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Book 2: Chapter 37: Another Arrow


Meng Tai quickly flew out of the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array.

Countless cultivators watched with eyes wide open.

As Luo Tiange pressed his hands over his wounds, he showed a sullen expression. Then, he saw Meng Tai fly to a small house and pick up his wife, Feng Ling, before flying off into the distance. Meng Tai did not even turn his head back, his face betraying rage and dissatisfaction.

“Is he the one? Gu Hai used me to trick him?” Luo Tiange’s eyelids twitched, resentment bursting in his heart.

Ninth Young Master sat in a building, drinking tea as he watched everything in the distance.

“Ninth Young Master, Luo Tiange seems injured,” a subordinate whispered.

However, Ninth Young Master ignored that subordinate. Instead, he looked towards Meng Tai and narrowed his eyes. “Gu Hai? Good scheme. So, it was for Meng Tai. It looks like Meng Tai fell for it, opening the pavilion master’s barrier. The Great Feng Mafia Family? The Great Feng Mafia Family’s mission has ended!”

“Ah?” The group of subordinates appeared confused.

Only Ninth Young Master understood the Great Feng Mafia Family’s mission. At this moment, he looked sullenly into the distance.

“The pavilion master’s plots stretch far and wide. Even if Gu Hai discovered the dragon tail, he should not be able to change anything. However, this person possesses extraordinary potential!” A brilliant light slowly shone in Ninth Young Master’s eyes.

“Ninth Young Master, are you interested in Gu Hai?” a subordinate asked, feeling curious.

“From what I’ve seen, Gu Hai is indeed stronger than Luo Tiange!” Ninth Young Master did not deny it.


Suddenly, another figure soared into the sky.

“Who is that? He is carrying Li Wei?”

“That person is blind?”

“I’ve never seen that blind man before. He can fly? That means he is also a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator?”

The countless surrounding cultivators showed shock on their faces.

It was Wei Yang quickly leaving with Li Wei.

Most cultivators would not dare to block Nascent Soul Realm cultivators.

Luo Tiange showed a sullen expression as he watched Wei Yang fly away. Had it been at the beginning, he could have prevented anyone he wanted from leaving. Now that he was injured, he could not do anything. He could only sink into greater confusion as he watched this situation develop further.


Suddenly, a dragon roar came from the ritual array.


Then, the center of the ritual array shook. Every part of the Great Feng Mafia Family shook as well.

“A dragon roar? Why is there a dragon roar?”

“This dragon roar seems even more profound than a flood dragon sea beast’s roar?”

“What’s happening in the ritual array? Why is it shaking?”

The surrounding cultivators appeared shocked.

The ground shuddered continuously. As time went by, the earthquake intensified. Some of the more timid cultivators retreated again and again.

What exactly happened in the ritual array? Countless cultivators looked over, appearing uncertain.


Suddenly, a loud report rang out. The Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array shook violently before the churning fog quickly scattered.

“The ritual array broke?”

“No, Gu Hai scattered the ritual array!”

“He scattered the ritual array? What is he planning?”

Luo Tiange goggled as he looked at the distant ritual array. Gu Hai remained undefeated because of the ritual array. Why did he scatter the ritual array?


Strong winds blew as torrential rain fell. The clouds immediately cleared.

The first thing to catch the cultivators’ notice was not the earthquake but the countless corpses lying all around.

Blood from the corpses covering the place formed rivers. The evil men had completely wiped out the twenty thousand cultivators, not sparing a single one.


When looking at the corpse-covered family region of the Great Feng Mafia Family, the countless cultivators all felt chills. No matter who these twenty thousand people were, such a massacre made everyone decide to keep their distance from Gu Hai.

Gu Hai took the lead, with the three-thousand-odd evil men close following behind. They strode out slowly, trampling on the various corpses.

However, when Gu Hai’s group came out, all the cultivators outside fell silent. No one dared to underestimate Gu Hai. All earlier thoughts of snatching the Century Lifespan Immortality Peach disappeared.

The immortality peach was good, but one had to be alive to enjoy it.

How long had Gu Hai been here? Even so, he managed to destroy the entire Great Feng Mafia Family and eliminate twenty thousand cultivators who came to snatch the immortality peach. He was even more terrifying than what rumors said, even more ferocious than when he was in the Innate Puzzle World. Furthermore, he had three thousand-odd murderous evil demons with him.

When Gu Hai led his group out, the surrounding cultivators immediately moved far away.

“Gu Hai, you really dared to come out?” Luo Tiange said in a frosty voice, glowering at Gu Hai. As he spoke, his subordinates drew their weapons and coldly took aim at Gu Hai.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

The three thousand-odd evil men drew their weapons as well, with ferocious glares.

Gu Hai looked at Luo Tiange and smiled coldly. “Mister Luo, do you believe that I can bring out the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array again?”

“Huh?” Luo Tiange’s pupils contracted.

The earlier scene of the halberd left too deep an impression. Luo Tiange’s feet paused as he showed an uncertain expression.

When Luo Tiange hesitated, satisfaction flashed in Gu Hai’s eyes as he guffawed, “Hahahahaha! Let’s go!”

As Gu Hai guffawed, he seemed confident of victory. Then, he swaggered off with the three thousand-odd evil men. Everywhere he went, the cultivators made way for him, not daring to block him.

Luo Tiange clutched his weapon, still appearing uncertain. He did not step forward.

In a building not far away, Ninth Young Master narrowed his eyes slightly. “Is everyone afraid of Gu Hai? This is such a good opportunity, yet even Luo Tiange hesitated out of fear? Ha!”

