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Eternal Thief – Chapter 465: Farewell & Danger Bahasa Indonesia

Thomas fell into deep silence because he knew what Ace was telling was the fact.

The moment everyone knows Feng was the Sky Stealer, they might come after his close ones and they won’t hesitate to use soul search as well. He didn’t want to get involved with this, and his identity won’t be able to save him either.

He looked at Ace and coldly said, “So, you want me to tell everyone how you died here? In the end, I’m just a tool for you, like everything else!”

Ace could feel the deep fury in Thomas’s words and he could only sigh helplessly, “You can tell others whatever you want. But you were never a tool for me after we become friends. I just thought you deserved to know. I won’t blame you, even if you told everyone about it. But I know you won’t because it will only cause trouble.”

“If you have gone without saying all of this, I would’ve really grieved, but I think it was far better than knowing all this shit. I don’t know if I would be able to trust anyone after today.” Thomas menacingly uttered.

Ace didn’t defend himself. “Well, it wasn’t as bad as you make it. I’m a thief and won’t hesitate to steal whatever I want, but I won’t harm my close ones if they don’t try it first. Tell me, if I gave you the chance to become something far greater than you could ever be, will you join me?” He closely noticed Thomas’s reaction.

Thomas glanced at him and smile disdainfully, “Become a thief? No, thanks, I just want to live my life with my Milly happily. Greatest meant nothing to me.”

Ace smiled, he wasn’t dejected or angry after being rejected. He knew if he gave others the choice, they won’t see the genuine opportunity unless they truly join the thief house, like Noa and Freya.

But Ace gave Thomas the choice because he knew Thomas had a life, a family which he might not abandon, especially Milly!

Ace knew he was doing all this so he could live a peaceful life with Milly, and if he joined the Thief House, he might not be able to move forward without her.

He didn’t have more tokens right now, so he didn’t want to earn Thomas hatred if he tricked him like the others. The circumstances were completely different right in the comparison with the first two times.

Thomas wasn’t like Noa or Freya, who didn’t have anyone they loved or wanted to go back to.

He nodded and chuckled, “Fine, but don’t regret it later.”

“Don’t worry, a thief is the last thing I want to be.” Thomas scoffed, as he was getting calm now that he finally accepted the truth. But he was still not ready to accept Ace’s existence completely.

Ace again tossed something toward Thomas.

Thomas looked at it and it was a storage ring and looked at the Ace with a questionable look.

Ace said, “I only have one request, give these things to Feng’s maids and help them find a safe place. Although I already have taken care of it, if they were still there, give it to them and tell them I’m grateful for everything they have done and I’m sorry about not being able to take them in.”

Thomas’s eyes narrowed. “They knew?”

“What jealous?” Ace grinned, “Well, they were supposed to die at Feng’s hand since they were planning to kill him and he knows about that scheme. They are pitiful. I can only do this much.”

Thomas sneered, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll take it and won’t give it to them?”

“You can if you want to. But can you?” Ace questioned with a knowing smile.

Ace’s expression suddenly changed, “It seemed that old earth troll penetrated from the underground. It’s time to bid farewell. As for what to tell them, just said Foxes take me, they’ll understand.

“And one last thing, if you ever need my help, just think of me with your heart and I’ll come as long as I could.” Ace meaningfully gave Thomas the idea.

Thomas sighed this time, “Just go. I hope we won’t meet again, ever.”

“I hope so.” Ace chuckled before he vanished from Thomas’s sight!

Thomas stared at the void for a while before a smile appeared on his face. ‘A Thief, huh? That bastard didn’t even show his real face, much less tell me his name. Well, I hope you won’t die.’

Thomas was jolted by the sudden tremor in his cell, and after that, a hole appeared and Yadiel’s head pop up.

Thomas quickly stood up and said in a panic, “Quickly, we have to bring help. Someone from the other side appeared and took Brother Feng. They were foxes!”

Yadiel didn’t have a chance to breathe when he heard Thomas’s panic cry and his expression changed, he also sensed Feng wasn’t in prison anymore.

“Let’s go. It seemed they had other doors. We have to leave quickly.” Yadiel quickly dived back and Thomas followed.

He took a last glance at where Ace vanished and sighed. ‘I hope we meet again, in different circumstances.’

With that, they both vanished into the tunnel.

Thereafter, Ace’s figure appeared again on the same spot. He smiled and thought, ‘That guy has a talent for acting. It’s a pity he won’t be joining me. But who knows what happened in the future…’

With that, he directly headed toward the entrance and left the prison.

The first thing that came into his sight was the starry sky. ‘So, she dispelled the barrier, it’s easier to get away now.’

Ace ran toward the west direction since that place was with the lowest number of life forms.

But his eyes suddenly contracted as he looked upward and saw a dark streak heading toward the peak, and his heart jumped when he sensed the soul signature from that streak, which means it was a living being!

‘Just who can that be flying at such a terrifying speed? I can’t even fathom the aura.’ Ace sweated as he remained static. He didn’t want to get noticed by whoever it was and wait for it to fly past.

That streak directly headed toward the peak, and when Ace saw the coast was clear, he used his full speed to descend the mountain. He felt dread from the dark streak and, by the looks of it; he knew it was going for Winter.

‘Just who did demons bring?’ Ace was curious, but not enough to wait and see.

Although he was the one who suggested spreading the information among the upper echelon of eight provinces, it seemed he had underestimated the allure of a Demon Emperor-level inheritance.

Nevertheless, he had got himself free before Winter could succeed in whatever she was planning to do with them or with the orb altar.

But he soon found out that the severity of the situation was far worse than he had imagined when he was close to the mountain entrance.

Ace’s steps came to an abrupt halt when he saw thousands of foxes and tens of thousands of ghost worms lunging toward eight figures like an ant army without carrying about their lives.

Even the fox children were in that suicide army and he could see the flashing soul brands on their foreheads.

His expression turned frosty. ‘She’s quite ruthless to use the soul brand to send all of them to their deaths, even her kin, just to buy time.’

Ace felt highly disgusted.

But he was more shocked by those eight demons waving their sleeves and killing that army like they were shaving snow with hot blades.

His attention was especially drawn by the demon who was sitting on top of the giant black serpent’s head and swinging his fingers in a unique rhythm, and those fox beasts around him turned into blood mist.

He also saw the blade demon king killing hundreds with a single swing of his sword, while a strange white disk was floating on top of his horns.

But everything changed when an extremely terrifying pressure descend on the entire mountain and quickly covered the entire field!

Ace’s heart palpitated as he thought heavenly punishment has descended and instinctively looked upward.

But the sky was clear, and no thunderclouds were visible.

However, his confusion didn’t last for long when he heard a deafening cry, which nearly made him deaf from the peak of the mountain.


But this ghastly cry was merely the start because thereafter, no one believed what they saw, from the gray lake direction, a huge tsunami rose, which was seen by everyone.

However, what made everyone shocked was tens of thousands of corpses riding within that tsunami and they were all giving off soul piercing feeling!

As if this wasn’t shocking enough, the ghost worms suddenly let loose a collective shrill cry before they suddenly exploded like watermelons and turned into gray water.

Before they begin to merge into one entity!


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