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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 114: Q&A Important! Bahasa Indonesia

Okay, so first off I would like to start by giving my thanks to patreons, then to all of you who vote power stones etc.

But people gave me countless questions…and at this point I feel like it’s better to make it so that everyone can see it, because sometimes people don’t check paragraph comments, and then type the same question tens of times over the chapters…so yeah!


Question 1. – Paimon in harem when? When can we eat Paimon?

Answer 1. – So you want to do her or eat her??? No. Not even as a joke please…At least not the small version…Also, Paimon thinks the joke is getting old, git gut scrubs, Paimon’s already immune.

Question 2. – Is Venti in harem?

Answer 2. – No, he is around for comedy relief no matter how he sounds, what he says, or anything at all. Not to mention he went missing lately so that’s that. Also I don’t have a trap fetish, thanks for understanding.

Question 3. – How does Iris look?

Answer 3. – I put it into many paragraph comments but here it is, in this very paragraph!

Question 4. – Why is romance rushed?

Answer 4. – …What…? My man, I put over 110 chapters for Hu Tao, with a side story about her and upcoming side stories later in the future, with a time skip of over 4 months…People in real life can start liking someone in one moment, much less in 4 months. Feelings would develop even if you didn’t want them to, especially if you’re together the whole day, every day 24/7, risking your life in fights, playing games, enjoying each other’s company, etc…If that’s rushed then idk what isn’t… this isn’t a romance only novel where it takes years for MC’s to admit they like someone as they are embarrassed, until the last chapter of the novel, this is the most cliche story there is with so many memes and references that you lot still didn’t find like twenty of the one’s I put in lol…not to mention, there are worse people out there, some authors make their mc assault a girl in one chapter and in another she is already his gf willingly, on her knees for some reason. I would say that compared to that, I’m still doing pretty well, no?

Question 4.5. – Why is romance so slow?

Answer 4.5. – …Refer to the answer above. Plus read tags, people should really read tags and descriptions. It clearly states Late romance Late smut in both cases…

Question 5. – Who is confirmed in harem?

Answer 5. – Okay so this is kind of a spoiler but whatever – Hu Tao, Fischl, Iris, Barbara, Jean. I’m 100% sure about them. I’ve been thinking about Mona and Ganyu…As for the rest, we will see. There are many, many girls but I want romance to progress naturally or at least somewhat logically or maybe even somewhat logically on the anime level…

Question 6. – Is smut cumming?

Answer 6. – It is, actually, it will soon be ready on P atreon at the 10 Euro Celestia Pledge. Of course, it’s not p atreon exclusive, it’s only going to be there sooner than on webnovel.

Question 7. – Do you plan to visit the Archipelago islands?

Answer 7. – Yes, everything. Every event included in the game is canon, and will be most likely included here as well…and for those that say it’s not canon, I can prove that it indeed is, heck even if they weren’t I would still use them.

Question 8. – When are we gonna go to Liyue? It’s the Liyue volume after all! I wanna see BigDongZhong and chinese young masters!

Answer 8. – First of all. Fuck you, smart ass. I know. Anyway, we will get there soon…

Question 9. – Where is the wolf cub they saved months ago? Was it forgotten?

Answer 9. – Shortly? Yes. But it’s basically in Kaeya’s home, he is taking care of it. In any case, I have a plan to use it after Liyue, so all hope is not lost yet!

Question 10. – Do you plan to genderbend every one of the male Archons or their Pets?

Answer 10. – Maybe. Maybe not. Genderbend sounds nice but is frankly, a huge risk to the fanfic as many people would probably hate it. Personally I never really thought about it. I just wanted a dragon waifu for Dvalin and that’s it basically, but if the chance arises, I might go for it.

Question 11. – Will you introduce other countries before they come out in game?

Answer 11. – No shot…I did say I want to change the plot and diverge into a different path…but going into a country I know nothing about would be stupid…I would definitely regret it in the future once the actual region is released…

Question 12. – What will you do once you reach all continents available overall? The end game of Teyvat?

Answer 12. – Do a lot of side chapters with the harem, and so on, that will basically be the end of the fic at that point. Counting around 2k chapters maybe, if I get there, but it depends.

Question 13. – What will you do once you reach all of the continents available so far?

Answer 13 – I don’t know, I think I will be fucked ngl. Nah, of course, I have so many ideas that I want to do so I would say that after that, all of it will come to fruition while they release new islands. I think I picked a pretty okay time to start writing genshin fic. Of course, I would rather start writing it after the whole story of genshin is fully done which would be in like 5 or so years, but then there would already be many genshin fics around, that are much better than mine, so overall, I would say that while I will be cutting it rather close with this one, I will be just enjoying the peaceful ride with barely any competition.

Question 14. – What is your opinion on the blatant copy paste of certain parts of your fic in a fic called Swordsman of Teyvat on Webnovel?

