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Eternal Thief – Chapter 437: Demon King’s Intentions Bahasa Indonesia

Blade Demon King looked at Feng and said with a smile, “Brat, we finally met.”

Ace felt like a tiger staring at him, and he didn’t dare to show any kind of mistake in his behavior, he respectfully stood up and performed a royal salute, “It’s my honor to meet with His Royal Majesty, the Might Blade Demon King!”

Blade Demon King chuckled, “Just relax, there’s no one around, you can talk willingly.”

Feng respectfully said, “Thank you for this favor, Your Majesty.”

Blade Demon King coolly asked, but there was a subtle glint in his eyes. “So, Feng, from your battle record, it seemed you only hunt demonic beasts in the fourth grade and most of them were at the intermediate stage. You didn’t kill any contestants, but you killed many mist domain participants. Can you tell us why?”

Thomas and Peter’s eyes widen slightly when they heard this, although they know about Feng’s abnormal rise in the ranking, and it was absurd, they never thought his battle record was this awestruck.

They both know how difficult it was to hunt an intermediate fourth-grade demonic beast with their current cultivation level.

‘What did he want?’ Ace felt untoward, but he knew there wasn’t any point in hiding Feng’s strength, and the Demon King didn’t show any ill intentions toward him.

He respectfully replied, “I have indeed done this, and the reason for it was simple: only intermediate demonic beasts can force me to use my strength. As for why I didn’t kill anyone for their kill points because there wasn’t any need for it all.”

Blade Demon King narrowed his eyes when he heard Feng’s respectful yet cocky reply. But he didn’t find any flaws in his words.

White Fire and other knight commanders’ eyes narrowed, hearing Feng’s talking in such a tone in front of Demon King.

Thomas smiled wryly at Feng’s guts, and Peter glared at Feng pointedly.

Blade Demon King said with a hint of coldness in his voice, “So, in other words, there’s no one worthy in the blade domain to challenge you?”

Feng respectfully bowed and said, “I never said that, Your Majesty. I’m only saying I didn’t like killing meaninglessly when there’s no need for it, and this way I won’t offend anyone as well. But if this concern my close one’s life, I won’t hesitate to offend anyone, even a… Demon King!”

“Presumptuous!” White Fire roared from his seat and stood up, wanting to apprehend Feng for what just he said.

Even old man Jerome’s expression was dark.

“Settle down!” Blade Demo King coldly glared at White Fire.

White Fire could only obey and unkindly glare at Feng, and other knight commanders were also the same.

Blade Demo King finally looked at Feng, who was still bowing respectfully without any worry or even showing any hint of pleading for forgiveness.

“Boy, do you know what you just said is equal to a capital crime, and you even said it in front of a Demon King, nevertheless? I can easily execute you and the royal council will also agree to it!”

Thomas has an ashen face, and he wanted to plead for Feng, but Maddux grasped his hand and sternly signaled him with his cold eyes not to do anything reckless.

However, Feng fearlessly replied, “I only said the truth that your majesty wanted and if I had spoken lies, I’m afraid it would be even more disrespect toward his majesty. But I still offend His Majesty with my presumptuous words. I’m ready to receive any punishment.”

“Hahahahaha… good, very good!” Blade Demo King suddenly burst into jolly laughter, which surprised everyone.

Blade Demo King, he said in a good mood, “I like your character, boy. Not only didn’t you cower in front of me, but you take the risk of offending me by showing your resolve. Although I like downrightness, I like clever downrightness more.”

“I’m not worthy of such praise.” Feng remained humbled.

‘He tested Feng by using his marital sense all the time and if he suspected anything in Feng’s facial expression, I’m afraid I would be in trouble, so telling the truth mix with lies was also the right option, and he suspected nothing.’ Ace felt relief that he escaped Blade Demon King’s detection, or he didn’t know what might’ve happened otherwise.

