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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 120.4: – A Picnic! Bahasa Indonesia

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“Disappear without even a trace of your flesh, burn in the dark flames from the abyss of mein heart!”

“Oh no, this Prinzessin can’t suppress it anymore! Become the sacrifice to pacify mein destructive urges!”

“Come forth, fall into eternal slumber…In the embrace of mein ice-cold arms…!”

“Please rest in peace. I won’t forget you all. That’s right, your existence will be engraved forever…In the memories of mein soul…!”

She chanted with a cold smile gracing her alluring lips as the arrow in her hands glowed purple, inlaid with the properties of electro, sending a wave of cracking air out of the palm of her left hand, the light of thunder following each and every one of her movements besmearing all of her arrows with its electrifying properties.

Her right arm was held out, ready to bring forth great suffering to her foes and finish all of the hilichurls in a single swoop with her arrows of doom.

A soft sigh slipped past his lips. Yomite closed his eyes and breathed out heavily, exasperated on her chuuni antics.

(Fischl is really on a roll today, huh…It somehow feels like her Chuuni phase is blooming…Well, as long as she’s having fun…The rest doesn’t matter…)

Yomite wanted their date to start with something lighthearted like maybe taking a short breakfast while walking around the town, taking in the serenity of an early morning, but Fischl apparently wanted to go hunting monsters first.

He readily agreed and so…now they were here…hunting monsters…

(This honestly doesn’t feel like a date, at all. It’s just like an everyday thing for us, but I guess it’s fine. As long as she’s happy and doing what she likes.)

They took a bounty from the Adventurer’s guild, to hunt a Ruin Guard that had been spotted in the abandoned ruins near the territory of Wolvendom.

Once they located it, they approached the fallen archaic robot and unsurprisingly, the metallic body of the bot of ruin and chaos— made from materials unknown and lost in the pages of history— quivered ever so slightly as the robot started to move.

The bolt-like protrusions lodged in its shoulders pistoned slowly before picking up speed and finally entered inside the gap of its shoulders. The archaic bot’s huge eye-shaped segment flashed in an orangish light and brought its head down to its chest.

The robot tensed up before slowly standing up and surveyed its surroundings, looking for the intruders daring enough to wake it up from its sorrowful masterless slumber.

Finally sensing movement, the archaic bot of chaos turned its eye-esque segment to the duo of lovebirds and regarded them as a potential threat to the place they were encoded and ordered to defend.

It slowly stepped forward with heavy steps…

Only for its huge eye-shaped segment to be met with an electrifying arrow, filled with the power of thunder, that hit its weak point¹ and made it stagger backwards, immediately followed by another one that temporarily made it fall flat on the ground on its rear portion and slowly reboot from its temporary malfunction.

Yomite used this chance and swiftly approached the half-kneeling, half-sitting robot with a transparent yellowish cube seemingly consisting of pure energy in his hand that he formed before Fischl started her attacks.

He aimed it at its chest, right where its core resided, and put the ancient bot of chaos and ruin out of its masterless fate and misery.

The whole process of the fight took less than ten seconds and the behemoth of a robot was taken down with extreme swiftness and efficiency.

Their teamwork had increased exponentially and so did Yomite’s control over his ability.

The Tempus of the Particles, the energy cube ability that Yomite was trying so hard to master.

During these three months which would soon turn into four, he managed to decrease the amount of time he needed to summon the cube from ten seconds to six, yet it was still nowhere near close to what he had in mind.

No foe would ever let its opposition channel an ability for as long as six seconds during a life threatening battle, this wasn’t Dragonball, where everyone waited for their opponents to go all out just for the decision to come biting them back on their asses moments later, and he knew that.

Iris— who understood the elements of Teyvat equally as well as the Archons did— was astonished when she observed his foreign technique. It was the very same technique that had injured her heavily in the past, and also the one that had eventually saved her from the pain and suffering.

She mentioned that it was a very complex spell that was made out of as much as three different elements.

Pyro, Anemo and Geo respectively.

Maybe if he mastered the abilities of the cube fully, he might just be able to feel the intent of the other three elements too and grasp them making their powers his own.

At least that’s what he hoped for. The future was looking extremely promising. He was rich, slowly but surely getting stronger and stronger, and he was well on his way to getting two extremely cute and immensely beautiful lovers.

Still, they were now on a date, so bothering with such— insignificant to the ongoing event— thoughts wasn’t his primary concern, he had to be paying attention to Fischl, his beloved partner, first and foremost.

“Should we rest somewhere?”

Yomite asked as he turned his head to look at the surroundings, already searching for a suitable place to rest. There was a small stream with rocks of variable shapes and aesthetically pleasing plants and flowers growing along and it didn’t seem too far from their current location.

It could be considered their resting place for a couple of hours since they had been running around and fighting for about twenty minutes nonstop.

“Sounds great!” She replied to him with a smile, her tone brimming with excitement and slight tiredness.

“There might be a tree that would provide some shade, we could make camp there for now, but we need to take care of the intruders first.” Yomite stated as they looked around again before deciding on one of the few trees that were close to them.

They cleared out the nearby hilichurl camps and removed the obstacles on the road set up by them so that no one would disturb them on their date.

Yomite looked around the area for any other potential threats while Fischl laid out a blanket over the soft viridescent grass with a basket placed over it and pulled out fresh berries and her favorite cold lemonade to make a fruit punch, setting it up next to her.

“Alright, I will prepare our drinks and breakfast now.”

She called out to him and pulled some plastic containers full of food, her favorite sandwich with salad and cold watermelon slices from the heat resistance artifact basket she brought with her for this occasion.

They got it as a visiting gift from Jean when they all moved into his mansion.

As Yomite returned, he was glad to see the food arranged in the soft blanket in front of him.

He sat next to her on said blanket and his hungry eyes gazed over the delicious food. He was starving.

It was a marvellous occurrence when both of the parties involved willingly tried their utmost to make the date as best as possible for each other, and not only the man.

There was no music of singing bards that would play during this deep relaxing silence, but in the first place there was no need for that extravagance, at least for them.

There was just the quiet serene silence of him and Fischl sitting close to each other on their blankets, enjoying each other’s company under the shade of a large tree.

The sky was bright blue and the sun softly shined down from above. A breeze blew through the grass carrying along with it the enchanting fragrance of nature and the leaves rustled rhythmically in the gentle morning air.

Yomite was about to comment on how pleasant the wind felt, when something even more pleasant happened.

Without any warning, Fischl steadily, albeit shyly, lowered her head on his lap, while the rest of her body laid on the blanket.

She was in heaven for sure.

Yomite certainly didn’t expect for this to happen, but it’s not like he minded it, rather he was glad to see her take such an intimate initiative.

She gave him a pleasant lap pillow before, so it was only natural for him to pay her back.

He gently ran his hand through her silky blonde hair, as she watched him intently, the gentle emotions of an overflowing love glistening in her light green eye.

She watched the enchanting sight of Yomite— her partner, her beloved, the prince of her dreams and the object of her desires— as she softly breathed out a sigh of pure contentment, basking in his warm and affectionate presence.

This was undoubtedly the greatest day of her life…


(E/N-1:— All the Ruin Guards have 2 weaknesses, their glowing eye segment and the small spot in their backs that’s also glowing in an orange light.)


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