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Extreme Flame Wizard – Chapter 175: The Preparation and the Wizard Bahasa Indonesia

Ch. 175: The Preparation and the Wizard

“Oh my, may I use my Spell?”

“Yes, yes. You can, you can. Miss Hayem, please blast one for us!”

Hayem: “Hehe. It’s been too long. {Freeze}.”

With President Miru’s permission, she spoke one word and the entire stage froze over.

Miru: “The Ice Stage is completeー!”

Lilly: “Is that it? Is there anything else to do?”

Lilly threw a question at Miru, but Miru only shook her head in answer.

Miru: “Nope! This was supposed to take the longest to finish, but with Miss Hayem, we got it done in one shot! Thanks!”

Hayem: “Oh my, it’s refreshing to be thanked. It feels wonderful.”

Igni brought Hayem from the Empire to the Rolmod Wizard Academy

And he couldn’t just leave her at the dorm, so he brought her to school as well.

And with the upcoming [Class Competition], Igni heard that Miru was looking for a Wizard who could use [ICE] Type Spells and suggested asking Hayem. Thus, the once almighty Dragon was now working under humans.

Igni: “Thanks. I didn’t think you would actually do it though.”

As Igni spoke, Hayem smiled.

Hayem: “You have shown me your <Magic>. This is nothing to me. It’s as easy as breathing.”

Igni: “……I see.”

Igni gazed at the stage that was at least 500 meters wide, and Hayem was able to freeze the entire area in a single moment. An average Wizard would have passed out from Magic Exhaustion. The scale of the Strongest Race’s Spell was not to be underestimated.

“Igniー! We could use your help over here!!”

Igni: “I’m coming!”

Being called over by Miss Miko, Igni headed off to a different location.

Miko: “We’re building a stage here, so hold onto this.”

Igni: “What is it?”

Miko: “It’s a seed. A unique species created by a [LIFE] Type Spell. If you plant it, it will turn the area into a jungle in about 2 days. We’re going to plant it all around the field.”

Igni: “Is this safe to use?”

Miko: “Hm? Yeah, it’s fine. If you cut its roots and burn it, it will disappear without a trace.”

Igni: “That’s handy.”

Miko: “They made it with a Spell after all.”

And they walked around for a few minutes.

They were now in the area where the 2nd field was to be placed. It was currently just an empty, circular area.

Miko: “I’ll mark the area with a flag, so Igni, I want you to plant the seeds around there.”

Igni: “Got it!”

Miko: “Make sure to spread the seeds out evenlyー!”

Igni: “Okay!”

As Igni gave short affirmations, he jumped high into the air with [Equip Flame Engine] {Accel Boots} and began dropping the seeds around the field. He made sure to spread the seeds evenly, and watched Miss Miko use her {Physical Boost} Spell and run around the field with amazing speed.

Holding onto the flags, she quickly planted them into the field.

Igni: “I see. So this will be about capturing flags.”

One team got 3 flags to protect.

If you lose all your flags, that Class will be knocked out of the round.

Igni: “But wouldn’t it be easy if you could fly?”

There are actually many Wizards who can fly through the air.

Igni can and so can Alicia.

Yoori and Iris could probably fly through the air if they wanted to.

Igni: “No, I’m sure they already thought of that.”

It’s something that immediately came to mind for Igni.

Then he was certain that the faculty and teachers of the Rolmod Wizard Academy would have some way to deal with that situation.

Miko: “Igni! Let me know when you’re done!”

Igni: “I just finished!”

As soon as Igni released the last seed, Miss Miko’s voice reached him. As he answered back, he saw her raise a hand high in the air.

Miko: “[WATER] {Rain}”

And rain began falling to the earth.

It was a mid-scale [WATER] Type Spell.

Igni: “Miss Miko, you could use [WATER] Type Spells too?”

Miko: “If you’re talking about this level of Spells, I could use every type except [FIRE].”

Igni: “That’s amazing…”

Igni was genuinely impressed.

