuing event.

The imminent kiss drawing closer and closer made her body heat up from excitement. Yet, there were also hints of nervousness that followed every maiden experiencing their first kiss.

Yomite leaned forward to press his lips against hers, softly and sweetly on top of her alluringly plump lips.

He could feel her taste on his tongue as he pressed further in, his tongue entering her mouth, deepening their passionate kiss with each passing second.

Fischl didn’t say a word but returned the kiss with utmost fervor and all-encompassing bliss.


The moment was soft and slow, as though he didn’t want to break the contact and scare her away.

She allowed him to explore her mouth freely and tried her best to reciprocate to his advances, as much as her inexperienced self allowed her to.

His thumb grazed over her cheekbone— his hand cupping her face— gently caressing it as if afraid she might break under his touch, as if she was the most precious thing in the world.

She had been waiting so very long for this moment to come.

She had never let him know just how much she loved him before, just how much her very being desired for his attention and affection, or that she was even interested in being with him up till now.

She was sure that yesterday, he might have caught a whiff of her feelings when she had lost control over her emotions and cried tears of joy about the fact that he managed to fully recover from the abhorrent disease.

A hand gently cupped her jaw, fingers brushing against her cheek when they broke apart for a few moments to breathe.

Her soft, sweet breath tickled his lips as she pulled away from him, giving one final peck on the tip of his nose before hurriedly turning away, “I love you.”

She whispered, softy, surely, eyes half lidded and cheeks rosy with emotion and affection.

Yomite smiled back at her, taking in every inch of her face with his eyes. He took note of all of the small details about her that made her so unique and special.

Fischl was content with everything that just happened, her mind was in absolute bliss, until she saw his gaze shift from her face, down to her body.

A blush started to form on her fair cheeks as she watched him stare unabashedly at her small breasts.

She covered the small twin peaks with her hand self consciously.

Seeing that he was caught, Yomite chuckled softly in response, and looked away, silently apologizing to her with his gaze.

Fischl nodded in reply with a soft giggle of her own.

She didn’t mind, in fact, she was thrilled he showed interest despite her not being well endowed in that area.

He played with her hair and she felt so relaxed that she let the sleepiness take a hold of her and fell asleep just like that. On his lap. A smile of peace and satisfaction adorning her face.

Cute and defenseless.

It looked like he had truly found himself another lover he would undoubtedly care for, and treasure, for the rest of his life.


When she woke up a few hours later, she still felt his lap under her as he was gently stroking her head.

She felt absolutely amazing and wanted to spend an eternity in his embrace, but she couldn’t just sleep through her first date!

How stupid would that be?

She stood up hastily and after a brief discussion, they decided to return back to Mondstadt.

Their fingers were entwined resting between them as they slowly made their way back. Their hands never left each other even when they passed through the gates of Mondstadt and entered its streets facing the morning crowd.

The thought didn’t seem real to Fischl, not with the way it felt so easy to intertwine their fingers and how natural it felt to hold his hand in hers.

As they were walking down the streets, something caught Yomite’s eyes.

They stopped in front of a Souvenir Shop that was run by a business woman known as Marjorie.

She was standing in front of her establishment as always, selling rare, or weird items, artifacts, or alchemist potions.

“Something caught your eye? Dear Hero?”

Yomite turned his head at the sweet sound of Marjorie’s voice.

The woman had a knowing smile on her face as she looked at the duo.

“A date with your lover? How romantic, Mr Hero!”

Fischl shyly nodded, her cheeks crimson, a small smile etched on her face while Yomite just sighed at the mention of the irksome title, “Don’t call me that…”

Her smile curled up into a teasing grin, “But isn’t it true? We all know you and the dear lady here took a huge part in saving us all, it’s only natural to be revered as a Hero!”

“Haah… whatever you wish…”

Yomite had enough of this woman.

One time he had brought some weird coins he coincidentally found in an abandoned ruin to her, and she offered to buy them immediately.

From then on, she was bothering him whenever she met him.

She wanted more of those coins yet he didn’t have any left.

An annoying business woman to the core…

Fischl motioned to him and told him she would wait for him at the Good Hunter’s table to reserve a good spot for them.

Yomite was grateful she left for a bit, mostly because he wanted to buy her something good and, if possible, expensive as a present for their first date.

He began looking over the selection of accessories, drifting over to where the magic accessories and artifacts were stationed in the small shop.

The price point of these probably kept most of the customers away, and he felt Marjorie’s hungry for money gaze wash over his body like a veteran cougar as he seriously considered the items on sale.

Most of the stock would find trouble being sold in Mondstadt, but being the millionaire adventurer that he was, it was of no worry to him.

Tags hung from all the accessories, and at first, he tried looking for the ones that he thought Fischl would surely like— living together came with the benefit of being able to perceive the outward preferences of your housemates— then checked the actual effect of the magic imbuement or the artifacts’ power.

