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Chapter 85: The Name and the Wizard

Miru: “Okay, First Years! Let’s first begin with Combat Training!”

As soon as they were done eating lunch, President Miru suddenly made the announcement.

Igni: “Combat Training?” Miru: “Yup. Because part of the goals for this Student Council Field Trip is also to increase our Combat Strength and Abilities! First, let’s start with Combat Training.”

Igni: “I see.” Igni nods with agreement.

Miru: “I made a training plan for each member, so don’t worry about that part.”

Igni: “A training plan too…….”

Miru: “Yup. It’s tradition for the President of the Student Council to come up with one each year.”

And President Miru smiled with that.

Miru: “Firstly, Igni.” Igni:” Yes.” Miru: “You should get more used to close-range combat. Without using Spells, fight against Miko.”

Igni: “Understood.” Miru: “Next, Yoori. Let’s start by learning some Attack Spells first, okay?” Yoori: “YーYes…….”

Yoori seems pretty nervous since he has yet to learn a single Attack Spell.

Miru: “Ummmー well. I think it’s great that you’re using [Dark] Magic as a Support Wizard very well, but I think you should at least be able to fight just in case.”

Yoori: “YーYes………”

Miru: “You’ll be fiーne! I’m also a [Dark] Magic Type! So I’ll be able to help you with that too!”

With President Miru’s encouragement, Yoori answered her with a strained smile.

Yoori is not able to use any Attack Spells, so his grades surrounding combat are significantly lower than average.

Igni: (He’s a Compatibility [S], so he should be able to use it, but is it just that he really doesn’t have a knack for it?)

….is what Igni was thinking.

Miru: “Lastly, Lilly. I want to see more of what you’re made of so can you go against Valia?” Valia: “Is that really for the best? At the moment, I am filled up with curses, so I will be quite strong.”

Miru: “I’ll need you to go easy then.” Miss Valia is the only 2nd Year in the Student Council.

Igni: (We’re only one year apart, so I’ll continue to be in her careー)

And Igni thought of these things as he stared at her beautiful blonde hair.

Miru: “Okay then! Let’s get dressed in more comfortable clothes and meet at the beach!”

Igni and his group all gave a short reply.


Miko: “It’s been a while to fight with you like this.”

Igni: “We just fought the other day.”

Miko: “Haha, really? Maybe so.”

Igni faces Miko.

Miss Miko is dressed in attire geared for physical activities, but the length of her shorts are revealing a lot of her thighs.

You can see Miss Miko’s wonderful muscles that give her agility like a jungle beast………but even more, her thighs……..!

Miko: “Igni, you remember that move you showed me the other day?” Igni: “Yes! You’re talking bout the one where you circulate the Magic Power, correct?” Miko: “Yeah. I mastered it.”

Igni: “Seriously?” Miko: “Seriously.”

And Miko nodded her head as she said so.

Igni: “…….well, it’s not like I’ve been playing around this whole time either.” Miko: “Then come at me.”

Igni: “Here I come.” Igni begins to circulate the Magic Power inside of him.

He keeps the circulation to his maximum controllable 20 RPM.

Igni: “ーーSH!” (sfx exhale)

Igni could physically feel the breath he just exhaled trail way behind him as he stepped forward.

And he raises his fist directed at Miko.

Miko: “You’ve gotten faster.”

Igni: “Thank you very much!”

Igni relays his gratitude for the compliment as he withdraws his fist that was grabbed and stopped, and by doing so, he drew Miss Miko towards him as he kicked with his knee.

But Miss Miko killed the momentum of his knee kick with one hand, and grabbing it, she pulls up her legs and pincers Igni’s body in between them.

Igni: (So soft……..!)

Igni’s heart melts at the feel of Miko’s soft muscles which she stretches every day, but his face remains serious.

Miko: “If I push you to the ground like this, it’s my win.”

Igni: “I won’t let you do that.” Igni takes his upper body, and with Miko still clinging to him, jumps backwards and flips.

Miko: “Whoa! Nice!!”

