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Eternal Thief – Chapter 469: Third Thief House Member: Winter Fox Bahasa Indonesia

Winter finally get off the ground with a pale complexion, she wasn’t majestic anymore, and she seemed to have lost the ability to transform into human form as well.

Ace looked at her and meaningfully smile, “Just say or thought Thief House, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

Winter looked at Ace deeply and then finally thought of Thief House and then the same projection appeared, startling her for a moment and this time she continued forward.

[Thief House]

[House Leader: Ace White]

[House Members: 3/3]

[House Member: Winter Fox (Female)]

[Race: Magic Beast]

[Bloodline: Ice Illusion Fox (Grade-5 Bloodline) (Upgradeable)]

[Thief Genre: No Appointed (Only House Leader can appoint a Thief Genre)]

[Martial Cultivation: Diamond Qi Soul Realm (Advance Stage-8)]

[Talent: Low (Upgradeable)]

[House Point(s): 100]

[House Mission(s): 0]

[House Leader Mission(s): 0]

[House Punishment(s): 0]

[House Shop: Available (Empty at this moment)]


“What is the meaning of it?” She looked at Ace with a questionable gaze with a hint of astonishment.

Her entire information was on this projection, even the true name of her race and bloodline, which only the true magic beast knows. This suddenly ignites her hope!

Ace naturally saw everything as well, and he was also astonished when he saw Winter’s status and thought, ‘The Magic Beast race, huh? They are really hiding it well.’

He said, “First, I’ll clear something for you. If you’re thinking that it wasn’t any different from your previous condition, then don’t worry, we are not going to be possessed. Because this is a blessing from Thief Goddess which can help us become powerful and broke the limits heaven inflicted on us mortals…”

He then gave his master speech, as he did with Noa and Freya.

It didn’t take long before Winter was swayed as well and she finally understood why Ace said it was the biggest opportunity of her life, so big she can’t even comprehend.

In the end, she accepted the system and urged Ace to see her thief genre, which he did.

Ace was surprised when he did, because,


[Please Select a Thief Genre for the new member!]

[Thief Genre: A specific Thief Path for house members…]

-Compatible Thief Genre for House Member Winter Fox: 1 Available

1. Faceless Thief

[Introduction: A Thief proficient in the art of transformation, disguise, charm, and illusion!]

[Please select one option.]

[Note: Once a thief genre was selected, it can never be changed again.]


‘Are you kidding me? There isn’t anything to choose from!’ Ace cussed in perplexion.

He looked at Winter, who was now calmly looking at him with eyes full of anticipation. He put on his best smile and said, “Congratulation, you are now Faceless Thief.”

Winter’s expression turned strange. “What about other options?”

Ace lied with a disdainful smile, “They weren’t suitable for you…”

However, Winter cut him short with narrowed eyes. “Scoundrel, you’re lying!”

Ace was annoyed with Winter’s sharp instincts, but he knew she was a soul manifestation realm expert a few minutes ago, and now she was slightly wary of Ace as well since he conned her into joining the Thief House.

He smiled wryly and replied, “The truth is there isn’t any more option. But this faceless thief is not bad as well. See for yourself.”

He selected the option, and Winter got the notification soon as well.

She gave him a meaningful yet disdainful glance before she looked at her new status.


[Congratulation, you have been appointed as a Faceless Thief by House Leader.]

-Faceless Thief Introduction: Faceless Thief had limitless faces and it can transform into any life form under heaven without leaving any flaws in disguise!

-Faceless Thief Role: In any theft, the faceless thief will be the first one to enter the enemy’s ranks and infiltrate the theft location. The faceless thief can lead the enemy into circles while providing accurate information and a safe path for the theft!

[Your thief house status has been updated.]