That was because Igni could only use one type of Spell, and among that Type, he could only use one Spell. What Miko was doing was something he could never dream of doing.

Miko: “Really? Well, I did practice a lot!”

Miko blushed slightly at the compliment.

Igni: (So cute.)

Igni gazed adoringly at Miss Miko who couldn’t hide her huge smile.

Miko: “Okay, it’s going to be raining here for at least 30 minutes, so we’ll head to the next stage.”

Igni: “There’s 5 fields in total, correct?”

Miko: “Yeah. So that makes the next one, the last field.”

And Miko pointed to the location of the final stage.

Miko: “Okay, Igni. Keep firing Spells at that area until I tell you to stop!”

Igni: “Huh? You mean, at that field?”

Miko: “That’s right! The last field is the [Wilderness] Field! The more rugged the terrain is, the better!”

Igni: “I see!”

In that case, Igni had no hesitation.

He inhaled once and began his incantation.

Countless {Fireballs} appeared, and began colliding with the earth.

Miko: “More! Mess it up even more!!”

Igni: “AーAre you sure?!”

Miko: “If we go too far, the [EARTH] guys will fix it!!”

Igni: “In that caseー!!!”

<ZUDODODODODO!!!> (*impact sfx)

The ground shook and trembled as the {Fireballs} carved out the earth.

Miru: “Ack?! That’s too much, Miko! Igni!”

But President Miru came racing up to them to put a stop to it.

Miko: “What? This is about the same as last year, no?”

But Miko clearly didn’t see why they had to stop.

Miru: “You’ve clearly gone too far! Sheesh! Look, I’ll fix it.”

Miko: “What? Really? I think these kinds of cliffs and canyons would make it more fun!”

Miru: “Hmmmm, well. But the terrain is way too rough.”

Miko: “What do you think, Igni?”

Igni: (Huh? Me?)

Igni: “Um, I think it’s fine the way it is. This should be no problem….”

And Igni, being responsible for the outcome, had a more lenient view.

Miru: “Hmmm, if you two think so, I guess it’s fine….”

And President Miru placed her hands on her hips and continued to survey the field with concern.

Miru: “But I still think it’s too muchー”


There are areas marked forbidden to enter for students in the deepest rooms of the Rolmod Wizard Academy.

It served as a location for the faculty and staff of the Academy to perform their research.

But one student set foot there and stood in one of the forbidden rooms.

Of course, the student wasn’t alone. A teacher stood next to him.

“Fray, are you sure about this?”

Fray: “Yes, I’ve already made up my mind.”

The student had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Determination burned in those eyes that looked nothing like his brother as he nodded.

“This will raise your overall Magic Reserve and ability to process Spells faster…… it’s true that this experiment fits right in with raising your overall strength. But………really, are you sure about this?”

Fray: “Yes, I am certain. I need to become much stronger.”

“Is that because of Igni?”

Among the teachers who teach the 1st years at the Academy, everyone knew about that incident.

The incident where Fray, who was projected to win the [Tournament], was then defeated by another Wizard.

“Actually, that was an unnecessary question. Shall we begin?”

With that, the teacher began drawing the Spell Inscription.

“This is a Contract Spell that I’m researching. As long as you fulfill a specific condition, you receive something you desire in return. Unlike <Magic>, it will not create something from nothing, but it allows the exchange of something that exists for another. That is the fundamental mechanism of all Spells after all.”

As the teacher finished writing the inscription on the ground, Fray walked forward and stood in the center as directed.

“Now then, Fray. You will now be teleported to a different dimension. You will fight for 72 hours within that realm, but here, only 10 minutes will pass. Are you ready?”

Fray nodded in affirmation.

“And finally, this is an incomplete Spell. Even after fighting 72 hours, there is the chance that you will gain nothing from it. All of this could be for nothing….”

Fray: “I understand.”

Fray interrupted the teacher’s explanation and pressed forward.

Fray: “Please proceed.”

“…….fine. {Open Gate}.”

With a single flash, Fray disappeared from the scene.


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