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Genshin Impact, Breezing Through Teyvat – Chapter 113: Deserved Bahasa Indonesia


Yomite stayed with Hu Tao in isolation for a whole week, they talked about what was going on while he was desperately fighting the disease.

They played some card games that the maids gave them and bonded with each other, progressing their relationship even further.

And finally, today was the day.

The day when Hu Tao and Yomite would be released from the quarantine and could finally meet their dear companions.

Yomite stood up from his bed and stared into Hu Tao’s beautiful flower-shaped pupils.

It was thanks to her devotion that he was still alive.

Sensing his gaze, she walked up to him closer.

Why was she getting so close?

…Did she plan on giving him a kiss, perhaps?

After all, they were pretty much an item now!

(I don’t mind. Quite opposite, actually. Although we should still take some time off to make sure the Cholera had truly passed…but I would appreciate some gentle care in the form of a lap pillow again. That’s for sure!)

Contrary to his expectations, Hu Tao raised her hand…


And slapped him…violently…

The instant the blow landed, his right cheekbone groaned under the impact. His tall frame was easily flung into the air and slammed into the wall. It did not end there.

The momentum sent him sprawling across the bed which his helpless body flipped along the way, and fell on the ground together with him.

At the end of his somersault, he finally came to a stop, spread-eagle on the floor, unable to move a muscle with an expression of utter disbelief etched on his face.

The silence that descended made it tempting to assume he had actually expired then and there…

(That…wasn’t a kiss…)

The attacker let out a breath of utter satisfaction.

“Phew…That hit the spot!”

The brown haired woman spoke those words with a sunny, beaming face.

“Wa-What was that for!? I’m still not in tip top condition! You can’t just do that! I almost died!!” Yomite held his puffed up cheek that received the heavy blow.

“That was for me! What did I tell you? I told you that you would risk your life pointlessly and die, yet you dummy wouldn’t listen…”

Saying that, she hugged his fallen figure tightly.

Yomite’s expression softened. He remembered her words clearly.

They had an argument right before they separated, but if he didnt go, it was highly possible Barbara would have died and the disease would’ve surely spread around the city and maybe even farther.

He thought that he was in the right all along…

But in conclusion, what happened to him was entirely his fault, and his fault only.

(She is right after all…I deserve it…The plot armor was non-existent with this one…)

“You’re right…I shouldn’t ha—”


Just as he was about to apologize to her, his left cheek was slapped and he was blown away once more…

“This one is for Fischl, whom I’ve been watching crying herself to sleep when she found out what happened to you…You made her worry, which in turn, made me worry.”

As he rolled on the ground in pain, just like that, both of his cheeks were swollen like a pufferfish…


He looked up at her again, stroking both of his cheeks cautiously…

“Should I…be waiting…for more?”

There was no telling whether she would strike again.

“Nope! You did worry everyone around you, but I hope that you have learned your lesson!”

When she recalled the anxiety, impatience and anger she felt at Yomite’s selfish action, it made her blood boil, but this was an adequate punishment.

Yomite felt like his happy days were over, and as a revenge, Hu Tao would now increase the intensity of her training sessions.

(Save me…)

Her strength was like that of a savage beast…compared to her small frame… It made no sense!

Still, Yomite was both angry and grateful for what Jean did.

Angry because she allowed Hu Tao to enter the quarantine and expose herself to danger, but grateful because of the fact that if she didn’t, he might have lost his life.


(Jean deserves a small punishment for our upcoming date though.)

Once both of them were ready, they exited the room on the second floor and walked downstairs, where a handful of people were already waiting.

“I’m happy you’re finally okay, lil’ bro! I will invite you to a drink later, on my tab, what do you say? By the way, the tips you told me about helped quite a lot! She was very happy with the outcome!” Kaeya smiled with an expression that seemed to say, ‘I struck gold, thanks for your guidance, master!’

“Welcome back.” Diluc welcomed him with a slight smirk on his face.

He knew that Yomite would pull through and accepted the invitation for his welcoming party the moment Kaeya mentioned it.

Jean bowed and spoke from the bottom of her heart, “Thank you so much for saving my sister, and all of Mondstadt…I could never repay such kindness…”

Barbara waved at him from behind Jean, still shy and embarrassed.

She was deeply grateful that he agreed to keep the secret about her ‘attempt’ that would have been for sure fatal if she managed to do so, and was silently thinking of their upcoming date that he promised.

Although it might have come as a mere joke to calm her down, she took his words seriously.

One by one, people came up to him. To either pat him on the back or hug him.

For a moment, he remained silent, accepting all the kind words and fondness from the people around him. They all believed that he could rise from the dead and so they threw a small party for him.

He made his way to the centre of the hallway and both Lumine and Paimon came up to him with hurried steps.

“I’m glad you’re okay, Party leader.”

Although Lumine’s expression of joy didn’t seem apparent, she was truly happy deep inside.

“Paimon was worried too! You must be really hungry, not being able to eat any normal food for so long! Don’t worry, Paimon has you covered! Paimon bought some for you!” She flew to him and handed him a plate full of Sticky Honey Roast.

Yomite couldn’t help but give a short sigh when he saw her childish, cheek-puffing gesture that screamed of wanting to be praised.

He had to admit, the idea of eating delicious food instead of just fruits and bread felt attractive. He accepted the plate, but put it away on a nearby table. He currently had better things to do.

Such as…


Sweeping an arm under her tiny frame, he hoisted up Paimon’s light body into a hug.

“Ah Paimon! Finally some cuteness to heal my heart! Come here! I was abused by Hu Tao! Let me have this!” Yomite picked her up in his hands without a word of warning and rubbed her cheeks against his.

It was the calm and comfort he needed right now.

This surprised Paimon, then made her little cheeks red as she became angry in turn.

“R…Rude Tattoo! Stop it! Paimon will get angry! Put Paimon down!!”

She tried smacking him away, but it didn’t hurt at all, compared to Hu Tao’s slaps, so he let it slide and kept rubbing his cheeks against the cute little chibi mascot.


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