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Eternal Thief – Chapter 362: Meeting with Thomas (1) Bahasa Indonesia

As the night passed, the ocean demon city greeted another sunny morning.

At this moment, on the sixth floor of the guest quarters, Feng could be seen going toward a specific room.

Ace was naturally here for his promised meeting with Thomas.

Even though the other party can set a trap for him, this chance was too good for him to pass just like that. Furthermore, he found nothing malicious about Thomas the other day and that was why he will meet him.

However, Ace’s mind was still filled with what happened last night, and he couldn’t help but sigh bitterly.

‘Those two are really something…’ Ace smile wryly while feeling helpless.

Ace felt bitter not because those two sisters refused to comply with his little demand, but they not only complied, but they even took things too far with their oath.

Not only did they take the oath Ace wanted them to, but they even put extra conditions in it, which were they will serve Ace as his personal maids from now on with all their heart and soul and if they even think about betraying him, they will die!

Ace’s expressions were a sight to behold when he heard this oath, and he wanted to stop them, but it was already too late, those two sisters were just too quick, and he can’t break the intermediate-grade-one oath contracts, yet.

Even though he wasn’t in the least bit affected by the oath contract, and he can just abandon those two sisters whenever he wanted and easily disposed of them, he didn’t do it since he still needed them to play their part.

As for their stupid oath, he knew there had to be some way to break it, and he’ll deal with them once he found the way. For now, he just had to endure those two extremely enthusiastic women after they completely submit to him.

He just didn’t have time to babysit those two sisters, and he didn’t even think about adding them to his thief house because after founding out the real potential of the thief house, he didn’t want to add just anyone random. He’ll just leave them once he reached the king domain. That was his final decision!

Ace quickly reached Thomas’s room, and he sensed two new soul signatures inside. He was astonished when he sensed both of them were also soul cultivators and their soul fluctuations were very identical to Thomas as well, especially one of them which was far more powerful than Thomas!

‘A Soul Embryo protector or a family member? Just who the hell is this guy?’

Ace’s expression turned solemn because it was his first time encountering a soul embryo cultivator and if it wasn’t for his sea realm cultivation, he won’t even be able to sense this soul cultivator’s presence!

But he knew the other party had already sensed him but still didn’t react, which also mean his new mask was working fine, and it can’t sense his soul cultivation as well.

He felt quite glad he chooses to upgrade his mask, or his disguise would be useless against a soul embryo realm cultivator!

Ace pretended to be completely oblivious since it would be no good if he showed he can sense the other party’s presence, and he didn’t find any malicious intent from this demon.

But he can’t sense its emotions because the cultivation difference was quite high, and he can currently only sense the vague presence and soul signature, nothing else!

Ace took a deep breath and knock on the door lightly. But just in case, Ace still kept a part of his focus on the Instant Flash Teleportation Talisman. If he sensed anything amiss, he won’t hesitate to use it!

The door was finally opened and a beautiful, attractive demoness in white attire come into Ace’s view. She was 2.4 meters tall with an hourglass figure. She had an oval face and tan skin, just like Thomas. It was clear she was from the same tribe as Thomas!

However, this demoness was too beautiful, even more, beautiful than Grace he encountered yesterday, but she’ll still lose to Feng’s maids in other ‘departments’, though.

This demoness was also a soul cultivator but only at Flowing Soul River Stage, but it was still impressive since Ace had never encountered a soul cultivator demon before, not talking about three at once.

‘This Cheveyo Demon Tribe might be as powerful as a demon king level clan, but what the hell are these people doing here? With that soul embryo cultivator, I don’t think anyone would dare to hinder their advance in the king domain…’

Ace felt this Thomas was just too mysterious, and it was also dangerous!

“Sir must be Young Master Feng, I presumed. Please come in. My Husband is expecting your arrival.”

Ace was pulled back by this demoness melodious voice which was completely impassive. But he was astonished when he heard ‘husband’.

“So, it was Mrs. Thomas. Please forgive my rudeness!” Ace quickly performed a noble demon salute.

“Mhm…” However, this demoness’s impassive face didn’t change, and she merely nodded before going inside the room. It was as if she didn’t care about Feng at all.

Ace even felt deep displeasure from this demoness’s soul, but he didn’t know how he offended her, but he still followed her to the hall.

Ace saw a table filled with luscious dishes with steam rising from them, and there were three chairs around it.

Thomas was already standing in front of his chair while beaming at Ace.

“You really don’t have to do all this,” Feng said with a smile.

“Hahaha… how could I not show hospitality to my esteemed guest?” Thomas chuckled.

“I’m really honored, brother Thomas.” Feng does a noble salute, humbly.

Thomas wave his hand and said, “Enough with the pleasantries. Quickly sit or all this will go cold. I have Milly especially made this feast. Oh, how rude of me. Let me introduce you to the love of my life, my wife Milly Cheveyo.”

Thomas’s voice was filled with affection and love when he introduced Milly, and Milly give a tender smile to Thomas as well.

“This one has seen Sister-In-Law.” Ace greeted again, but differently this time.


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