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Book 2: Chapter 38: Life Ender Saber

Li Haoran had exploded the source of the chaos from the flying ship, prompting the surrounding cultivators to freeze in place.

Satisfaction flashed across Li Haoran’s face. His enjoyment of drawing everyone’s attention to himself with one arrow showed in a faint smile.

“Everyone, listen up. My Divine Strategy Battalion is taking over this place. Everyone, move fifty kilometers away!” The shout came from the flying ship.

The surrounding cultivators felt a chill in their hearts.

That was the East Sea Pirate King, Luo Tiange, earlier.

Luo Tiange could kill Golden Horn and Silver Horn simultaneously, two Nascent Soul Realm experts, yet he could not last even one arrow against Li Haoran.

The sight of the golden arrow stabbed into the peak instilled fear in everyone’s heart.


The large dragon tail continued to struggle in the air. However, the earlier arrow shot extinguished everyone’s desire for it. Thus, they retreated far away.


The baxia roared from behind as it sped up.

The baxia rushed towards the dragon vein with all its might. However, Li Haoran reached the rubbish valley in the blink of an eye.

When Li Haoran looked down, he saw lava splashing up from below. The three-kilometer-long dragon tail was just an image. However, there was an even more solid-looking dragon tail under the lava and a tortoise shell on top of the dragon tail.

“A tortoise shell seal? Did the baxia sense the tortoise shell rather than the dragon vein?” a Divine Strategy Battalion disciple exclaimed.

However, Li Haoran narrowed his eyes and said, “This is only the dragon tail and not the head?”

“Milord, if it is not the dragon head, we cannot capture it. Furthermore, it seems like this dragon tail will struggle free from the tortoise shell seal soon,” a subordinate said worriedly.

“This tortoise shell seems to have been forged into an extraordinary enchanted treasure.”

“Milord, the baxia is arriving!” another subordinate said anxiously.

Li Haoran turned his head to look at the baxia. Then, a cold light flashed in his eyes. “Be it the dragon tail or the tortoise shell seal, they are both mine. Beast, bring it on!”

As Li Haoran spoke, he raised his bow once more and aimed at the distant baxia.

“Roar!” The baxia glared at Li Haoran, showing a ferocious expression as it roared.


An earthquake shook the west of Nine-Five Island.

Ninth Young Master led his subordinates to the summit of a peak. Then, he looked coldly at the center of the chaos.

Li Haoran fought the baxia, engaging in a ferocious battle. Mud soared up into the sky, filling it with muddy water and obscuring their view. Ninth Young Master could only hear the roars coming from the baxia and Li Haoran.

“Ninth Young Master, it’s Li Haoran! What an incredible arrow shot!” a subordinate said with a frown.

Ninth Young Master revealed a cold smile and said, “Considering oneself infallible might not be a good thing!”

“Ninth Young Master, should we…”

“There’s no need. Anyone who gets involved in the fight for the dragon vein will get enmeshed in the plan. Li Haoran is now embroiled in the plan that the pavilion master set in motion back then. No matter how incredible he is, he can forget about escaping. Let’s go!” Ninth Young Master sneered.


In a mountain forest:

Meng Tai carried the awakened Feng Ling as he looked at the noisy, distant battle.

“The Divine Strategy Battalion’s Li Haoran. You are still as tyrannical as ever after not seeing you for twenty years!” Meng Tai showed a cold light in his eyes.

“Gu Hai. Humph! Excellent, very excellent. To think that you can play the twenty-nine line-pair Go puzzle that Old Mister Guan Qi left behind and even capture one Go stone. Excellent Go skills and great luck. Had you continued, you would have died. Humph! You managed to get lucky once. How many more times can you get lucky?” Meng Tai showed a ferocious expression on his face.

At the side, Feng Ling gently wiped Meng Tai’s face when she saw the ferocious Meng Tai. A faint, complicated expression flashed in her eyes.

