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Eternal Thief – Chapter 473: Mission Treasure Pagoda (1) Bahasa Indonesia

Freya looked at Ace with bewilderment, “Where did you just send me?”

Ace coolly replied, “I want to send you to the Thief’s House which was created by the goddess for you guys, but it seemed only your main body can enter.”

Freya’s eyes opened wide, “A space that can contain living beings especially made for us?!”

Ace nodded, “Yes, the third member is there currently recovering and you can train in there far faster than outside.”

Freya took a deep breath to calm down, but the excitement in her eyes was apparent and difficult to hide.

Suddenly, she looked at Ace in astonishment, “Only my main body was supposed to enter there, then how come my clone appeared in that place? T-that was a space that can contain living things, and all those storage rings were yours, right? Now it made sense why your storage ring was empty!”

Ace smiled wryly, this woman was very hard to fool. He nodded in the end; he was already planning to let her main body remain in the thief’s space after this thievery, but then Winter appeared and the Living Thief House unlocked.

“Yes, I also have my personal space where I can store living things, but not unlimited. As for you guys, you will also have your personal cultivation chambers.”

“Can we freely use it like yours, or do we need your permission to enter it?” She questioned.

Ace replied, “Only I can send you there and take you out because I’m the leader.”

“Humph, unfair.” She snorted, “But this way you’ll be able to take us wherever you go, right?”

“Yep, I can take you anywhere as long as you remain in that space.” Ace didn’t hide.

“I want your position even more now. Just this storage space can cause storms in this world and you have control over two of them. How envious.” She sighed in frustration.

Ace didn’t continue on that topic and said, “Alright, enough of your sarcasm. Where’s your main body?”

Freya also wanted to enter that space now, so she told, “I’m on the border between Mist and Spear province, the Misty Rain Forest.”

“You’re hiding quite far. It seemed the meeting have to wait then.” Ace shook his head in some disappointment.

Freya also seemed frustrated. “After we’re done here, we are going to leave, right?”

Ace smiled, “Yes, we’ll head toward the mist domain and pick you up. You guys have to start cultivating in your new cultivation techniques.”

“Then I’m relieved. But you have to take my clone with you as well. I have to recover my soul from it before I re-cultivate or I’ll suffer backlash and won’t be able to create another soul clone.” She said grimly.

Ace knit his eyebrows, “So, you won’t be able to control the syndicate?”

“Don’t worry, Aliya can handle it. I can only make a soul clone in the soul realm so she can handle things in the meantime.” She didn’t seem worried.

“As long as you promise not to touch my things in my space. I’ll give you a ride.” Ace smiled meaningfully.

Although he can restrain her, he didn’t want to use force on his house members so he asked nicely. She was just too curious for her own good and he can’t let her get anywhere near Eva or she might disturb the process.

Freya merely chuckled, “Fine.”

“Now, what’s the situation with Mission Treasure Pagoda?” He asked with a serious tone.

Freya also become serious, and the treasure blueprint appeared in her hand, and she laid it on the table.

“I have found twenty-five openings in their security, but they were all on the first five floors. But an alchemist and his disciple were mysteriously assassinated over three months ago, which made the association furious and they tighten their defenses.

“That’s why from the fourth floor I don’t think we can sway anyone since we don’t have enough allure to offer nor they are willing to take the risk since the association was still looking out for that mysterious assassin,” Freya told.

A cold glint flashed past Ace’s eyes, he said, “First five floors are enough. I just need to know about their routines and who had the master key that controls the entire pagoda’s defenses and locks.”

Freya looked at Ace and said, “The Master Control is naturally in the hands of Life Grandmaster, who is at the peak of the platinum soul embryo realm.

“Although you can steal his storage ring, the question is he lived deep in the Life Demon Guild, and infiltrating that place is even harder since all the knowledge of their technique and skills are held there. If you alerted them, I’m afraid they’ll do everything to protect the treasure pagoda.”

Truth be told, Freya was looking into the Life Demon Association all this time, and she was baffled by how Ace was going to complete this thievery since it was too hard.

Just their security measures were enough to leave the security in any demon castle in shame.

Ace suddenly smiled, “What if the Life Grandmaster appeared outside the life demon guild?”

Freya’s eyes narrowed, “Even if by luck he appeared, the moment you took his storage ring they’ll become alert and we still failed in the end.”

Ace shook his head with a thievish smile, “You didn’t think it, though, the moment I steal the storage ring of life grandmaster. Everyone will know I’m going after their treasures and the moment I opened that ring, the others will panic!”

Freya’s eyes suddenly widen, “Since they know you have the master control in your hand, they’ll collect every treasure in the pagoda and keep it on themselves or hide it somewhere where you won’t be able to reach.

“They will also seek help, but right now all the soul manifestation experts are in the ruin and the soul manifestation of the association is in the Demon Tamer Province. It’ll take at least two or three weeks for him to appear!”

Ace beamed, “Yep, we have three weeks to figure out where those treasures are hidden or we can just take those treasures when they were transported out of the treasure pagoda before they could reach their destination!”


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