Miko smiles at Igni’s powerful joints, and releases her legs to let his body go.

Sara: “You can do itー!”

From across the sandy beaches, Sara was cheering Igni on underneath a beach umbrella so she doesn’t get sunburned.

Igni waves at her and then increases his Magic Rotation Speed to 25 RPM.

Miko: “Hey, Igni.” Igni: “What’s wrong?”

Miko: “Have you thought about putting together the {Fireball} and this Close-Combat technique together?” Igni: “Mixing Martial Arts with {Fireball}?” Miko: “Yeah.” Miss Miko didn’t follow-up with an attack and began speaking kindly to Igni.

Miko: “With rotating this Magic Power that’s initiated, since this itself isn’t an actual Spell, you can keep the Magic Power rotating and using a Spell that way.”

Igni: “Have you tried that?” Miko: “Yeah, and guess what happened?”

Igni: “What happened?” Miko: “I’ll show you.” And with that, Miss Miko initiated her Magic Power and….

Miko: “[Physical Enhancement] {Active}”

She strengthens her physical body.

And picking up a tree branch that was laying on the beach sand, she….

Miko: “Fuh!!” (sfx exhale)

She swung it.


The next instant, the ocean splits in two.

….well, it was only about 10 meters, but even then…..for a mere moment, you saw the ocean split open.

Miko: “Isn’t that intense?” Igni: “It is.”

Igni looked at the ocean in shock as he spoke.

Miko: “Told you so. That’s why I said you should try your {Fireball} with this rotating thing.”

Igni: “That’s true. …….but Miss Miko. There’s one thing I’d like to ask you.” Miko: “Hm?”

Igni: “Don’t you think we should put a name to this move?”

For Spells, it’s very important to name each one.

Against something that is unknown and undefined, you choose a word that [fits] and make it into something more comprehensible.

Between Spells with a name and without a name, the speed to initiate the Spell, its power, and its stability will be greatly changed.

Technically, rotating initiated Magic Power is not a Spell, but as a Wizard, not naming it wasn’t an option.

Miko: “A name?! I already have one!”

Igni: “Oh, seriously? You already do?!”

Miko: “Yeah! It’s Spin-Spin Magic Power!”

Igni: “Whoaー!!”

Igni immediately applauds with no hesitation.

Miss Miko seems very satisfied as a huge smile crosses her face.

Well, of course, Igni is a boy.

And because he’s a boy, just a little bit…….just a little tiny bit in the deepest part of him said, “that’s a little lame, no?” ーー such a feeling flashed inside of him, but even more, he thought, “Miss Miko is so cuteー”……..and also the Guide to Popularity No. 19 states ーー “Never dismiss what a woman says” ーー and applauded.

Miko: “Isn’t that a great name? But it’s mine. So even if it’s you, Igni, you can’t have it!”

Igni: “That’s okay! I thought of a name for it myself!!”

Miko: “Oh reallyー?! What did you name it?!”

Igni: “Me? Don’t be surprised when I tell you.” Miko: “Hey, hey. You’re speaking to a Rolmod Wizard Academy’s 3rd Year. It’ll be difficult to surprise me with any Spell name.” Igni: “I named it, [Spinning Ember] {Ignite}!”

Miko: “ThーThat’s so cool!! That’s a really cool name, Igni!!”

Igni: “Isn’t it? I’ve been thinking about it this whole time!!”

Igni also now smiles widely.

Valia: “Hey, you two over there. Are you training properly as you were told to do?”

Miko: “Hey, Valia! Of course! We’re taking this training super seriously!”

Valia: “I really could not tell from what I just observed though…….”

Valia seems a little troubled by the situation.

Miko: “Well, Valia, you might have a harder time understandingー”

And with that, Miss Miko wraps an arm around Igni’s shoulder.

And in the same moment, their eyes meet and…

“ “ This is what being a Wizard is all about!! ” ”

And without missing a beat, said it in unison.

And behind Valia who didn’t know how to respond, Sara yelled, “Wizard!” with bright and shining eyes.


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