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Eternal Thief – Chapter 377: Confronting Livy (1) Bahasa Indonesia

The duke’s mansion was quite large and lavish.

The chief family lived here with all the decedents of his bloodline, and only some old loyal servants were allowed to live here.

After entering the Duke Mansion, Charlee quickly left Ace in a big room with some chairs and a table and went back to report his arrival to Livy.

Furthermore, Charlee just wanted to quickly get rid of Feng because he just asked too many worthless questions about his life and servants. He simply thought there was something wrong with Feng’s head. But alas, he can do nothing about it because of his status.

Ace had a serious expression on his face as he thought, ‘Security is quite high. I have detected many arrays already, and it will really be challenging thievery. Well, I guess any duke title tribe will have this much security. The system also didn’t give notification of scouting target, which means I’m still not in the range of treasury.’

There were two reasons Ace dared to come here to meet with Livy despite his threat: first, he wanted to scout the mansion and wanted to know the layout of the servants and their routines.

Second, he wanted to see Livy in person and gauge his prowess because this time around he had to also pick-pocket his storage ring, and it would be quite difficult since Livy was much stronger than Henrik!

At this moment, the room’s door slap opened and Ace snapped out of his stupor.

This intruder wasn’t Livy or Charlee, but it was a young ocean demon.

He was handsome, with a slim build and long antelopes-horns and short blue hair. His purple eyeballs were filled with hostility as he looked at Ace with a fierce look in his eyes.

However, Ace remain unfazed and coolly remain in his comfortable position, completely taking the other party like a breeze, which enraged the intruder even more.

He spat angrily, “Feng of Demon Sword tribe accepts my Noble Title challenge!”

Ace was somewhat baffled and said, “And who had heck do you think you are to challenge me for my title?”

The young ocean demon gritted his teeth when he heard Feng’s disrespectful words. No one dared to talk to him like that in the whole ocean demon duchy!

He said furiously, staring at Feng, “You Nobody from a mere servant tribe dare to talk to a duke heir like this?!”

‘Too snooty.’ Ace shook his head in disappointment because he expected more from Livy’s heir, but this guy was just an arrogant demon who didn’t know the disparity between sky and earth.

He merely chuckled coldly and said sternly, “Who the hell do you think you’re calling a nobody? Do you dare to be disrespectful to a Demon Earl? Do you know the punishment for this treason!?”

The youngster was shocked. He never thought this guy would dare to retaliate like this, and he was lost for words because Feng’s words make perfect sense.

Feng was someone with a Demon Earl title and a special one at that while he was just a duke heir and not even the main heir, so he had to show respect toward Feng, or he’ll really be punished if the council acted!

But he still didn’t want to back down because he was the most talented demon of the ocean demon tribe who was eligible for the demon gate trial and that’s why he naturally looked down on everyone.

However, Feng’s sudden rise and his unparalleled talent in the weapon’s path completely shattered his pride. But he was still unwilling to admit it and so when he heard from the servants that Butler Charlee bought back the Rising Sword Earl, he instantly come here to challenge him for his title.

But he never thought Feng would be so hard to deal with and turn the table on him.

He was just about to blow his top when a deep voice filled with authority sounded, “Little Fifth, apologize to young Earl!”

Little Fifth’s expression changed when he heard this powerful voice and clenched his teeth hard and mumbled, “F-Father wh…”

“Apologize!” The voice rang again with overbearing power and a hint of dissatisfaction this time.

At this moment, a burly demon with 3,1-meter height and dark blue skin entered the room, followed by Charlee, who wore an expression of reverence and undying respect.

This burly demon had two feet long sharp antelope horns on his head full of blue long hair, and a horrifying aura was surrounding him. His purple eyeballs were filled with vanity and aloofness.

This was none other than the Chief of Dark Ocean Demon Tribe, Duke Livy Ocean!

Little Fifth knows his father would not take a no for an answer, so in the end, he lowered his head toward Feng and said, “Please forgive me, Demon Earl.” His voice was filled with unwillingness and hate.

Ace deeply looked at the towering demon duke before him, who wore a mild smile on his middle-aged face which was still handsome, and only one word come to his mind.


Feng said as he smiled. “There’s no need.”

“Now go and reflect on your actions.” Livy coolly said to his fifth son.

Little Fifth left before shooting a hateful glare at Feng, he will naturally put all the blame on him since he can’t do anything to this father.

Ace pretended as if nothing happened and gave a noble salute to Livy since he was a demon duke, he naturally has to show some respect.

“His Highness Ocean Duke.”

Livy closely observed Feng. He didn’t know how, but even he can’t sense anything extraordinary about him, and if he doesn’t know Feng had already gained such fame and a special noble title, he would never have believed Feng was a sword genius.

Although he wanted to get rid of Feng, the moment he got the news, Feng was far more slippery than he thought because he never left the council pavilion until he got the title and now Aura Duke was also here.

Aura Duke and Old Ocean Duke were old friends, and both clans controlled duke-level fiefs in the blade domain, and Aura Blade Envoy was also the last generation chief of Aura Demon Tribe and then move on to the blade domain like the old ocean duke.

The first thing Aura Duke did was to give Livy the message from his father and that was to not touch Feng at any cost, the Demon King had personally spoken!

Now Livy’s hands were completely tied, but there was another secret message that can only he could understand.

‘I’ll deal with him in Blade Domain!’

This message greatly eased Livy’s worried because he knew his father had a superior status in the blade domain, and he can easily get rid of Feng and no one would ever know.

However, he was still ill at ease, and that’s why he met Feng first before he decides on his next step.

After he observed the brief confrontation between little fifth and Feng, he instantly concluded.

‘He’s too much of a threat for my tribe!’ Livy thought as a ruthless glint flashed past his eyes. ‘Although he looked boorish and arrogant, he isn’t reckless, and he knows his way with words. He had been hiding for too long before, which means he’s not a suicidal type and calculative.

‘He revealed his strength in front of Cheveyo Tribe’s heir and earn his respect and protection and then quickly go toward the council to gain a title adding another protection while gaining the demon king’s attention. Who knows how much more he’s hiding?

“Father can only do little under the eye of the demon king, and he would definitely gain the best resources and protection there. If I let him leave here without any assurance, I’ll never be able to sleep with this disaster growing safely!’

His smile completely vanished, and he said coldly, “Let’s cut this pretending act, shall we?”

Feng said coolly, “Fine with me. Speak. What do you want?”

Ace already know this guy was too hard to deal with and since he was still talking with him, this meant Livy can’t do anything to him, so he didn’t need to be afraid!

‘He is not afraid of me killing him? Heh, he’s really calculative, but can you really remain confident?’

Livy snorted coldly as he released half of his cultivation pressure. He was a fifth intermediate stage diamond soul cultivator and his pressure was no joke, even half!

However, Livy was shocked because Feng’s expression didn’t change at all, and he even smiled under that pressure, and he started to raise it until it reached its peak. Even Charlee fell on his knees while sweating hard.

But Feng remained standing while smiling at Livy.

He said coldly, “I don’t think Duke Livy would be so incompetent. You didn’t even know a weapon cultivator’s willpower is extremely strong. Let me tell you, this much pressure is nothing for me, not unless you’re a peak diamond soul cultivator or a legendary platinum Qi soul cultivator!”


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