[House Member: Winter Fox (Female)]

[Race: Magic Beast]

[Bloodline: Ice Illusion Fox (Grade-5 Bloodline) (Upgradeable)]

[Thief Genre: Faceless Thief (Newbie)]

[House Rank: New Member (Upgradeable)]

[Complete One Thief House Mission for rank upgrade]

[Martial Cultivation: Diamond Qi Soul Realm (Advance Stage-8)]

[Talent: Low (Upgradeable)]

[House Point(s): 100]

[House Mission(s): 0]

[House Leader Mission(s): 0]

[House Punishment(s): 0]

[House Shop: Faceless Thief]


Ace’s eyes shone with ecstasy when he saw the complete information on Faceless Thief and couldn’t help but felt this was a good thing since Winter can now easily infiltrate others without being worried about any exposure.

Winter also seemed quite astonished and content with her Thief Genre and looked at Ace, “I think it wasn’t a bad thing to get tricked by you into this, or I would’ve killed you the moment I find you weren’t in my control.”

Ace sneered, “I’m your leader. Have some respect. If I can get control by a mere soul brand, what’s the point of me being your leader?”

“Hmph, you’re still a scoundrel!” Winter sorted, “I’m sure you also tricked the other two members into it, right? Because no sane person would believe it until they see it themselves or they have some brain damage.”

Ace coughed and quickly changed the topic, “Ahem… it doesn’t matter. But we should leave this place and go back toward the blade domain. We are in the middle of theft and you can also earn house points this way as well.”

Winter’s eyes shimmered with excitement when HP was mentioned, but she growled, “I need to rest for at least a year before I can recover from my damaged soul, even with my accommodated treasures. I don’t think I’ll be able to move in this condition.

“Furthermore, those demons won’t stop until they found me and can easily track me if someone from the royalties brings a treasure that can trace my beast aura. That’s why I wanted to leave while they were busy, but…” She looked meaningfully at Ace then.

Ace grinned, “But I came into the picture and the whole thing turned upside down, right?”

“Hmph, it’s irrelevant now. But I won’t be able to use my Qi like this and I’ll only drag you down if headed there with you. However, I won’t go down this easy, not after acquiring this opportunity.” Her eyes turned icy. “Leave me. I’ll leave this continent somehow. You can find me in the endless sea after you’re done with demons.”

“You are even ruthless to yourself.” Ace shook his head.

Winter scoffed, “I already told you, in this world, you can only rely on yourself for survival.”

Ace gently retorted, “But now you can rely on us, especially me. Truth be told, I never thought you would be the last person to join the Thief House, and I didn’t have a good impression of you since you used your children as a sacrifice for your escape.”

His eyes turned sharp. “But now that you did, let me make it clear. According to the house rules, you cannot betray or sabotage anyone from the Thief House, or I can assure you I won’t stop when the goddess killed you. I know you’re smart to understand this much.”

Winter merely chuckled, “I know, but you also can’t get rid of me as well unless I do some mistake. And to be clear, those foxes weren’t my actual children, but they were made with the lake water like those ghost worms.

“But they were made with my bone marrow, so they were almost as good as real since they can reproduce. It’s just a pity that powerful was only because of that altar and once the Qi in the lake dries out, everything will crumble, eventually.”

Ace was shocked when he heard this. He never thought the orb altar was so powerful. But when he thought about how an orb can create life forms to protect itself, then it wasn’t strange this ability can be exploited by the others as long as they know how to use the altar like Winter.

He said, “I want to know what happened there, everything. It’s very important to me. I won’t take anything from you. I’m not that shameless, but I need that information, especially the information related to that altar!”

Winter deeply looked at Feng, who had a serious face, and she nodded, “Fine. It’s not like I can use the entire inheritance without the soul blood, anyway. It’s more useful to you now.”

Ace smiled mysteriously. “You still think I’m a demon?”

Winter suddenly felt this question was pointing out to something, and her eyes widened with shock when Ace revealed his true appearance!

Winter sensed the masked demonic aura completely faded away, and a mortal-like man appeared without any aura around him.

She exclaimed, “H-Human!”

Ace nodded, “This is the real me and it seemed you have some history with humans since you quickly recognized me and don’t take me for a hunter like my other associates.”

Winter suddenly gritted her teeth. “Scoundrel, you can’t be human!”


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