Although he could perfectly control Feng’s facial expression, he has never done while being monitored by someone far stronger them him, so he didn’t take any chance, and he succeeded in fooling the Demon King.

Blade Demon King said, “I’m sending you three into an expedition of a ruin for your second phase, and Feng, you’re going to be the leader.”

Peter and Thomas were shocked by this sudden announcement, and others in the room were also startled.

They all finally understood this was a test for Feng by the Demon King, and he passed as well.

‘Ruin Expedition?’ Ace was also startled and felt this would not be anything good for his plan, but he was helpless right now.

He could only nod with a fake resolute expression, “I will do my best to not let down his majesty.”

Blade Demon King nodded in contentment and continue, “Furthermore, you can choose anyone from participants in your team, but the limit is five. But you only have three days to choose your teammates before those participants will depart for their tasks.”

Peter couldn’t help but asked with uncertainty, “Royal Father, what kind of ruin we’re exploring?”

The Blade Demon King answered with a meaningful looked in his eyes, “It’s a ruin of an already extinct King Demon Tribe thousands of years ago, and this ruin is on the southern border of the blade province.

“It’s the newly discovered underground ruin by the earthen troll race, and it’s completely unexplored. So, there are many opportunities there, but danger also lurks within. That’s why you have to be extremely careful.

“You can discuss the detail with White Fire. He’ll be your guide in this expedition, but he won’t make a move unless you encounter a soul realm level danger, so you have to work together!”

Ace quickly understood Blade Demon King’s true intentions. ‘He wanted us to work on our teamwork and trust, so we won’t have any difficulty in the demon gate trial. But what kind of danger lurking in an extinct king demon tribe?’

He found this extremely suspicious, and he had no experience in any kind of expedition since he always focused on going after rich targets, and he had no interest in tomb raiding. He believed he could get far more from the living than the dead.

“I’ll be taking my leave now. You three can discuss the other details with White Fire here. You have three days to prepare and Feng, you can say, in the castle from on. I’ll have someone to bring your maids as well. I’ll be more convenient.”

Ace had no choice but to agree right now, he could tell it was a command, not a request.

Afterward, the Demon King left, followed by the other knight commanders, Maddux and Jerome.

Only White Fire, Feng, Thomas, and Peter remain in the grand hall.

White Fire looked at Feng coldly, still unhappy about what happened before, and snorted, “Boy, you have guts to talk with my king like that.”

Feng apologized, “I know, and sorry about it. But the Demon King also wanted that, so I can’t go against his majesty’s wishes.”

“Hmph!” White Fire only snorted and not said anything further, since Feng was telling the truth.

Thomas couldn’t help but grumbled, “Brother Feng, you nearly gave me a heart attack.”

Feng rolled his eyes, “Aren’t I still fine, and you won’t die so easily!”

Peter sighed and said, “Forget about it. Can we now focus on this mission? I want to add Brenna to the team and also wanted to recommend one more reliable teammate.”

Thomas merely nodded. “As long as they won’t drag us down, I’m happy with anyone. But I’ll also recommend Alora Yisrael and Carlee Violent. They’re both friends with each other, and they had excellent characters as well. We can work with them.”

Ace’s eyes shone with a strange light upon hearing Alora’s name mentioned by Thomas and thought about her golden fate point. He couldn’t help but thought this might be the opportunity she’ll lead him to, but he wasn’t certain.

Peter thought and said, “I have no objection, as long as they don’t stab us in the back. I only want these two people and can vouch for their characters.”

“Brother Feng, what do you think? Do you want to recommend someone?” Thomas looked at Feng, who was silent this whole time.

Feng shook his head. “I don’t know anyone other than you two. You can choose anyone as long as they’re good enough. In my opinion, we three are enough for this expedition.”

White Fire retorted, “Don’t be too arrogant just because you took the first place. You’ve never been on an expedition to an old demon tribe’s ruin. Do you think a ruin is made from just destruction?

“Let me tell you…!”


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