Answer 14. – I don’t honestly care as much, although it still feels kinda weird. From what I’ve seen, his story is going in a completely different direction so it’s not really a copy, but the description, look of the mc, first page explaining about the story, the cover and so on feels just like a weird copy paste with some changes. But all in all, I don’t care about that as I’ve read like 4 chapters of his and it doesn’t seem similar to mine, but thank you for asking!

Question 15. – Will you tackle the apparent multiverse outside of Teyvat?

Answer 15. – If you mean Honkai Impact, then I have to say I have almost no idea about anything in the story of Honkai. The gameplay was not enjoyable for me, so I kind of just deleted the game but I heard it has a great story and music so maybe it’s worth the shot…later though.

Question 16. – Isn’t Yomite pretty weak?

Answer 16. – Correction, he only seems like he is weak because he is in a world full of overpowered bastards and at the time, he wasn’t yet proficient with using his abilities as he only recently got into that world, and frankly, power scaling of this world makes me want to vomit and is as bad as in marvel, so it’s all up to me to generally make up stuff or do as I see fit…either way, that was prior to Dvalin fight, now he is personally trained by Hu Tao, and later there will also be mentions about his offensive cube ability progress. The fic is tagged or labeled as Strong to Stronger and is planned for more than 1k chapters to come, so of course he would become overpowered over time, but not yet… The tags aren’t Overpowered protagonist after all, you can interpret it any way you want.

Question 17. – Is Jean masochistic like Darkness?

Answer 17. – Not as much, there will be some small parts but she will in no way be like Darkness…she is just way too shy.

Question 18. – Would you drop the fic if you were banned again?

Answer 18. – Yes, I definitely would. You have no idea how demoralizing it is to see that no one is allowed to vote power stones for your fanfic… That’s basically killing the fanfic immediately as to gain a wider audience, you need to be higher in rankings, and if no one could vote, that would mean my fanfic would only either keep the same fans or lose fans, and not gain any…In any case, my goal was top 20 maybe top 10 yet somehow I’m constantly top 5 rank which I’m confused yet grateful for. That’s also why I’m trying to stay calm and collected at all times to make sure Webnovel won’t issue my fic, or my account with another ban ? as many know that my Majikoi fic on Webnovel didn’t end up well and I ended up not only being harassed and got my novel banned for using Russian text in the fic, but also got that account banned for almost a year if not more and only recently got the account back…

Question 19. – Are Fischl, Hu Tao and Lumine Lolis? And do you plan on adding any Loli to harem?

Answer 19. – No. It’s called being short and petite. Small breasts and short stature don’t immediately mean it’s a Loli, although now that I think about it…Yomite did call Hu Tao Loli when he first met her…meh, let’s put it aside for comedy purpose…yes…and as for the second question regarding lolis…Klee, Qiqi for sure won’t, as they seem like they’re 9… which is way too low… (I know Qiqi’s condition but still…) As for Diona, she seems like 13-14 so if it’s going to be any Loli then probably her but she would have to get a bit older…15 is age of consent in my country so I could care less about this issue after she entered that range, still Yomite would be against it for sure. As for the new “Loli” aka grown up adult of Inazuma that’s just short, 22-25 years old Sayu, I might consider her.

Question 20. – Didn’t Yomite hate little girls and virgins, and had an older woman fetish, how come he loves Hu Tao now? Kinda makes no sense…

Answer 20. – Ah I knew this problem would arise…I keep on getting comments about it…I shouldn’t have been drunk while writing that particular chapter…Okay…so listen, I will say it one last time… He NEVER hated virgins nor young girls without experience. He said he PREFERRED OLDER WOMEN with experience for ONE NIGHT STANDS and that they are much more fun in bed compared to virgin girls or barely experienced girls that would lay in bed like dead fish in ONE NIGHT STANDS. Another thing, in his old world he dated a few times but didn’t have pleasant experiences with them, and so he gave up the whole idea of dating and only did one night stands. You can say he had some sort of trauma about this. But he pushed through it… This is also the case that many people missed, as his character development went from Only Doing One Night Stands With Older Women to Actually Wanting To Be In A Serious Relationship With A Petite Virgin, but a lot of people, if not everyone seemed to miss this…in any case, his current view on things is still confusing but he believes he could try serious relationship with someone like Hu Tao. Another thing, fetishes change a lot. If you find a new one, you might forget your attraction towards the old one’s for a while. I know that personally.

Question 21. – Will you give Yomite a bow or other weapon?

Answer 21. – A bow? KEKW…As for other weapons, I can only see him as either a one handed sword user or a claymore user, nothing else. So maybe a katana or maybe dual wielding swords but I kinda doubt it.

Question 22. – You mentioned Yomite killing Treasure Hoarders like it was nothing but we never saw it before? Will you make a chapter where he goes through the trauma of killing another human being for the first time?

Answer 22. – I was planning to do this later, it wasn’t really a trauma but it will be his first experience. Of course, I’m all ready with my popcorn to see interesting comments from the “experts” about that particular future chapter…as some people in the comments will be really smart saying that killing people is easy peasy and that he should be ashamed to feel something for killing a human for the first time, when in reality 90% of the readers never even held a dying chicken with cut off head in their hands, much less a dead body of a human being… It’s fine to be edgy to some point, we all were there, but there is a limit.

