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Eternal Thief – Chapter 472: Returning to Blade Domain Bahasa Indonesia

Right when the system extracted and destroyed the remnant soul from Winter’s knowledge see.

A ghastly voice rang which shake heaven and earth, “NOOOOO… Who… who destroy my sister’s soul?!”

The very next moment, a projection appeared within the dark space, but it only showed two blurs and a dark mist shrilling nothing else.

That voice rang again in alarm and fear. “I can’t see the face of two killers?! Just who did she offend in that shithole?!

“But whoever destroyed her soul now has the Soul Resurrection Bead. I left behind in the hope of her resurrection. Even if this means war, I must take revenge!

“Hmph, so what, I can’t deduce your location or see your face? I’ll spread the news about the Soul Resurrection Bead. Let’s see if those old ghosts will remain calm. I don’t believe you two can hide from their divination as well!”

On the demon continent,

Ace had no idea he had escaped a catastrophe.

It has been five weeks since he and Winter fled from the ruin, and now he was on the periphery of the Blade Domain.

Furthermore, it would appear no one had any idea about the collective attack of the demons on that corpse demon tribe ruin since everything was normal.

There wasn’t any news about the result as well. Someone might suppress it or they might still struggle against those corpses Winter released, especially that corpse king.

Anyhow, this situation was in Ace’s favor since all the bigwigs of demons and their close aides were still absent and if he played well, he can easily complete his mission and then fled the blade domain.

Those soul manifestation realm demons wouldn’t have seen it coming!

Ace enter the outer blade domain without any hitch and directly headed toward the inner domain. His destination was the lionheart shop, where Freya was waiting for him.

They had already made contact a few days ago. She was inquiring about if Ace had successfully escaped or not, and she sounded glad when she heard, he did.

After successfully evading the checkpoints, Ace was in the inner blade domain, but not as Feng anymore, which made him somewhat nostalgic.

Feng’s identity was the first identity he used the longest and then discarded it properly.

He only smiled wryly and continue to move until he reached the lionheart shop and entered without alerting anyone.

Ace directly appeared on the top floor where he sensed Freya’s presence and she was the only one in the room.

He knocked on the door, and her charming voice rang. “It’s open.”

Ace’s eyes widened slightly but then he smiled and shook his head as he entered the room and saw Freya was in her icy demeanor sitting there while looking at him with a hint of irritation.

Freya shows a storage ring in her hand and said with narrow eyes, “It’s empty?”

However, Ace also held a ring between his finger and grinned, “This one is not.”

Freya’s eyes widen slightly and looked at her hand, and just as she thought her storage ring was gone.


“What? Only you are allowed to steal my storage ring, but I’m not?” Ace smirked and tosses the ring back.

“You won’t receive any HP while stealing from me, nor can I. But you seemed to become more proficient in Thief’s Charity. However, to be clear, I let you steal my empty storage ring.” Ace grinned as he sat in front of her.

Freya was unhappy, but she knew the skills given to her were made by this man, so how could he not be more proficient than her in them?

Ace smiled and asked, “How have you been?”

Freya coolly replied, “If we’re talking about the change in the plan you pull in the last minute and put the entire operation at risk, then I’m not fine. Do you have any idea they captured almost all of my messenger pawns?”

Ace sighed, “It was necessary, or trust me, I would’ve been here right now.”

“I know. Those demon kings are still there and fighting something. Those mortal birds can’t go within a five-mile radius of that area because of some barrier. But I have seen the heaven-shattering view from afar, and whatever they’re fighting, it’s not something we can imagine.” Freya looked at Ace for further explanation.

Ace’s eyes narrowed slightly, “So, they’re still fighting? It seemed it was the right decision to flee from there.”

“You were extremely lucky to have me or… heh.” Freya mocked.

“I’m thankful for that as well. But I can still escape if push came to shove.” Ace shrugged with a smirk.

“Fine, don’t admit.” Freya scoffed, “But tell me who you con in joining the house this time?”

Ace’s expression changed ever so slightly, as he replied, “What do you mean, con? I have just shown a wanderer a correct path, nothing else.”

Freya’s eyes were filled with disdain. “Don’t try to fool me. I know no one would be willing to join this thief path of yours unless they are as thievish as you. So, who it is? Is it stronger than me?”

Ace could sense the hostility in her voice, but he knew she was worried about the newcomer will surpass her.

He smiled, “Give me your hand for a moment.” he held his hand toward her.

Freya coldly looked at him. “Want to take advantage of me, huh?” But she still took his hand.

Feeling the soft hand, Ace was unmoved and pursed his lips. “Why are you women always slandering me? Don’t resist.”

Freya suddenly felt a powerful suction force, but she didn’t resist, and the next moment her vision blurred and she was standing in a dark space that was filled with storage rings!

Ace’s expression changed when he saw Freya didn’t appear in the thief’s house space but his living thief’s space!

He quickly sent her out before she could move toward where Eva was, and Freya appeared outside again with a bewildered expression on her face!


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