Unfortunately, with how bizarre Fischl was, compared to that, all of the items here were mostly basic.

He looked over various rings, but they all seemed to be pretty ugly or too pretty for someone of Fischl’s edgy chuuni tastes.

He looked over various necklaces, but nothing stood out as something Fischl would like wearing, although one had the effect of stamina regeneration, albeit a very, very slow one.

(I’ll keep that one in mind. She had problems recovering during spars with Iris, so this might help her to some degree.)

He was getting worried by now, but by chance noticed something on the top left shelf.

His gaze landed on a certain pair of objects in Marjorie’s special item window.

A rather grandiose set of earrings. Finally something that he was truly interested in.

It was a pair of gothic earrings, seemingly made of metals— fantasy in nature— akin to gold and strengthened by mixing magical crystals, making it a beautifying yet practical product for adventurers.

Small translucent, yet, sparklingly white crystals were embedded in the equally small sockets arranged and decorated in an oval shape, tiny metallic golden protrusions held the arrangement of crystals in place; and in the middle of the assortment of micro jewels was an— relatively large— oval shaped emerald embedded into the earring— clasped tightly by yet another set of golden metallic protrusions, clinging it tightly to the base of the beautiful piece of jewelry.

The gems gave off a sparkling luster akin to stars and thunder itself, and the large emerald embedded in the middle gave off a deep viridescent hue, glimmering ever so slightly in its shimmering tone, an amethyst tint adorned the edges of the crystal, near the golden protrusions, encircling the gem, giving it a mystifying aura.

The pieces of earrings were both attached to a curved handle which made them easy to put on the ears of anyone willing to buy them.

The beautiful piece of gothic jewelry had a vintage feeling to them, making them eye-catching to any onlookers setting their sights on them.

It was a truly majestic piece of jewelry full of delicacy, grace and beauty, worthy of a Prinzessin.

But more than anything, the most striking feature of the earrings, to Yomite at least, was the fact that it perfectly suited Fischl’s bizarre, yet amazing clothing style.

The amethyst tint was a perfect match for the aura of electro surrounding her very being and the deep emerald gem at the base of it all, sparkling with the luster of life, was a perfect representation to the prinzessin’s own pair of mesmerizing and beautiful light emerald eyes— so beautiful that he often found himself lost in a daze while looking at them.

It was as though, the aesthetic pair of jewelry were made in the cast of Fischl, nothing was more perfect than them for her and he was sure it would reach its goal, the perfection of its creation by being adorned in the ears of the ‘otherworldly’ prinzessin— his companion and now his lover.

“These will go well with her outfit.”

He was confident this was a winner.

“Which one caught your eyes? Every item here is unique. Every purchase here is a bargain!”

“Those earrings…How much do they cost?”

“Well, well, well, you have great eyes! These were brought in by my father! He found them in Dadaupa Gorge, underneath the cliff in a majestic wooden box, albeit it was damaged, the box that is. Moreover, I recall him saying that when he touched the box, he heard the resounding roar of thunder even though no clouds could be seen as it was a clear sunny day. Truly mysterious! Anyways, the price is 10 million Mora, but as you’re the Hero of Mondstadt, you can have it for 8 million! What do you say?”

(This tale seems too fake to be real…but eight million!? That’s a bit…)

He checked the contents of his bag and was stumped to see only 80k Mora on him.

It wasn’t even nearly enough.

He was about to leave, but he had the weirdest hunch, a striking gut feeling that he would regret not buying this pair of beautiful jewelry.

(Tch…Is it at least an artifact? I want to know.)

A blue screen popped into view— only for him to gaze at the secrets the screen held— and his eyes widened to the extreme, as the blue panel showed the information of the items right in front of him.

The young man stared blankly into space, not blinking or even breathing for a moment.

He had to get this item, at any and all cost.

“…Marjorie, can you put it on my tab? I want to buy this for Fischl as a gift, but I don’t have enough money on me…I will bring you the amount…no…the whole sum of ten million tomorrow.”

“Hmm…” Marjorie hesitated a bit before agreeing, “Well, you’re the Hero, so you’re probably not going to run off…And if you really bring the whole sum…Alright…You can have it!!”

“Thank you very much…” Yomite thanked her profusely and watched on intently as she put the earrings into an ornamental wooden box and wrapped it in an aesthetic gift wrapper.

“No, I thank you! Drop by next time. Our products will never disappoint! Oh and also, bring some coins in! If you find some!”

Yomite rolled his eyes at her remark, “Yeah, yeah…”

No matter what, they always ended on the same annoying subject, the collection of some old as f*** ancient coins he kept on picking up from the greedy Treasure Hoarders and abandoned ruins.

