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Eternal Thief – Chapter 71: Foundation Of Heavenly Darkness! Bahasa Indonesia

Even after Ace ‘True Soul’ returns to its normal state and becomes more powerful he still was in a coma because the shock he sustains was too great.

But this didn’t stop his dark void to keep devouring the heavenly qi at all. The density of Qi in the land of cities was quite low however, the dark void didn’t seem to be fazed by it either because it was drawing Qi from heaven itself.

Suddenly, cracks began to appear on the dark void and Ace’s Qi Meridians, because they were both connected. The cracks spread slowly but the devouring of heavenly qi didn’t stop a bit. The next moment it was as if the dark void couldn’t take it anymore and finally shattered with Ace’s Qi meridians!

Ace’s whole body jolt by this sudden shock and black blood began to flow out of his orifices.

Qi Meridians are like roads inside the body these roads were pathways for Qi to circulate inside the body smoothly. Without these pathways, the body can’t use or store Qi.

It was common knowledge that if someone’s qi meridians were to destroy, they would be cripple for life and never be able to cultivate again. And till this day not a single person can heal their cripple meridians.

Some higher-ups of the empire-level lands believed that the ancient sects have a way to heal destroyed Qi meridians but that method was too costly even for an ancient sect!

Since Ace Qi meridians were just destroyed didn’t this mean he become a cripple for life and all his cultivation that he accomplishes till this day vanished in thin air?

But the strange thing was that even after his meridians were destroyed, his nine qi gates were still there, which means he was still a cultivator of the Qi Gates realm.

It’s just that no qi meridians were connected to those gates to draw qi from heaven.

Just as the dark void shattered something else revel itself, it was like a dark curtain was lifted.

A completely new dark void reveals itself however, it was much smaller than before and it was radian darkly.

If the old dark void was like a palm-size ball this one was the size of a fingernail. This was not the end the fragments of the old shattered dark void started to form a space in his abdomen around his new dark void.

This new space was like the mind space but it was hundred cubic meters large from the start and the dark void was in the center of this space.

This is the ‘Martial Space’ forming after his body cultivation broke through for the first time just like his mind space. But this was not his true soul,

The moment this new space formed and the new dark void reveal itself the heavenly qi stop entering his body and a huge amount of HD-Qi began to flow in Ace’s whole body.

But there was a little white lightning mix in this HD-Qi. This was the heavenly thunder that the dark void has devoured before.

Anywhere the new HD-Qi flows in Ace’s body new Qi meridians form in the place of old ones. But this time the Qi Meridians were not transparent anymore they were pitch black and more refined than his destroyed meridians.

Qi Meridians also has many different and special types, it is just that it was rare to even find a single soul in the entire continent with it! And these forming meridians inside Ace’s body were the Primordial Darkness Meridians!

Ace would found out the benefits of these meridians in the future.

Whenever someone broke through into the Qi Foundation Building realm, their Qi Gates that were open in the Qi Gates realm would be turned into ‘slates’. Moreover, these slates would get reinforced or baptism from the pure Worldly Qi.

They called these slates ‘Foundation Slates’ and this pure ‘World Qi’ comes straight from the ‘world’s will’ itself and would help build a strong foundation slate.

How much you’ll get the ‘World Qi’ depends on the qi gates that you opened in the first realm of the cultivation. It is a type of recognition from the ‘world’s will’ you live in as well.

Cultivator with five foundation or Qi slates would get only single baptism, meaning only a single Qi Slate would turn into a Perfect Slate with a single crack on it. And all the other four slates would turn into cracked slates with nine cracked on each.

Six Gates would get three baptisms. The eight gates would get five baptisms and no one knows what would happen at the ninth gate because they didn’t even know this gate exists in the first place.

Five Slates means Cracked Foundation, Six Slates means Flawed Foundation, Seven means Complete, and Eight means Perfect foundation in the golden sky world.

Ace primordial darkness meridians were finally finished forming and now he didn’t have a sliver of heavenly qi in his meridians, only pure HD-Qi was flowing inside his whole-body meridians channel.

