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White Fire retorted, “Don’t be too arrogant just because you took the first place. You’ve never been on an expedition to an old demon tribe’s ruin. Do you think a ruin can form by just destruction?

“In our world, ruins are essentially legacy grounds which were left behind by mighty figures for the next generations. Ruins can appear in three forms: intact ruins, damaged ruins, and fragment ruins.

“The intact ruins are the complete legacies of ancient demon tribes or some other mighty figures who had succumbed in history, and these kinds of ruins are extremely precious and seldom appeared.

“But whenever they appeared, even Demon Kings will fight for the opportunity to explore them. There are many dangers in these kinds of ruins as well, and sometimes the dangers outmatched the rewards as well.

“Especially if these ruins happened to be left behind by unorthodox cultivators or races. These beings found pleasure in others’ miseries, and they wanted to see the world fall into chaos even after their death.

“As for the damaged ruins, they aren’t like intact ruins and only had limited opportunities, but they can still be heaven-defying if you stumble upon a damaged ruin of an extremely powerful force of ancient times.

“Lastly, the fragment ruins, they are the ruins of lowest quietly, the opportunity are like none-exist. Or they can also be already plundered, intact, or damaged ruins. But these ruins are all over the eight provinces and searched countless times.”

Ace couldn’t help but be astonished by this new information because even the royal council library didn’t have information about these ruins.

‘It seemed only fragment ruins are opened to public and others were plundered by big tribes before turned into fragment ruins, so there’s no need to release such information at all as well…’ Ace mused.

Peter and Thomas reacted little because they had such knowledge because of their backgrounds.

Feng asked with a shocked expression, “Then this underground ruin is a damaged ruin?”

White Fire liked Feng’s expression and said with a smile, “We discovered it two years ago, and it’s a damaged ruin. After we successfully break past the restriction. It was a ruin of a king tribe from ancient times, and there are many traps and opportunities as well.

“That’s why his majesty decided to let the strongest talent of our domain explore it and find fortuitous opportunities for themselves. Now you understand what kind of favor you’re getting from his majesty?”

Feng showed an ashamed expression and quickly apologized to White Fire, “I was indeed ignorant before, please accept my humble apology, senior.”

White Fire finally showed a content smile, “Don’t fret over it, just don’t be disrespectful to a demon king, or not everyone is as magnanimous as his majesty.”

“I understand.” Feng bowed deeply.

‘But what if the other guy wanted to get offend himself?’ Ace sneered inwardly.

Thomas smiled, seeing those two getting along, and said at this moment, “Since this is out of the way, can we discuss the teammate’s problem? This is an opportunity, and it’s in our hands who to give it, so you guys better decide carefully.”

Feng said, “I already said I don’t know anyone except you two. You can choose our teammates, but they had to be reliable.” His eyes suddenly turned cold at this moment. “Or I’ll kill them the moment they show the slightest bit of malicious intent! I have this authority as a team leader, right, senior?”

Peter frowned but didn’t retort at this last statement, nor did Thomas oppose and merely smile in amusement.

“You’re the leader. I won’t interfere with you no matter what, as long as you didn’t go overboard with your authority.” White Fire remained nonchalant.

Afterward, Peter and Thomas discussed the teammate’s issue while Feng probed information about ruins from the White Fire.

Ace knew it was his chance to learn about these ruins, in case he stumbled upon one in the future, so he won’t remain ignorant at that time.

But in the end, Ace found these ruins as somewhat lacking because the chances of getting anything from them were almost zero and only intact ruins stimulated his interest.

However, he also learned in the history of eight provinces only three intact ruins were discovered and nearly cause wars between demon kings. But the strange thing was royal zone or royal demon council never interfered in the fight for these intact ruins.

In the end, White Fire’s information was also limited, and he suggested Feng; visit the royal library after finding him so interested in history.

Ace was also elated after finding out that he could get access to the royal library with his reward points, and he decided to visit it as soon as he got the chance.

Their discussion lasted for two hours before the three left, after giving White Fire the names of demons they included in their team.

“Brother Peter, where can I spend my reward points?” Feng suddenly asked Peter.