In another mountain forest:

Wei Yang landed, carrying the vegetative Li Wei. He heard the dragon roar and the battle in the distance.

“It is beginning? My Great Feng Mafia Family’s mission is finally over. Pavilion Master, we have fulfilled our promise to you through the generations. Since the dragon vein’s seal has already been lifted, then there are no more fetters on us, right? Doesn’t that mean that I am also qualified to fight for it? I know that this is a plot. However, I am willing to be Pavilion Master’s pawn!” Wei Yang sighed.

Wei Yang turned his head and gently touched Li Wei on the head where the tattoo was.

“My disciple Li Wei, I will wake you up. Your master needs you. Quickly wake up!” Wei Yang whispered.

Gu Hai had left long ago with the three thousand-odd evil men.

He ignored the dragon roars and the loud noises behind him.

“Milord, this dragon vein…,” Shangguan Hen muttered.

“The dragon vein? We do not have the strength to get involved. We should get away first!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Yes!” Shangguan Hen nodded.

“Milord, do you think that Wei Yang can restrain Meng Tai? Why did you…?” Chen Tianshan asked, appearing worried.

“This master-disciple pair is too scheming. We should not keep them with us. Don’t underestimate Wei Yang. Do you think he could be ordinary if he could nurture Meng Tai? In the letter he left for Li Wei, he said that Feng Ling is a key and told Li Wei not to show that letter to anyone else. However, given Meng Tai’s capabilities, he has many ways to read the letter if he wanted to. He probably read the letter long ago. Yet, Wei Yang seemed to have expected this, so he wrote in a very vague manner, hiding something from Meng Tai,” Gu Hai said.

“Oh?” Chen Tianshan felt puzzled.

“While Feng Ling is a key, I suspect that Li Wei is also a key. There are two keys. Meng Tai’s information is not complete,” Gu Hai explained seriously.

“Li Wei is a key as well?”

“Do you still remember that tattoo?”

Chen Tianshan’s expression appeared stunned. Clearly, he felt shocked at Wei Yang’s and Meng Tai’s schemes.

The three thousand-odd men left quickly. Along the way, they ran into countless venomous bugs in the forest. However, everyone could protect themselves with Veritable Energy, so the venomous bugs could not do anything.

Ten days later at the seashore:

The three thousand-odd evil men set up camp. Then, Gao Xianzhi started to strictly enforce discipline in the evil men while Gu Hai silently dived to the bottom of the sea.

Gu Hai captured a shark underwater. As he stepped on the shark with his left foot, he drew out the black rib—the bone saber—with his right hand.

The moment the bone saber appeared, it exuded a sinister black aura. Even though Gu Hai suppressed the shark, it still struggled in fear.

Bone saber? I can sense a hunger in you. What effect do you have? Anticipation flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes.


The bone saber slowly stabbed into the shark’s body, although Gu Hai just cut the skin slightly.

The shark struggled in pain.


Surging black energy from the bone saber immediately moved towards the shark’s body. Then, the black energy suddenly turned into many densely packed, bean-sized skulls, which poured into the shark.

Phish! Phish! Phish! Phish!

The tiny skulls completely consumed the shark in the blink of an eye, leaving only the skeleton.


The countless bean-sized skulls turned back into black energy and returned to the bone saber as if they had never been there.

The bone saber seemed to have consumed some nourishing energy. Then, about one-thousandth of this nourishing energy was fed back to Gu Hai’s body.


Gu Hai felt a slightly comfortable sensation, which made his eyelids twitch wildly.

This bone saber could consume flesh, taking in energy to repair itself? Then, he received one-thousandth of the absorbed energy, as he had refined the bone saber. Furthermore, the bone saber seemed to have purified this one-thousandth portion of energy, making it very suitable for Gu Hai to use.

What a monstrous bone saber! Gu Hai thought in shock.

