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Eternal Thief – Chapter 470: Thief’s House Bahasa Indonesia

Winter suddenly grits her teeth. “Scoundrel, you can’t be human!”

Ace was bluffed by that reaction and couldn’t help but question, “Why can’t I be human?”

Winter seemed to be in great distress as she said, “Humans and Magic Beast can’t exist under the same sky!”

Ace was flabbergasted, “Umm… but we have to exist now since you’ll die if you didn’t want to exist with me.”

Winter was completely perplexed by this answer since she knew this and took a deep breath to calm down. “F-fine. I’ll make an exception for you. But the other humans deserved to die!”

Ace could tell Winter or Magic Beast Race might have some irreconcilable feud like the Evil Witch Race and Demon. So, it was difficult to change her mindset, but he knew he had no right to speak for the entire human race and he didn’t have deep ties with them as well.

He looked at her and coolly said, “As long as it didn’t infect us. You can hate anyone you want. I can also tell you hate your race as well. You won’t be trapped in that rune unless someone traps you there, right?”

Winter finally calmed down, but her expression slightly changed as Ace saw through her, but she didn’t answer, “We don’t have time to discuss the past. As I said, I can’t be here any long nor did I have your ability to change the appearance or mask my aura despite being the Faceless Thief here. So, I’ll tell you when we met next time. Just give me…”

Before she could demand HP or a mission from Ace, he cut her short, “Don’t worry, I have a place where you’ll be safe and no one can find you, even if they have grade-9 treasure at their disposal.”

Winter looked at him with suspicion. “Where?”

Ace suddenly move his hand toward Winter’s head and she didn’t move, let him touch her face.

He said, “Don’t resist.”

Winter was about to ask ‘why’ when she suddenly felt a suction force. She wanted to struggle, but when she thought about what Ace said, she stopped. She knew he can’t hurt her now.

The moment he sent Winter into the living thief’s space,

An unexpected notification rang.


[A Thief House Member has entered the Living Thief’s Space]

[All Members’ slots have been filled!]

[Thief’s House has been unlocked!]



Ace was shocked and quickly continue,


[Thief’s House]

Description: Only Thief House Members can enter this private space for the thief house members and train their thief skills and cultivate!

-Current Capacity: 3

-Unlock Function(s): 1

1. Thief Cultivation Chambers

[Thief’s House Functions]

[Available Functions: 3]

-Thief Training Rooms: Lock

Unlock Cost: 1,000,000 House Points

-Theft Stimulation Virtual Room: Lock

Unlock Cost: 10,000,000 House Points

-Time Multiplier: Lock

Requirement: Time Acceleration Function

Unlock Cost: 100,000,000 House Points


Ace was completely baffled since he didn’t know his thief’s space could be so magical and it could turn into a living and training ground for his house members.

“System, the house capacity is separate from the space’s normal capacity?” He quickly.


“Good!” Ace thrilled and then asked, “Then can I also enter?”


Ace’s expression fell and swear, “What the heck? Isn’t this unfair? I’m the freaking leader! Why I’m the only one who can’t enter?”

“[The Leader Resident Function is still unavailable. Besides, no one can teach or train host in the path of Heaven’s Stealer!]”

“It’s still unfair, damn it!” Ace cursed, despite feeling a little bit better since there was still hope in the future.

But no further answer was given, which made him even delirious, but he knew it was completely useless.

He sent his sense into the thief’s space to see what has changed.

A few moments ago, Winter’s full view changed when she appeared from bright snowy plains to endless dark space.

She couldn’t help but look around and noticed she seemed to stand on a dark cloud, and then her eyes fell on a three-story dark house that looked incredibly mundane and creepy.

“Where did that scoundrel send me?” She wondered out loud.

Ace’s astonished voice sounded, “So, this was the place above those dark clouds!”

“Where are you?!” Winter looked around in surprise, but Ace was nowhere to be seen.

“You can hear me?” Ace’s uncertain voice rang again.

Ace noticed this house was above the dark cloudy ceiling of his thief’s space and now it looked like a two-layer space and the thief’s house was completely separate.

He also spotted Winter and was thinking as his sense was still in the thief’s space when Winter heard his voice.

He again tried to communicate with her with thought, and he was surprised when he succeeded. Furthermore, he guessed it was another function of the thief’s space that he can communicate with the others inside with his mind.

Feeling satisfied, he said, “This is the special space I have access to and I can send the house members here for them to cultivate and no one could tell you are here. The cultivate speed here will also be far faster than outside when you cultivate in your special techniques and skills in your shop.”

This revelation alarmed Winter. This was just too absurd because she knew the treasures that can store living things in this world were extinct or lost, and no race had such a thing.

Even if they did, they would guard this secret with their lives because other races won’t let them have it for themselves and might band together to snatch it.

Now, Ace was telling her he had access to such a place, how could she remain calm?

The doubts she had about Ace’s explanation about the Thief House completely vanished at this moment.

She took a long breath and start testing.

She can’t seem to make her Qi appear here, but when she tried to absorb it she was shocked when she sensed the Qi here was strange, like the gray Qi from that lake, but far more potent and effective!


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