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Eternal Thief – Chapter 361: Giving a Choice Bahasa Indonesia

Dolly and Flora thought Feng was mocking them, but their expression changed when they saw Feng’s face melting before changing into a completely unfamiliar demon.


Pablo smiled and said, “Yes, I’m not Feng, I already killed him for his face.”

Flora mumbled in disbelieve, “No, it’s impossible you know too much about Feng’s behavior. You’re fooling us!”

Ace merely chucked and said, “Hehe, I have my means.”

“Then who are you if you’re not Feng!” Dolly’s eyes were filled with disbelief, but there was a hint of relief and happiness.

She also wanted this to turn into the truth since this would mean they got their revenge, but she also felt pity since she wasn’t the one who do it herself.

“How about you looked at your storage ring? I think you should get your answers!” Ace gave an ambiguous reply.

Both sisters simultaneously looked toward their ring fingers and were gobsmacked when they saw the owl imprint has somehow replaced their storage rings!

Ace had already pick-pocket their storage rings the moment he entered the room; these sisters didn’t notice anything since they were busy being sexy and then shocked by Feng’s abrupt retaliation.

“S-s… Sky S… Stealer!” Flora stuttered when she said the name of the infamous thief.

Ace smiled, “Oh, so you know about me, good then. Now you believe me?”

Both of them nodded like statues with shocked faces. They still didn’t dare to believe they were seeing the actual thief, who was probably even more famous than Demon Kings!

“So, you should also believe when I say, Feng didn’t kill your family, you were used by Weng to get rid of Feng and once you have accomplished your task, you won’t be able to escape death, and he has nothing to worry about getting exposed.” Ace still wanted to clarify their confusion.

He felt pity for both sisters; they have a very tragic past, and then they were both taken advantage of by their dead parents. He knew those with status and power always see everyone as their disposable pawns, and he hated them all, regardless!

Flora suddenly burst into tears and asked, “But why did he do that to us? Why would he play with our emotions? We never offended him?!”

Dolly also starts sobbing after her sister.

They both knew Ace didn’t have any reason to lie to them. He was already a demon king-like existence in their eyes, and not only for them, but many saw Ace like this as well.

With just one thievery, he managed to shake the eight provinces and the royal demon council. How could this kind of person be so simple and ordinary?

“Benefits and cause, of course, he never saw you as living beings. He only saw you two as trash, which he can throw out anytime he wanted.” Ace’s words were extremely harsh, but they were accurate a vicious but absolute truth!

Both sisters’ expressions turn listless when they heard Ace’s words. Their entire life had turned into a joke and their pure emotions were used as a plaything by another. They felt like dying right now.

Ace felt their chaotic emotions and only sighed. Two intermediate-grade-1 oath contacts appeared in his hand. Oath contracts were categorized by the system as slave contracts.

It wasn’t wrong to call oath contact a slave contract as well, since this contract was worked on the same principles as the slave contracts, it was just that it was not as vicious as the slave contract.

Ace has millions of slave contracts from his thieveries and he never used them before, and he also didn’t want to since he considered slavery as a malevolent disease.

He threw those oath contracts, which were in the shape of a simple blue paper with beautiful carvings on their sides.

When both sisters saw the blank blue pages, they knew this wasn’t a slave contract, since every slave contract was filled with terms and conditions beforehand.

They looked at Ace in confusion. Truth be told, they thought Ace would kill them now or turn them into slaves to hide his secret, and they completely understood if Ace does any of it, but this was completely out of their expectation.

Ace said impassively, “These are oath contacts, just vow you’ll never reveal my identity or any of my secrets to anyone, no matter what! After that, you just have to bear with me until we reached King Domain.

“Since it would be too eye-catching if Feng killed his two beloved maids so suddenly, or they vanished without any traces. Everyone will become curious about it, and I don’t want any attention on me right now.

“So, I’ll release you after we entered the king domain, and you’re free to go anywhere from there and if you perform well, I might even help you settle there, remembered I have nothing but wealth. This will be my vow toward you. What do you think?”

In the end, Ace smiled confidently, and his words were sincere. He didn’t want to kill these two sisters at all, but he also won’t set them free just like that.

In the future, even if they revealed his identity as Pablo or Feng, he would be long turned into someone else, and it wasn’t a secret anymore that he can change his face as well in the royal demon council.

But he didn’t want to draw any attention to the ocean demon city, not before he was done with his mission and Noa’s revenge.

Everything was going smoothly, and he felt Thomas was a big chance as well. That’s why he quickly tried to deal with these two maids, so he could be worry free from any hidden danger.

But after knowing their reasons and seeing himself why they wanted to deal with Feng, he took pity on them and decided to spare them and even helped them to stand on their feet. It wasn’t anything hard for him. All he had to do was to use a tiny piece of his wealth.

Now, it was these two sisters’ decision to make.

However, when Ace saw twinkling stars in their eyes, he felt something was amiss!


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