Gu Hai carefully checked the shark’s corpse. The bone saber had consumed not only the flesh and blood but even the marrow in the bone. All that remained was a pile of withered bones.

Gu Hai gulped. Then, he quickly moved about at the bottom of the sea. Suddenly, he saw a school of sharks—about twenty of them—swimming over.

Gu Hai made his way over, walking on the seabed.

Phish! Phish! Phish! Phish!

The bone saber cut the many sharks. Large amounts of black energy gathered on the wounds left by the bone saber, turning into tiny skulls that consumed the sharks’ flesh, blood, and marrow. After that, they reverted to black energy and returned to the bone saber.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The twenty-odd sets of shark skeleton sank to the bottom.

All the black energy entered the bone saber, turning it pitch-black. Although the bone saber had countless cracks in it, it looked incredibly sinister.

Twenty-odd sharks contained too little energy. When reducing that by one thousand, it was even less. Gu Hai could only vaguely sense the energy, but it did not bring about any significant change.

This bone saber is too monstrous. Everywhere it goes, it leaves a sea of bones and no lifeforce behind, just death in its wake. From today on, you shall be known as Life Ender, the Life Ender Saber! Gu Hai thought as he looked at the bone saber.

Buzz! The black bone saber trembled slightly as though it felt happy with its name.


Gu Hai sheathed the Life Ender Saber back in his chest. As the Life Ender Saber slowly entered his chest, it turned back into a rib, disappearing from sight.

If not for the withered bones at the bottom of the sea, it would seem like the Life Ender Saber never appeared.

From today on, my main weapon shall be the saber! Gu Hai charged back to the surface.


Soon, Gu Hai surfaced and headed ashore.

At the seaside, Gao Xianzhi worked on training the evil men.

“Milord, you’ve returned!” Scar and the others received Gu Hai, handing him a towel.

“Yes!” Gu Hai accepted the towel and wiped his body.

Chen Tianshan rushed over. “Milord, this subordinate went to scout for information earlier. There’s a huge change with the Great Feng Mafia Family; the battle has ended!”

“Oh?” Gu Hai turned his head to look at Chen Tianshan.

“After the dragon vein appeared, Li Haoran fought the baxia for the dragon vein. However, the dragon vein struggled free from the tortoise shell seal at the end and entered the ground. As a result, neither Li Haoran nor the baxia obtained the dragon vein. As for the tortoise shell seal, the baxia consumed it,” Chen Tianshan reported.

“The baxia consumed the tortoise shell seal?” Gu Hai echoed, feeling confused.

“Yes. When the baxia saw that it could not obtain the dragon vein, it fought for the tortoise shell and swallowed it in one mouthful. That tortoise shell was left by another baxia in the first place, so it’s very nourishing for a baxia. After consuming the tortoise shell, the baxia’s shell gave off a golden light. After losing the dragon vein, Li Haoran became enraged, wanting to kill the baxia.”

“What happened after that?”

“In the end, the baxia could not match Li Haoran on land. The Divine Strategy Battalion shot all of its three thousand oceanic animal spirits to death. Li Haoran wanted to kill the baxia. The baxia fled in a sorry state. He harried it all the way to the coast. However, by then, the baxia could use the power of the sea and finally managed to block Li Haoran.”

“The baxia is not a match for Li Haoran on land, but Li Haoran could not do anything to the baxia at sea?” Gu Hai asked.

“Yes. They fought for two days and two nights. In the end, Li Haoran could only return empty-handed,” Chen Tianshan explained.

Gu Hai looked at the sea and nodded. “This Li Haoran possesses extraordinary martial prowess.”

“Milord, when will we continue our journey?” Chen Tianshan asked.

“How much longer to my Gu Residence?” Gu Hai asked Chan Tianshan.

“With our current speed, about half a month,” Chen Tianshan explained.

“Pass the word. Prepare our meals and rest for two hours. After that, we will resume traveling!” Gu Hai said.

“Yes!” everyone answered.


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