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Eternal Thief – Chapter 70: Light Element Qi Bahasa Indonesia

Ace can now endure the heavenly thunder because of the dark void however, he can’t bear the intense pain any longer.

He was mentally exhausted and his physical condition was also not optimal anymore. The system’s pills can help him recover but they can’t recover his mental sluggishness.

But Ace can’t back down right now, because Ace knew if he loses his will to fight then even the dark void can’t save him.

The power of despair was just too great. If you lose your will in the face of despair then nobody can save you to fall into despair!

Ace take a deep breath and looked at the inky clouds above and grunt, “You think I’m afraid of you? Then bring it on I’ll show you just how powerful this ant in your eyes truly is!”

It was as if heaven has heard him and thunderous booms rang in the sky of the moon forest. One could hear them even in the outer region of the moon forest.

Some passing by cultivators startled and think that some powerful demonic beast was roaring in anger they quickly sprang to run.

Ace saw three thunderbolts shoot toward him this time and they almost looked like thunder swords. However, there was something different about them and that was they were half translucent.

‘Heavenly Soul Punishment!” Ace immediately guess and felt that now he was doomed.

Because dark void can absorb heavenly thunder that was harmful towards his body and meridians it can’t absorb soul qi. Now he was on his own.


The swords like thunderbolts landed on him and Ace felt his body was melting in lave and that was not the end even his ‘True Soul’ (Mind Space) was rock like a boat in the middle of a storm.

The translucent heavenly thunder infiltrates his mind space and started to wreak havoc.

His soul core started to protect his mind-space by fighting with heavenly thunder. It was still damaged because of the guardian.

The heavenly thunder attacks his soul core as it keeps resisting it.

Ace felt this time his life was truly going to end because he simply can’t take this soul attack. He didn’t have any means to protect his soul from others much less from heaven itself.

He finally understands just how dreadful soul attacks truly were.

It was like a blessing he never encounters any human with soul cultivation but this blessing comes to an end today.

After a moment cracks begin to appears on the soul core and for the first time, his mind-space begins to crack.

Ace could still endure all this pain but the damage on ‘true soul’ was not something he could sustain at his level. The moment a crack appears on his ‘true soul’ he felt something broken in him.


Ace fell on the charred ground his eyes were rolled upside and his body was roasted black. He was unrecognizable. Blood was coming from his mouth, ears, nose, and eyes sockets.

There was no sign of breath and pulse coming from him.

The last thing Ace remember before losing his consciousness was a foreign voice that was telling him to stop his futile resistance, and surrender his soul and the pain will over.

However, he only gives one reply before he fell and that was, “NEVER!”

Ace didn’t know he heard the voice of that ‘strange will’ that he felt before in his moment of despair. He was able to hear it because he was between the border of life and death.

Moreover, the owner of this voice will be his biggest nemesis in the future.

After Ace fell on the ground lifeless the inky cloud started to scatter and moments after it completely vanished and the sunny sky restore as well as if nothing has happened.

Because of the heavenly punishment pressure, the dome of the core region that was made by nature to protect the elemental orb was now shattered.

It will never be restored because the elemental orb was taken by Ace. However, that fog remains and in ten to twenty years it will also disappear, this core region of the moon forest will be restored to its original condition like before the orb was born.

But that black craters will remain the same because they were made by heavenly thunder and thunder holds only power of destruction, no life will ever form in this area.

After many years someone will see these craters and think they were a legendary beast reside here and a legend will be born. Moon Forest then will be known as the first forbidden area of land of cities.

The core region was now empty and silent, the maze of trees also vanished after the orb was taken and no demonic beast was here because they dread that fog in the entrance and never enters the core region so only Ace charred body was laying there in the center of the black pit.

The peace has returned to the core region again.

At this moment, System’s voice rang in Ace nearly dead mind,

“[Congratulation Host for successfully crossing the first form of Heavenly Punishment!]

[Nature’s Light Elemental Orb ‘Element Qi’ absorption has also been complete.]

[Special Reward: Light Element Qi]

[Process of building the Foundation of Heavenly Darkness is commencing!]”

The silent air surrounding the core region began to vibrate and a huge amount of black qi rushed towards Ace’s body.

The dark void was begun to revolve at high speed and create a huge suction force.

All the Heavenly Qi began to enter Ace’s abdominal and dark void swallow all this Qi greedily at an extraordinary pace.

It was like a bottomless abyss and that seemingly can devour all the Qi of this world and still won’t be satisfied by it.

Suddenly, a cracked orb appeared from Ace thief’s space it was the elemental orb that was now looking like a marble that will be shattered with just a gust of wind. It was not radiant like before.

The orb floats on Ace’s forehead and suddenly as if a mysterious power emits a little pressure the floating orb shattered into millions of white particles.

But those white particles didn’t blow by the wind as if something was controlling them and were directly landed on Ace’s forehead between his eyebrows and get absorbed in Ace’s skin. Not a single particle escapes this absorption and all these ‘light element particles’ enter his mind-space directly.

Ace’s mind space was currently at a shattering point and his yellow wind soul core was barely in one piece. The heavenly thunder was still attacking the soul-core to shatter it and with it, Ace’s True Soul would also be shattered.

This will be his true death of body and soul.

However, the moment those white particles appeared they begin to explode like little firecrackers and turn into huge light elemental soul Qi.

Suddenly his mind space that was turned black after he opened the gate of mind started to turn white and the cracks also began to close with light soul qi.

These white particles that were left after the elemental orb was sucked dry were the ‘Light Soul Qi Particles’.

Originally these soul particles were supposed to be scattered around the world and after one of these particles would give birth to another Light Elemental Orb.

However, the system has directly sent them into his mind space. Here they can only be part of his ‘true soul’ and he will have light soul Qi. Meaning the light elemental orb will never appear in Golden Sky World after today.

The white despaired thunder (Heavenly Thunder) sense this sudden change and leave the soul-core and directly charged to attack the white soul qi particles. But the light soul particles simply explode and all the light soul qi began to merge with his mind space.

The soul core also received the light soul qi and it rapidly turns into its former complete form. But it was even bigger than before and they were a white hue around its yellowish core.

The explosion of these particles didn’t harm Ace’s soul but the heavenly thunder began to scatter and it also turned into thunder particles in the explosions. Since the heavenly thunder can’t replenish itself it was doom to turn supplement for Ace’s true soul as well.

Slowly the heavenly thunder last bit of will perished and with all the white particles it gets absorbed into Ace’s true soul.

Before Ace’s mind space was fifty cubic meters large however after merging with light soul particles it was now hundred cubic meters and his yellow wind core was also gotten bigger and sturdier. The mind space has turned into grey as well from its previous black appearance.

Now Ace’s heavenly sense and soul sense could cover fifty meters area around him and his Heavenly Soul Qi limit has also been raised to the next level. But most importantly he will be able to use Light Element Qi.

Ace will find out in the future just how much of a blessing this truly was!


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