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Eternal Thief – Chapter 378: Confronting Livy (2) Bahasa Indonesia

Charlee, whose kneecaps almost shattered, felt like he just heard something unbelievable and thought he was hallucinating because no one dared to call a demon duke ‘Incompetent’. Not if they had a death wish!

Livy was flabbergasted when he heard someone dare to call him incompetent right in on his face, and this someone was a brat weaker than him by whole two high realms!

But the next moment, his shock turned into boundless rage and gloominess. He was a demon duke, respected by everyone, and even his father never chided him like this.

A thick killing intent surfaced in his eyes as he looked at smiling Feng.

“You dare to curse at a demon duke?! Die!”

Purple Qi gashed out of Livy’s hands, and he was going for the kill!

Livy simply didn’t care about the consequences anymore, and he also saw it as a chance to get rid of Feng because he was the one who provoked the dignity of a demon duke and Livy also knew his father won’t let anything happen to him as long as he had a valid reason for his actions.

Furthermore, Demon King won’t go too far with his punishment, since it would only weaken his strength if he killed a soul realm cultivator under him.

However, when Livy saw Feng’s smile didn’t fade at all, on the contrary, his smile broadened, Livy finally felt something was amiss and when Feng’s mouth opened, he knew this brat had played him!

Feng suddenly shrilled and screamed in panic, “Duke Livy wanted to murder me… please, someone save me!”

His voice has just faded when two additional pressures enveloped the room. These pressures were twice as stronger as Livy’s and one of them can even make the other person’s soul tremble.

When Livy felt two powerful senses locked on to him and the other sense was trying to plague his mind, he knew it was soul sense!

Livy’s expression finally changed because he finally understood why Feng dare to provoke him and never fear for his safety in the least bit. It was all because he knew Aura Duke and Maddux were already here!

‘But how did he know, even I wasn’t able to tell?!’

Livy’s heart trembled when he looked at Feng’s frightened expression at this moment, and if he hadn’t experienced it himself, he would’ve thought he was terrified for his life.


Before Livy could utter, an icy voice sounded, “It seemed Demon Duke had stooped too low to even dare to attack a junior.”

Even more horrifying soul pressure invaded the air and Livy finally felt piercing pain from deep within his mind before all his pressure shattered like glass and all the purple Qi turned into nothingness and blood trickled from Livy’s mouth!

“Senior, please ease your anger. It was all just a misunderstanding!” another voice rang, filled with bitterness and dismay.

“P-please… forgive m-me, S… Senior!” Livy gritted his teeth as he pleaded.

He knew he had been played by this brat, and now he was suffering a powerful soul attack. He could tell the party was still holding back and if it was a full-powered attack, then he was afraid he would’ve suffered a terrible soul injury!

“Hmph!” Maddux coldly harrumphed before the pressure finally vanished.

Livy felt he had just escaped a catastrophe, but his eyes were filled with boundless rage and abhor.

Just when did he suffer this kind of humiliation after inheriting the position of tribe Duke, and he was even forced to bow his head?

Furthermore, the other party was so strong he felt completely at the mercy of the other party’s mood and this was even more terrible than death.

Livy was too proud, and he always saw others as his pawns and care about his face, but now he could feel the same feeling of being helpless, just like all those tribes felt when he decided their life and death on a whim!

He threw a hateful glare at Feng, who was still pretending to be frightened by him, and he felt his hate for Feng reach a whole new level. He never hate someone like this because no one was worthy enough!

Maddux and Aura Duke finally appeared right outside the room.

Maddux had a stony expression on his face when he looked at Livy, while Aura Duke had a disappointed expression on his face.

After Thomas got back, he quickly reported how Feng was summoned by Livy and how Charlee even threatened them.

Aura Duke was also present there, chatting with Maddux happily until Thomas reported the situation.

They both quickly left because Maddux also felt Feng’s life was not safe with Livy, while Aura Duke continued to assure him all the way that he doesn’t need to worry about Livy.

However, just when they reached the Duke Mansion, they heard Feng’s frightened voice and their expressions finally changed, especially Aura Duke. He cursed Livy for being such a reckless fool!

Aura Duke knew if Maddux went on a rampage, even he won’t be able to handle him and only someone at Demon King level can threaten him because of his peak level diamond embryo realm cultivation!

But thankfully Livy did nothing to Feng, and they weren’t too late or Livy might suffer a huge disaster this time around and even the old ocean duke won’t be able to do anything to Maddux and Demon King won’t say anything because Livy had gone against his will as well!

“Let’s go, Feng.” Maddux coldly said without even giving Livy a second glance, and his expression loosen a bit when he saw Feng’s obediently coming his way.

Feng’s expression was full of respect and thankfulness as he said, “Thank you for saving me, Senior.”

Maddux merely nodded and turned around before shooting a glance at Aura Duke. “I’ll see you in three days.”

Maddux left as quickly as they came, taking sheepish Feng with him while leaving resentful Livy and bitter Aura Duke.

Aura Duke sighed and sternly said to Livy, “Are you out of your damn mind? I clearly warn you Demon King wants that brat, and he’s under the protection of Senior Maddux, but you still try to attack him? Do you want to end your father’s legacy?!”

He was disappointed in Livy this time around.

Livy finally breathed in relief when he saw Maddux was finally gone but felt wrong when he heard Aura Duke berating him.

He defended himself. “Uncle, I didn’t want to attack him, but that brat is just too hateful. He provoked me. First, you can even ask butler, Charlee!”

Aura Duke’s expression changed somewhat as he looked at Charlee, who was sweating buckets all this time for an explanation.

Charlee quickly told everything about how Feng resisted Livy’s pressure and then provoked him. He hid nothing.

Aura Duke’s eyes narrowed as he said, “So, you’re saying; that brat knows we’re here. That’s why he provoked you to attack him? He even resisted your pressure without any problem? Are you taking me for a fool?!”

Aura Duke’s expression was a sight to behold. He felt Livy was really out of his mind and wanted to fool him by fabricating such a story.

How could a Qi river cultivator can bear the pressure of an intermediate stage diamond soul realm?

Even if he believed it, he didn’t dare to believe he could sense his or Maddux’s presence without them being noticed. Especially the soul cultivator like Maddux. It was just too unreal.

He sternly said, “No matter what, don’t provoke Senior Maddux again and stop going after Feng as well, or even your father can’t save you from the disaster which you bought upon yourself!”

He also turned around a left, hearing nothing else.

Livy felt like he had gone insane because he knew he was telling the truth, and it wasn’t coincident. He could tell just by Feng’s expression. It was all carefully calculated by him.

Charlee said at this moment with a hesitant tone, “Milord, c-could it is a coincidence?”

“Shut up and go away. I know what I saw. I have to warn father that the brat is hiding a terrifying ability, and he might pass the demon institutes’ trials and enter the royal zone. It will be a colossal disaster for our ocean demon tribe!”

Livy no longer considered Feng a junior or reckless. He was just too mysterious and scheming. Even someone like him fell into his trap, and that has made Livy think of Feng as someone of an equal!

Outside the duke’s mansion,

Feng and Maddux were walking when Maddux suddenly said in a knowing tone, “Your performance wasn’t bad.”

Ace felt his heart tremble when he heard Maddux’s ambiguous words, he knew it wasn’t easy to fool someone like Maddux, but he didn’t regret it because he knew if he remained polite and played along with Livy, he won’t make Livy suffer like this.

Furthermore, the demon race was known for their special innate abilities, and he wasn’t afraid Maddux would suspect him or try to get rid of him.

Because the stronger he was, it would only benefit Thomas since they were allies and Maddux wanted Feng to be strong!


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