Question 23. – What is up with Hu Tao and Sleepwalking? Also how come she is so strong without using a Vision??? Is that in the game as well?

Answer 23. – Will be explained, it’s a pretty big spoiler. And yes, she is super strong in game as well, although I kind of buffed her a lot in this fic due to a certain reason that will be revealed later.

Question 24. – Where is Iris? Wasn’t Yomite away from her for quite a while now?

Answer 24. – Spoiler, you will see.

Question 25. – Is Timmie dead? Just like his pigeons?

Answer 25. – No, just depressed. I’m kidding… Kids forget stuff like that almost immediately, he is feeding his pigeons as per usual.

Question 26. – Yomite feels like a self insert character of the author ngl…

Answer 26. – No. Lol…Not at all…You couldn’t be more wrong. I am the whitest person you can find in Europe…The tan literally avoids me like a plague, I look like a vampire with albino genes…Both of my parents are white and I’ve been trying to literally put the opposite of “Me” into him so that I can see how it would turn out. I am white he is brown, I wake up at 4am he wakes up much later, I like virgins more he likes experienced women more (Although that changed into my preference in the past chapters.) and so on…other than being tall like him I didn’t really input anything of myself into that character…This isn’t that Starfire Edgy Teen comic…

Question 27. – What does Yomite look like and why do I feel like he is white?

Answer 27. – Okay… Let’s recap a bit. He was, let’s say, brown in his old world, as he was a mix of African/Japanese, then he died, meaning he lost his body…Now his new body was formed, completely from scratch, new face and everything…He said he was glad that he still had a darker skin tone, but it was nowhere even close to what he had before in his old world, so here, he is much lighter of a color than he was back in his world, despite still maintaining darker skin tone compared to people of Mondstadt. And the picture is here, hope that helps…

Question 28. – Why did you decide to make Dvalin a girl?

Answer 28. – Many reasons, all of them important of course. First of all, cute harem member, second of all, it will easily add one more cliche to the list and I love collecting them. And lastly…many people voted for it so I included it in I guess…I was going to just post a picture of her as a joke but more than 150 people liked and voted for it…so ye…

Question 29. – Will Yomite’s ability be a full copy of Onoki’s from naruto? Or will you be adding something new or twists of your own?

Answer 29. – Yes, I plan for it to change with time.

Question 30. – Will the harem be a cliché one, something like they are all sisters and wouldn’t mind sharing? Or will there be conflicts and certain realistic harem mechanics involved? Like factions, oppositions, truces, clashes.. etc. etc.

Answer 30. – Honestly, both, so far there are not many harem members confirmed though, but between the two members that are already chosen, no.

Question 31. – Will the male characters also get their show light? Their own side stories/arcs? Like the past of Morax/Venti? Or Diluc love problems and life in general?

Answer 31. – I believe I already touched upon Kaeya for a bit and yes, there will be something for everyone, I already planned something with Diluc. But right now, I want to get to Liyue as quickly as possible, so later.

Question 32. – Will there be guys night outs? Or best pals of Yomite with whom he can go out and get a drink with and just have a friendly discussion away from his usual gathering of girls..

Answer 32. – I already have that written for the future, for sure.

Question 33. – Will there be small arcs with other characters that aren’t in the Harem or male?

Answer 33. – Yes.

Question 34. – Will you be incorporating everything story related? Like the story quests, world quests, side quests? Or will you be just adding the Archon quests and leave it there?

Answer 34. – Depends, I will for sure not use some shitty quests but those that have meaning will be included.

Question 35. – Will you be ever going the AU route? Like changing histories and charas and changing the storyline to your benefit?

Answer 35. – Already did to some part in a few cases.

Question 36. – Will Iris ever not be a gluttonous freak, lol? Or will her hunger just keep on increasing?

Answer 36. – Probably once she loses virginity. *Sarcasm*

Question 37. – Do you know what an albino is? In the beginning chapters you’ve said that people in Africa were racist against him because he looked like one…but isn’t he black? Don’t albinos have white eyebrows, hair and skin?

Answer 37. -Back in the day, people of old Africa considered everyone who was even slightly brown, and wasn’t black skinned like them to be an Albino. Yomite’s mother was African, father Japanese, so he turned out to be less dark than he was supposed to be. That’s why he was called Albino. So yeah, I hope that answers your question.

Question 38. – Why is mc not fighting back or hitting Hu Tao back when she is beating him up? She just slaped him twice. Is he beta?

Answer 38. – No need to take this so seriously, jeez…She does not know how to give him her affection any other way, and Yomite does not do anything because he understands that. He is also grateful for the training she gives him that helped him improve so much, even though he complains, he knows she wants the best for him. And he is also grateful for how worried she was about him. So he does not mind.

And that’s pretty much most questions. If you have more you can leave them in the comment section of this chapter. Be advised, if its a serious spoiler or something really, really dumb I will most likely not be replying.

Now I am off to write p atreon chapters after a small break!


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