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Extreme Flame Wizard – Chapter 86: Practice Makes Perfect and the Wizard Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 86: Practice Makes Perfect and the Wizard

Igni: “How is it? I’m starting to shape up with this Spell, right?”

Miko: “Not bad!”

Igni and Miko laugh together as their fists collide.

They are working on Igni’s close-combat abilities.

Igni might have caught on to something as his movements began improving by leaps and bounds.

Igni: “I’m able to now use the [Spinning Ember] {Ignite} to about 30 RPS!”

Miko: “I’m 50 but good job!”

Igni: “That’s amazing, Miss Miko!!”

Miko: “Right?” Igni compliments Miko as her smile widens even further.

Miss Miko with a huge smile is also cute.

Putting Miss Miko who learned to use the Spell by herself aside, Igni has gotten used to using the [Spinning Ember] {Ignite}.

It’s because he’s starting to see the relationship between the rotation speed and the increase in his physical abilities.

Miru: “Looks like you two are really shaping up nicely. Then Igni, are you ready to take it to the next step?”

Igni: “Next……..meaning something related to combat training?”

Miru: “That’s right. Let’s now remove the Spell restrictions.”

She must have seen enough improvement in Igni and pushed Igni to the next phase.

Behind her, Valia and Lilly were fighting against one another.

Igni: “I understand!”

Igni replies heartily and faces Miss Miko.

Miko: “It’s difficult to use Spells while your rotating your Magic Power, so be careful.”

Igni: “Yes!”

With that, Igni initiated the [Spinning Ember] {Ignite} and initiated the {Firebーー


ーーthe Magic Power inside of him completely went out of control!

And the {Fireball} exploded and caused dust and sand to fly up into the air.

Miko: “See, I told you to be careful…….”

And Miss Miko immediately came to his assistance, and Igni quietly communicated his thanks to her.

Miko: “Don’t worry about it. I had a hard time at first too.”

Miss Miko’s warm encouragement echoes inside Igni’s heart.

Miko: “It’s okay. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easy.”

Igni: “Is there a trick to this?” Igni decided to ask Miss Miko who already mastered the [Spinning Ember] {Ignite}.

Miko: “Well, first of all, you’re spinning Magic Power inside of you, right?” Igni: “Yes.”

Miko: “Well, if you try to use that Magic Power for spells, it explodes out of control.”

Igni: “Oh?”

Miko: “So you <rip> that Magic Power, and while you’re spinning it, you take the <ripped> part and you’ll be able to use that for Spells!”

Igni: “I see!!”

There were some confusing concepts, but Igni understood what Miko was saying and decided to put it into practice.

Igni: “First, I need to take apart the Magic Power.” Igni separates the Magic Power inside of him to a ratio of 7 and 3.

Igni: “I spin one part and then use the other for the Spell.” Igni takes the 7 portion and begins the [Spinning Ember] {Ignite} and then with the remaining 3, he creates a {Fireball}.

Igni: “Oh, OHHH!! I DID IT!!”

Miko: “Way to go, Igni!!”

Miss Miko praises him and rubs his head.

Being a little embarrassed, Igni laughs.

Igni: “Hey, Miss Miko, that’s embarrassing.” Miko: “Hey, don’t worry about it. You’re an underclassman after all.”

Igni: (But she’s treating more like a little brother than an underclassmenー)

…was what Igni thought.

Miko: “Okay, Igni. Keep practicing that.”

Igni: “Yes, thank you, Miss Miko!!”

As Igni relayed his gratitude and tried to get back to practice, he sensed a bloodlust out of the ocean and turned around.

Igni: “………!!”

At the same time, Miss Miko, President Miru, Miss Valia, and Lilly saw the thing in the ocean as well.

The only people who were unaware were Yoori and Sara, the two that were least experienced in combat.

Igni: “Miss Miko.” Miko: “What?” Igni: “That’s……a Monster maybe…….?”

Miko: “……….I don’t know.”

There in the ocean was a pitch black humanoid figure.

Even though it’s the middle of the day, it seemed like light just disappeared in that one spot as if the humanoid figure was made up of shadows. It floated there with just its upper body showing and looked straight at Igni’s group.

Miko: “Igni, don’t attack it just yet.”

Igni: “Yes, there’s a possibility that it’s not a Monster.”

Igni replies to Miss Miko.

Igni can think of a few examples of Monsters made of shadows, but among those, there are none that would show up during the day.

But his skin tingles from the overflowing bloodlust coming from that thing.

That was what bothered Igni the most.

Miru: “Everyone ー listen to me for a sec.”

As no one made a move, President Miru spoke up first.

Miru: “If it attacks us, we will respond in kind. If it remains still, we will stand down for the time being, okay?”

“ “ “ YES! ” ” ”

As if not feeling any resistance from the water, the Black figure slithered up to the sandy beach and with its featureless, empty face, it began looking around.

It looked at Miko, Igni, Valia, Lilly, Miru, Yoori, and then Sara in turn ーー and it ran towards Sara!!

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}!”

Igni reacted faster than anyone else.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!”

<PAAANNNN!!> (sfx air popping)

And with that, the Black Figure’s head exploded.

It fell forward into the ground.

Igni: “Miss Miko! Please take care of Sara!”

Miko: “Understood!!”

With super speed, Miss Miko grabbed Sara and kicked the ground to escape into the sky.

The next moment, something black gathered where the head was and………..regenerated.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Anti-Armor] {Pierce}!!”

The {Fireball} Igni created rubbed against the air surrounding it and made a screeching noise!

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!!”

<KYUDO!!> (sfx)

The sound of the air being compressed and then ripped open resounded as the {Fireball} collided with the Black Figure, and it consumed everything around it as fire blew up into the sky!!

Once the smoke cleared, the Black Figure fell to the ground once again, but this time, it melted into the ground.

Miko: “I’m back.” And a moment later, Miss Miko landed beside him.

Miko: “Thanks, Igni.”

Igni: “Miss Miko, are you okay?” Miko: “Yeah.” Miss Miko seems to be in good health, and Sara didn’t understand what happened just now and had a [???] floating above her head.

Igni: “By the way, what was that thing?” Igni pointed at the disappearing figure and asked President Miru.

Miru: “No clue……….”

She tilted her head to wonder that herself.


Abyss: “WHAー? Why’d it die??”

Snow was descending down upon the [Demon King’s Realm], and Abyss let out a startle of surprise.

Abyss: “I know it was my clone Doppelganger, but among my kin, they were fairly strong, right? They shouldn’t lose to any ordinary Wizard……”

Abyss sat on a S-Rank Monster called the Dragon Zombie as he thought.

Abyss: “They also had plenty of fighting abilities too to retaliate but……..” As he thought for a long while, he exhaled slowly.

Abyss: “I see. So they must have found it.”

Abyss looks towards the direction where his kinsmen perished.

From here, it would be far, far south. Around the shores of the Kingdom, his kinsmen disappeared.

Then what he was looking for should be nearby.

Abyss: “Who would be close to there………I guess I’ll choose this one.”

Abyss stood up and initiated his Magic Power.

Abyss: “[Those who crawl and suffer, switch with me.]”

The next moment, one of his kinsman switched places with Abyss ーー and appeared right on top of the Dragon Zombie………and melted, crumbled, and disappeared.


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