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Eternal Thief – Chapter 464: Confrontation Bahasa Indonesia

Inside the cave prison,

Ace and the others naturally felt the tremor, the others were all shocked and fearful because they had no idea what was going on.

But Ace had, ‘It seemed they took action far sooner than I expected. Now, I have to make my next move.’

Right at this moment, everyone in the cave prison heard a menacing voice in an unknown language.

“My children, the demons have invaded our lands and wanted to kill us. We can’t just stay idle and let them slaughter us. I need a few moments to prepare for the killing formation. Buy me the time!”

Ace felt the fake soul core suddenly become restless, and the fox symbol appeared, shining in a ghostly light.

But he merely scoffed it off since it had no effect on him and he could tell by Winter’s hasten voice that she was in a hurry, so she won’t have time to look at every soul brand.

Ace suddenly placed his hand on the cage lock and the eraser essential was released, but he didn’t open his own door and continued to release the eraser essential as it moved toward the other cells like liquid snakes.

The others didn’t notice it since they were still comprehending what was happening and even if they did, they won’t be able to tell what it was without their cultivation.

The tremors lasted for five minutes before the cave prison settled down.

Suddenly, Shepard notice the newly emerged gap in the door and he couldn’t help but move toward it and try to push the door and it was opened without any resistance!

He clamored, “It opened, the door is opened!”

Everyone’s attention was drawn by Shepard’s voice and they also tried to push open the door and just like Shepard they were opened without any resistance!

Well, except for one person!

“Hey, mine is still locked!” Thomas yelled in a hurry.

Peter and others noticed Thomas wasn’t out and his door was still locked.

“Well, it seemed I’m stuck with you.” Feng’s perplexed voice also rang.

“Why didn’t all the doors open?” Perplexed, Gibson tried to use force, but his Qi was still restricted inside the prison so he was helpless.

The others also become somewhat hesitant now. Because they knew if they wait the enemy might appear and it would take their only chance to escape, but they were hesitating in leaving Feng and Thomas behind since they weren’t dispensable.

Yadiel appeared with other earth trolls and said in a grim voice, “I think the others are here to help us and they might be searching for this place. We should leave and then bring back help.”

Peter nodded, “You guys go. I’ll wait outside. I can protect them until the help arrives.”

Yadiel retorted before Brenna could, “Your Highness, don’t forget we are here. Leave the protection of the two young masters to me. In the meantime, you all will leave with the others under the ground. This way, it’ll be more convenient.

“I can also try to approach them from underground. The restriction might not work from the underground. But you all have to leave while you still have the chance.”

Feng’s voice sounded in agreement, “He’s right, you guys will only slow him down. Don’t worry, I won’t die here.”

Thomas chuckled, “Same, you should all go. If I don’t return, just do me a favor and tell my sweet wife I loved her more than anything in this world.”

Peter’s expression fell. “Tell her yourself. I’ll find help as soon as I could. Count on it!”

The other also assured.

Alora appeared in front of Feng prison at this moment and whispered, “I-I… hang in there. I’ll find help for you.” Then she spun around to the left with a slightly flushed face.

Ace smiled wryly, ‘I still didn’t know where your golden fate point led to. But it seemed I won’t be able to monitor you any further. A pity I won’t be able to steal that from you… sigh.’

Ace felt great regret when thought about how he changed Alora’s fate and made her a golden fate point. He thought it might be triggered here, but she was still a golden fate point, which means her opportunity might not be here.

He could also understand this logic since a golden fate point wasn’t something a silver fate point could match.

But he still felt pity that he might not be able to steal that from her after this event.

The prison door was also opened by Ace, so they didn’t get stuck there as well.

The earth troll also didn’t waste any time. The moment they felt their Qi returning, they instantly dug tunnels. They don’t care what was happening outside.

Peter and others follow suit and only Yadiel remained as he said he was digging the tunnel toward the prison cells to see if he could free Thomas and Feng.

Thomas felt the silence return and sighed as he sat down close to the bars. “Brother Feng, we might not make it this time. Do you have any last wishes? You can tell me it’s better than dying with regrets.”

However, he suddenly heard the door opening sound, and he thought someone was there to get rid of them. But he was astonished when he saw the person walking from the other side and it was none other than Feng!

“Fuck, your door also got opened, is it malfunctioning? Why is my luck so bad?!” He clamored.

Ace smiled with a hint of sadness, he said, “Tell me, Thomas, what will you do if you find out I wasn’t the person you know and talk with all this time?”

Thomas felt Feng was pulling his leg, so he plainly replied, “It depends on how deep our understanding is with each other. Besides, it doesn’t matter to me just how many faces you have, as long as you consider me a friend, it doesn’t matter. What, do you want to get chummy with me before leaving? Don’t bother, I don’t want to die with that last horrible memory!”

Ace could feel Thomas’s agitation, but he didn’t show it on his face. He was afraid that if he asked Feng to stay, he won’t, and leave him. So, he said nothing, he just didn’t want to remember when his friend abandoned him.

They both knew life was more important than anything in this cruel world, only seldom one could see true companionship.

Thomas just doesn’t want to test it, afraid he might not take it and if he were saved in the end, they both would never be the same.

However, Ace’s next words shocked him. “Heh, it was indeed worth keeping you here before I take my leave.”

“What do you mean?” Thomas suddenly frowned as he looked at Feng’s smiling face. He suddenly felt there was something he was missing.

Ace merely smiled, and then he tossed something toward Thomas.

Thomas confusingly catch the small object and when he saw it, the pentagon shape and the owl symbol were engraved on it.

His eyes went wide with disbelief, he knew what this symbol represented, he looked at Feng with horror, “Y-y-YOU… no! It’s impossible, you were with us when the last time the sky stealer appeared. Why the meaning of this?!”

This was the fact, everyone knew the ocean demon participants were halfway toward the blade domain when the sky stealer struck. So, they were never under any suspicion.

Thomas even knows Feng had signed the loyalty contract of the royal council, so it was more absurd for him to be the infamous thief!

Feng chuckled, “I have my own goals on becoming Feng, the real Feng who you have information on, died a long ago. I just took his face and you never meet the real person, so you were always dealing with me. I don’t have time to explain more.

“But since you treated me well, I didn’t want to leave without saying anything or giving you hollow grief.”

Thomas took a deep breath before he somewhat calmed down, but his heart was still racing as his mind was in utter chaos.

He just couldn’t believe all this because it was just too damn absurd. Ace not only fooled everyone but even the demon king as well!

The thief everyone was searching for was right between them all along.

He didn’t know if he could ever trust anyone after this.

But he could tell Ace revealed his identity because he didn’t want to give him grief, which would only slow him down. This at least means Ace considered him as a friend.

He said with uncertainty, “Are you leaving? Meaning, Feng is going to vanish?”

Ace nodded. “That was the plan from the start. This was supposed to be Feng’s last mission before he would vanish into the ruins, but we were caught, as you can see.

“But I have taken care of it as well. But the primary goal remained the same: Feng has to vanish without anyone knowing. So, they can’t trace it back to me or you guys won’t be able to live peacefully if they felt threatened by my abilities!”


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