The group of cultivators watched as Gu Hai’s group left. However, no one dared to stop the evil men. They just watched as Gu Hai’s group slowly strode into the forest, disappearing from everyone’s sight.



Another thunderous, ferocious roar attracted everyone’s attention.


Suddenly, a large mountain crumbled. Soon after that, a mountain at the side soared into the sky.


The dragon roar grew increasingly louder and intenser. Lava shot into the sky and fell as a rain of fire.

“What’s going on?” countless cultivators exclaimed.

An earthquake could make a mountain crumble. However, how could it send a mountain shooting into the air?


The dragon roar grew even louder. The ground trembled even more intensely.


Suddenly, everyone seemed to see a golden figure soar into the sky.

This golden figure was more than three kilometers long. It instantly soared into the dark clouds, filling the sky with a golden light.


Stirred up by the golden figure, the dark clouds in the sky churned and roiled. Lightning immediately flashed, and the skies above the Great Feng Mafia Family turned increasingly chaotic.

A storm and an earthquake seemed to hit the Great Feng Mafia Family at the same time. The surroundings looked like the world was coming to an end. All the cultivators fled in shock and horror.

“The golden figure looked like a three-kilometer-long tail?”

“A golden tail? The figure of a dragon’s tail? A dragon’s tail?”

“What is that?”

Countless cultivators appeared shocked.

“We should go. There’s nothing more to see,” Ninth Young Master said indifferently.

“Yes!” Ninth Young Master’s subordinates answered. They followed Ninth Young Master, leaving this place.

Although Ninth Young Master left, Luo Tiange did not care, as the dragon tail had captured his attention.

“Dragon…dragon…dragon…dragon vein? A dragon vein?!” When Luo Tiange exclaimed, he nearly bit his tongue.


The loud sound of the dragon vein came from underground.

At the same time, four hundred kilometers away, at the west of Nine-Five Island, the baxia stopped, appearing to sense something.


The baxia suddenly reared its head and roared.


The baxia’s speed abruptly increased as it rushed towards the Great Feng Mafia Family.

Previously, the oceanic animal spirits led the way. Now, the baxia left them far behind.

“The baxia has gone crazy. What happened to it?”

“Why is the baxia in such a rush? Where is it going?”

“Look! Look! Over there!”

“In the Great Feng Mafia Family’s direction! Quickly look!”

Countless cultivators looked over. The Divine Strategy Battalion disciples on the Divine Strategy Battalion’s flying ship high in the sky goggled as they looked into the distance.

Li Haoran stared into the distance and saw a golden tail soaring into the distant sky, charging at the clouds and stirring up the dark clouds. Lightning flashed and thunder roared in that direction. The golden tail made the place look incredibly dazzling.

“The dragon vein’s tail? Head over, fast!” Li Haoran opened his eyes wide.



The flying ship sped towards the Great Feng Mafia Family.

“Where is that? Li Haoran roared with his eyes wide open.

“It’s the Great Feng Mafia Family, Battalion Commander. It’s the Great Feng Mafia Family!” a subordinate immediately answered.

“The dragon vein appeared! Quickly, get ahead of the baxia!” Li Haoran ordered coldly.

“Yes!” all the subordinates answered.


Coursing the sky, the flying ship soon overtook the baxia. The baxia ran with all its might, but it could not outpace the flying ship.


When the baxia saw the flying ship overtaking it, it let out a furious roar. Then, boundless lightning bolts lashed at the flying ship.


A lightning bolt struck the flying ship’s ritual array. However, the ritual array was very strong, able to receive it head-on.


The flying ship flew ahead of the baxia, moving at the very front.

The Great Feng Mafia Family:

Now, the countless cultivators started to realize what the dragon tail was, so they quickly rushed over.

“Scram? Are you trash so eager to rush to your death?!” Luo Tiange roared.

Although Luo Tiange was severely injured, he still possessed the strongest cultivation.

Although he no longer had his chains, he still had his sword. When he swung his sword, he sent out countless rainbow sword qi, attacking all the cultivators that came close.


Luo Tiange’s strike immediately knocked back dozens of cultivators.

“You bunch of trash, scram! The dragon vein is mine. Anyone trying to vie for it with me will die! Hahahahahaha!” Luo Tiange laughed maniacally.

Just as Luo Tiange knocked back everyone and was brimming with excitement, a sharp sonic boom rang out in the distance. Everyone turned their heads to look and saw a golden arrow streaking over from the horizon.


The arrow moved swiftly, appearing like a rainbow as it arrived in the blink of an eye.

Luo Tiange showed a ferocious expression as he swung his sword at the arrow. This attack contained his full power. It seemed that his excitement over the dragon vein allowed him to bring out strength that surpassed his peak.

“Break!” Luo Tiange bellowed ferociously.


A loud sound rang out. Luo Tiange’s sword and his body exploded into several parts as a blood mist filled the air.


Blood spattered the faces of the surrounding cultivators, causing them to shiver as they looked at Luo Tiange’s body parts in horror. He had just been knocking everyone back a moment ago. Then, an arrow blew him up? The largest part of his body recognizable was half a head.


After exploding Luo Tiange, the golden arrow stabbed into a mountain peak, leaving only a small segment of the arrow’s fletching still quivering outside.

Luo Tiange was the East Sea Pirate King who had swept through the Thousand Islands Sea for a century. However, all it took was one arrow to explode him. Just one arrow?

Suddenly, everyone calmed down and turned their heads to look in horror.

Everyone saw a flying ship rapidly closing the distance. A golden-armored man stood at the bow of the ship, with a bow in hand as he looked coldly at the arrow he shot.

“The Divine Strategy Battalion?”

“Li Haoran?”


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