Finally, the dark meridians began to connect with his nine open heavenly qi gates.

Ace’s first five gates were not dark like his hidden gates of darkness however, at this moment the other five gates began to turn pitch black as well like his hidden gates.

The dark gates started to vanish from their positions and slowly one after another they appeared in his abdominal where the new dark void was floating in his martial space peacefully while suppling the HD-Qi in Ace’s body.

The nine dark gates surround the dark void in a circle and the dark void released nine dark blue qi chains and those chains are connected to one dark gate each.

The moment this happened the gates started to turn into inky slates one after another.

This was forming of the foundation slates however the difference was Ace foundation slates were forming independently without any worldly blessing whatsoever. Because no one was qualifying to bless him only heaven has the right but it would rather kill him than give him ‘anymore’ of its blessing.

Moreover, Ace didn’t need anyone’s blessing because he was a heaven’s stealer and heavenly qi was the biggest blessing he could ask, on top of that he has the advantage of the system.

Ace’s final gate turns into a black slate and shockingly all the nine dark slates were perfectly formed, there was not a single scratch on them.

All nine foundation plates were floating around the dark void with a single dark blue chain attached to them moreover, white lightning would spark on those inky slates now and then.

This was the true Heavenly Foundation of Nine Heavenly Gates!

However, this was not the end from those dark blue chains, dark blue qi started to enter the foundation slates and different kinds of dark blue runic symbols started to be engraved on the dark slates forming different scriptures on every single slate.

If Ace was conscious he would be shocked to see these engraving scriptures because these were the full cultivation method of ‘Heaven Stealer Martial Cultivation’ that was being engraved on his foundation pillars right now.

After the technique was fully engraved on his foundation slates the writing vanished and they all returned into their clear dark state as if nothing happened. The black chains also returned into the dark void.

The foundation slates and the dark void finally returned to their peaceful nature but now all the dark meridians, dark foundation slates, and martial space were connected with Ace’s dark void.

Void of Primordial Darkness (Dark Void) has become like a core of his martial (Body) cultivation now if it gets destroyed everything is over but it was night imposable. Ace will find out about this in the future and become astounded by this.

Outside of Ace’s body. The moment his new meridians were formed his body started to heal at astonishing speed.

In the end, when the heaven stealer technique was engraved in his foundation slates Ace was completely healed his skin was giving a healthy glow and one would think he was sleeping peacefully if they see him now.

Only his charred and bloody clothes were telling the true story.

At this moment system’s sweet and emotionless voice sounded in his mind,

“[Congratulation Host on building the Foundation of Darkness!]

[Host has reached the Early Stage of Heavenly Foundation Building Realm.]

[Rewards: 500 Thief Points]

[Host status has been updated.]”

But Ace still didn’t regain his conscious he was in deep slumber. It was a blessing that in the core region there was not a single demonic beast or he would have become their food.

Just like that two years have passed after Ace fell into a deep slumber.

It was a sunny day like always and plants were born in this vast core region of the moon forest in two years.

Two years ago, it was just a barren place with a dark and cold environment so no life can bear here easily but after the heavenly punishment has shattered the dark ‘sky’ life has finally returned here.

Inside the core region central area, a young man’s naked body was lying in a huge black crater. But there was not a single speck of dust on his body as if he was protected by some invisible barrier. He was 1.9-meter-tall with white skin and long black hair. His toned body was carved with sharp muscles.

Appearance-wise he was extremely handsome with his sharp chin and hollow cheeks. But his eyes were closed as if he was sleeping tranquility.

He was obesely Ace.

Two years have passed since he fell in deep slumber. He still didn’t region his consciousness. But his body was growing normally and sturdier than a normal human boy,

Ace was turned fifteen and his childishness has vanished from his handsome face. He has turned into a young man.

Since Ace was entered into foundation building realm he didn’t need to eat as long as he has enough qi in the atmosphere. Dark void was always supplying his body with HD-Qi so he would not be dead until the dark void spot its task.

Suddenly Ace closed eyes sprang open. Dark current flashed past them the moment he opens his eyes!


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