Their relationship has improved quite a bit after talking with each other, so they’re calling each other brothers, but he was still closer to Thomas.

“Brother Feng, since your reward list is the most precious of all, you can only claim your reward from the castle treasury hall. Let’s go together. It’s in our way.” Peter replied.

“Let’s go. I also wanted to see what I can buy.” Thomas also wanted to spend his reward points.

“Lead the way, then.” Feng quickly agreed.

They all embarked on Peter’s carriage, which was quite spacious, like a small house. Brenna was also present in the carriage, and she was quite sulky, seeing Feng.

However, Feng merely greeted her and didn’t pay any attention to her at all. Peter, on the other hand, pacified her because he didn’t want her to offend Feng.

After all, he was their leader and if he wanted, he could easily object to her presence on the team, and he won’t be able to do anything. Although he knew Feng won’t do it, but it was still not good for their association if she offended him.

Thereupon, the carriage stopped in front of a lavishing building, guarded by two silver knights.

They quickly let them pass when they saw Peter was with them.

Ace couldn’t help but scan the entire building with his thievish eyes because he thought it was the location of the castle treasury. But he was soon disappointed when he found there wasn’t anything hidden with the live fate map.

He could only guess that this was an ordinary building to distribute the salary of servants and knights, not the real royal treasury.

A middle-aged silver blade demon was sitting behind a desk inside the building, and when he saw Peter, he was startled and hastened to greet him.

“Your Highness, you really surprised me this time.” He exclaimed with a warm smile.

Peter nodded with a smile and said, “Uncle Greysen, I’m here to accompany my friends. They wanted to use their reward points.”

Greysen finally notice Thomas and Feng and asked, “They are?”

He was also from the king clan, and he knew Peter didn’t have many friends, and these can’t be ordinary if they’re here for the reward list and accompanied by Peter.

Peter introduced, “This is the second-place participant, Sir Thomas, and this is the first place, Sir Feng.”

They both politely greet Greysen, since he seemed to have a wonderful correspondence with Peter.

“Greeting, sir Greysen.”

Greysen smiled warmly, “Oh, please don’t, since you’re his highness friends call me Uncle like him. It’s also my owner to meet two prodigies of our domain, especially the rising sword earl.”

“Please, just call me Feng.” Feng politely smiled.

“Good, very good.” Greysen was thrilled and led them inside.” Come, come. I already got the reward lists for all of you. As long as you have reward points, you can buy anything from the reward lists.”

Peter seemed uninterested in reward points since he can get anything as long as he wanted.

But Thomas and Feng browsed through the white booklets given to them by Greysen.

Ace’s eyes glowed when he looked at the booklet in his hand and see the rewards.

[Phase-1 Reward List: First Rank]

[Qi Stones Section]

-Peak-Grade-3 Qi Stones: 1 Qi Stone = 100 Reward Points

(10,000 Available)

-High-Grade-3 Qi Stones: 1 Qi Stones = 50 Reward Points

(100,000 Available)

-Middle-Grade-3 Qi Stones: 1 Qi Stone = 10 Reward Points

(1,000,000 Available)

-Low-Grade-3 Qi Stones: 1 Qi Stone = 1 Reward Points

(10,000,000 Available)

[Medicine Section]

-Qi Condensing Pills (Martial, High-Grade-1): 1 Pill = 200 Reward Points

(1,000 Available)

-Qi Recovery Pills (Martial, High-Grade-1): 1 Pill = 350 Reward Points

(500 Available)

-Flesh Healing Pills (Martial, High-Grade-1): 1 Pill = 500 Reward Points

(500 Available)

-Berserker Rage Pills (Martial, Low-Grade-2): 1 Pill = 1,500 Reward Points

(10 Available)

[Use: Drawing ten times the original power of the consumer and exempt from any pain as long as the pill effect last.]

[Time Limit: 10 Minutes]

[Warning: The Berserker Rage Pill has a terrible backlash, and the consumer can’t move for five hours after the effect ended. Taking two pills or more at once can cause Qi Deviation. Use with caution!]


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