Yomite took the small complimentary box wrapped in a gift wrapper and put it in his pocket, a wide grin plastered on his face.

He rejoined Fischl who already ordered some sweets for both of them…

(There was no way I could pass up on something as precious as that.)


Name: Beelzebul’s Earrings of Fleeting Eternity

Rarity: 5* Artifact

Description: A lost immortal soul destined for eternity, for a time so everlasting, yet fleeting, all alone, forevermore…

Active Ability – One time use: Raises the lifespan of the holder by tenfold.

Passive ability: Increased wound healing and decreased stamina consumption by 60%.


(Simply unbelievable…)

This was probably the most valuable thing he obtained after forming a pact with Iris.

“This Prinzessin welcomes you, what did that mortal want from you, just now?”

“Ah, she was bothering me about those coins again…What a drag…”

“Maybe she has a thing for you and just wants to talk to you whenever she has a chance.” Fischl replied, shrugging her shoulders.

Yomite frowned at the thought of her finding him attractive but quickly dismissed it since it felt stupid.

No way that money hungry business woman would have the time to think of love.

“Doubt it, that money hungry woman…Not in a million years…”

She chuckled at his humorous words and soon enough the waitress brought their dishes.

After they had their fill of sweet dessert in delight, they spent the whole day walking around the streets of Mondstadt hand in hand, then took a long walk all the way up to the Starsnatch Cliff where they gazed at the scenery and talked about their future together, as partners, as lovers.

Seeing that it was getting dark, they returned to Yomite’s mansion, but before the date could be successfully called over, there was still one more thing Yomite had to do.

He tapped Fischl’s shoulder lightly and she turned around in wonder, only to see an aesthetically wrapped box in his hand.

He opened the wrapper to unveil an ornamental box and also proceeded to open it to reveal two gorgeous earrings that looked very very expensive.

“…They look so expensive…you shouldn’t have…” She was brought to tears by his gesture of love. She never got a present from someone other than her parents. And for her first present to be from her made her delighted and emotional.

“It’s fine, it was only a couple of Mora.”

From the design, it was obvious that wasn’t the case, but she chose to accept his gift and put them on for him.

“Loudest commander of avarice, the deadliest wyrm; I the Prinzessin Der Verurteilung, shall accept this gift with grace and ful—”

She abruptly stopped in the middle of her sentence, her gaze lowering, much to the wonder of Yomite.

“What’s wrong?”

Fischl shook her head at his worried words and smiled at him. Nervousness flashing in her visible light green eye.

Slowly, she reached out her hand to her eyepatch and pulled it down, revealing the eye that was hidden up till now. The eye wasn’t anything special, it wasn’t a hidden power or a different colored pupil.

It was just her usual, beautiful light green eye, the eye brimming with otherworldly liveliness and passion.

She had the eyepatch on at all occasions, so seeing her without it was frankly confusing and a bit weird.

“My name isn’t actually Fischl…”

She nervously informed him. Her long eternal dream was finally fulfilled and right now, she wished to stay with him for all eternity.

“It’s…Amy.” She leaned forward as she stared into the eyes of her beloved, his features softening and a smile coming to his face. She could feel the heat rising in her cheeks as she presented her true self to him— the self she hid from everyone, the self she presented only to the one she loved with all her body and soul, other than her parents— and sealed this divine secret with a sacred kiss.

Both of them were too engrossed in kissing, in feeling each other’s passion and love, to pay attention to the phenomenon, but the Vision on her person blinked with an intense purple light, the power of electro abundant and crackling with power, for a brief moment that enveloped it, as if the shackles binding it were completely removed, granting her full control of herself and the power of her element, only waiting for her to master it, as she indulged in a passionate kiss filled with tender emotions with the person she was sure she loved the most.

For all eternity… Forevermore…


“All done!” A young woman yelled while chucking her pencil away and putting away the papers she just finished writing on.

Hu Tao was finished with the tasks that Wangsheng Funeral Parlor had sent to her, and no longer had anything special to do.

(I heard him come back! It’s time to bully my assistant~! What should I do? What should I do? Prank him? Scare him? Or tease…no, the last option didn’t go well last time…he seems to be immune to that…I will be at a disadvantage…)

Hu Tao mused to herself as her ears turned slightly red, remembering how her previous teasing attempt went…

She stood up and stretched, ready to perform some mischief, soon to hear a knock on her door.

“Come in~”

She answered and Fischl entered her room.

“Ayaya! Fishy-Fishy! How did it go? Most likely well, right~”

Hu Tao’s smile beamed when she saw the new earrings adorning the ears of her best friend.

“…Yes. I’m glad.”

“Tell me all about it!”

The duo of best friends sat down and Fischl started recalling her experience…

The sounds of laughter and teasing echoed in the silent room as they both indulged in the reminiscence of their beloved…


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