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Extreme Flame Wizard – Chapter 174: The Teachers and the Wizard Bahasa Indonesia

Ch. 174: The Teachers and the Wizard

“Now then, it’s been quite a while since we all gathered together like this.”

The President of the Academy spoke in a wheezing, hushed voice.

In all of the Kingdom, no, in all of the world, there are very few Wizards who can stand shoulder to shoulder with her.

She survived the Great War and was one of the Wizards involved with the Hero and his Party.

The [Sage] Aria.

Though she was well over a 100 now, she herself did not know her own age.

She wore her trademark Witches hat that hid her face, and sitting at the farthest seat in the room, she looked upon all her pupils.

In other words, the faculty serving at the Rolmod Wizard Academy.

Aria: “I received word from the Royal Family. This is to be treated strictly confidential so as to not cause any panic, and they emphasized the discretion of the information quite firmly.”

But all the faculty here had already heard the news.

It was about the [Transgressors’] declaration of war.

No one knew what was happening in the [Demon King’s Realm], but everyone knew that <something> was happening.

That is why the [Transgressors] were on the move.

Aria: “The [Transgressors] have declared war against the Empire and Kingdom simultaneously. Although they have some skill, they are no threat. The [Extremes].will take care of them. Simple as that.” Aria let out a slow and deep sigh.

She did not look anywhere over 100 years old.

Anyone who did not know her would swear that she was around 60 or 70.

Aria: “Besides that, this is not the first time the [Transgressors] have moved. They do as they please and have attacked us more than once. In fact, they did not have to even declare war and could have attacked us. The fact that they took the time to perform this little charade means that they have something else in mind.”

As she spoke, she lightly slapped the copied sheet of paper distributed to all the faculty present.

Aria: “During the attack at the Empire, you all are aware of one of our students taking care of the situation. After we performed a few <minor adjustments> to the capture [Transgressor], we got him to speak of their goals.”

“…….but…..are you sure? This is….”

The Vice President of the Academy gazed in disbelief at the information written down.

It was not something anyone wanted to believe was happening.

“……they were planning on stopping the next [Demon King’s] invasion.”

The [Transgressor] was the one Igni captured.

Fram was currently held in the Underground Prison・Labyrinth, and he was <forced to disclose> any and all information concerning the [Transgressor’s] goals and <Magic>.

Though they poured on Brainwashing and Confession Spells, Fram was finally willing to talk, but only repeatedly incoherently that “They must prepare for the Demon King]. That is why they needed sacrifices. But that was all he continued to say.

“I wonder if this sacrifice refers to Forbidden Spells.” “I believe that is likely to be the case.”

One of the faculty who studies Forbidden Spells spoke up to answer the Vice President’s question.

“Forbidden Spellsーーin short, the Spells that are strictly forbidden by many of the nations use human life as their power source instead of Magic. For instance, the [Cursed Soul] {Rakava} is one such example. This boils down 300 living children into one soul, and by consuming it, you obtain 300 people’s worth of cursed energy. Just one cursed soul would leave a deep mark, so having 300 times that amount is an attractive offer to most. We believe that there is even the possibility of it reaching the realm of <Magic>.”

The [Cursed Soul] {Rakava} was something that was used by the mercenary, Marionette, during the attack at the Principality to abduct the Saint. This gave a single Wizard the ability to confine multiple [Extremes] for several dozen hours.

Then what would happen if a [Transgressor] who can use <Magic> eats one?

“There are also many other kinds of Forbidden Spells. I presume that their goal is to attack the Kingdom and Empire where the human population is greatest, and perform some sort of Forbidden Ritual.”

On top of that, the nations have more intel on Forbidden Spells than the [Transgressors]. Although no one will publicly admit it, they have all been pouring resources into studying Forbidden Spells from the beginning.

Aria coughed to clear the air.

Aria: “That is correct. And if their goal is to use a Forbidden Spell to fight against the [Demon King], then the Rolmod Wizard Academy will also be targeted.”

The Rolmod Wizard Academy is the Wizard Training Institution as well as the hub of Spell research. And of course, that includes Forbidden Spells as well.

Aria: “We have the Class Competition coming up. Many of our faculty will be scattered throughout different fields to supervise the event. As a result, the defenses of our Academy will be stretched thinner. If I was a [Transgressor], I would not miss such an opportunity.”

“Thenー what about asking a student to help protect the Academy during the eventー”

A faculty member with glasses spoke up to the President.

“There is one useful student among the first yearsー”

Aria: “……..yes, if the situation calls for it, we may have to. But until then, I would like the students to all enjoy this event held for them. In short, that would be a last resort.”


Aria: “Thankfully, the Kingdom is willing to provide Knights to buffer our defenses for that event. Please take a look at the next form.”


And completely oblivious to such meetings going on at the Academy, two boys were being boys inside a bookstore.

“Edward, are you being for real…..?”

Edward: “……Igni, I’m not joking. This is <for real>.”

A scarlet haired boy and a blonde haired boy bumped heads as they whispered in secret.

Though they stand out like a sore thumb, they snuck quietly towards the adult section of the store.

Igni: “…..yーyou can really buy adult magazines even if you’re a kid?!”

Edward: “SHHH!! Idiot! You’re being too loud, Igni.” Igni: “SーSorry……”

They looked around quickly to make sure no one was looking their way as Igni apologized.

They wore their plain clothes instead of the Academy’s uniform, but even so, they did not want anyone to know their association to the school for this mission.

Edward: “I’ve only heard rumors, but one of the students in the 2nd year was able to purchase an adult magazine here.”

Igni: “AーAre you serious? Then let’s…..!”

Igni heard himself swallow hard as they comically tip-toed to the adult corner of the store.

“Hm? Hey, Igni, Edward. What are you guys doing here?” Alicia looked up and called out to them.

Igni: “Hmm?!?! Oh! AーAlicia, what a coincidence.”

Alicia: “?? Why are you so jumpy?”

Igni, caught completely off guard at the worst possible moment, jumped up startled.

But here, Edward cleared his throat to answer Alicia’s question.

Edward: “……Alicia, not so loud. We heard that this bookstore may be handling Forbidden Spell books, so Igni and I came to investigate.”

Alicia: “…..Forbidden Spells?” Igni: (….Edward, that’s genius!)

Igni threw up a thumbs up towards Edward in his heart.

If it’s about Forbidden Spells, then it makes sense that they were being so cautious, and they could also present themselves as two curious Wizards working for the common good of this city!

Igni: (…..wait, is he used to making up excuses like this…?!)

Alicia: “Reaーlly. So you’re not here for the adult magazines?”

Edward: “<*COUGH> WhーWhat?! Of course not! Who do you think we are?!”

Behind Edward, Igni nodded quite enthusiastically in agreement.

Alicia: “Hmmmm, well, if that’s the case, that’s fine, but I’m pretty certain there’s no such books here. I would be surprised if they sold anything related to Forbidden Spells in a place like this.”

Edward: “IーI see. Well, we still should confirm…….but I think you’re right. Yes, you’re right. I agree. Igni, let’s investigate the next bookstore.”

Igni: “Huh? Oh, OHH! Yes, you’re right….!”

And with Edward’s brilliant acting, the two left the bookstore.


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