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Eternal Thief – Chapter 36: I Want Everything! Bahasa Indonesia

Ace transmitted, “Show my status.”

[Status Panel]

[Host: Ace White]

[Race: Human [No Bloodline]]

[Heaven: 1st Mortal Sky Heaven]]

[Martial Cultivation: Heavenly Gates [3rd Heavenly Bones Gate]]

[EXP: 450/5000]

[Soul Cultivation: Yellow Wind Soul Core]

[SP: 999/1000] [Extra: 1031]

[Thief Points (TP): 1053]

[Skills: 5]

[Stealth Basic: [High]

Silent Steps Basic: [High]

True & False Eyes Basic: [Middle]

Treasure Opening Hands [Basic Art]: [4th Form]

Pick Pocket: [Middle]]

[Cultivation Technique: 2]

[[Heaven Stealer Technique Volume 1], [Dual Shadow Swords]]

[Current Mission: 1]

Ace was astonished by his status and quickly used his heavenly sense, and to his surprised, now he could see or sense 30 meters of the area around him.

‘I didn’t expect that my soul cultivation would go up as well. And according to the system, my soul is already equaled to the Heavenly Foundation building Realm!’ Ace became ecstatic just thinking about the Heavenly Foundation Building Realm. This was really an expected surprise.

Ace forms soul threads on his fingers and now each finger could form two threads, also they were not colorless anymore now they were yellow.

This was the Heavenly Soul Qi after he forms the yellow wind soul core of the black wind soul technique! But only Ace could see it or another soul cultivator who was a whole realm above him!

After testing his Soul Cultivation for some time, he shifts his attention elsewhere.

Now he has more than one thousand TP he couldn’t help but smiled ear to ear, and said: “System open the shop!”

Ace can now buy other things from the system shop, last time he didn’t have many TP’s so, he didn’t pay much attention to the shop’s other items. But now he has more than enough’

[[System Shop]]

[Available Skill Books]

[Available Cultivation Technique]

[Available Weapons]

[Available Pills]

Ace saw one by one; the Skill book has not been changed and the same goes for technique and pills. Ace open weapons panel.

[[Available Weapons]]

Black Blade Swords Set: 1 Short-Sword, 1 Long-Sword

[1st Grade Weapons]

[Price: 30 Thief Points]

Two-Face Mask

[Average Illusionary Formation Item]

[Price: 80 Thief Points]

Invisible Bead: 5 Available

[One Time Use for one minute]

[Price: 50 Thief Points Per Bead]

Ace saw this time the weapons descriptions have been changed and Grads have appeared in front of them except invisible bead. He was astonished and asks the system, “System what is this first-grade and formation mean?”

He was quite perplexed because he knows even those Blue-Ranked alchemy pills and 3-Star weapon were only low-grade levels in system evaluation. Now he saw first-grade emerged in system’s shop and he never even heard about ‘Formation’ before.

“[3 TP Required.]” System asked in an emotionless voice.

“Take them.” Ace said annoyingly, he was still no used to this.

“[There are 9-Grades of ‘Alchemists’, ‘Crafters’, and ‘Rune Crafters’ in entire Mortal Sky Heaven.]

[1st to 9th Grade Alchemists can create pills from 1st to 9th Grade.]

[Same goes for Crafters they can create weapons from 1st to 9th Grade]

[As for the Rune Crafters,1st to 9th level Rune Crafter can engrave ‘Runes’ on any object included weapons and pills. These runes are called ‘Rune Symbols’ and they are also divided between nine grades.]

[Rune Symbols are the essence of Rune Crafting. An ‘Array’ can only contain 9 Rune symbols. After the array came the ‘Rune Formations’. A formation can contain more than 9 rune symbols and it is much powerful. And how many rune symbols can one engrave are depend on the material.]

[As for what is above the 9th Grade, the host has to upgrade his authority to know about this information. The system can only give this much information with host current authority level.]”

Ace felt a brand-new world has been open to him after hearing this new information.

His heartbeat raced because if these weapons and formations are as powerful as the system describes them to be doesn’t that mean he can be invincible if this world; didn’t even have a 1st-Grade weapon? He didn’t even hear of rune crafter before much less about this formation! But now he saw a formation item in the system shop for sale and that item was only for 80TP. He asked in excitement, “System than how is this ‘1st Grade Weapons’ listed in this world?”

“[According to system analysis of host memories and knowledge, 1st Grade Weapons should be above 9-Star weapons. The host didn’t have much knowledge about this world power order, that’s why the system can’t answer this question with 100% accuracy.]”

Ace only heard, ‘above 9-Start weapons’ and said promptly, “System I want to buy EVERYTHING!” He was afraid that the system would change the weapon shop since he now knew, what it means to have treasures of this level.

“[Purchased has been successful. Everything has been delivered to host Thief’s Space.]”

[Thief Points (TP): 690]

Ace didn’t care about 360TP since he has spent them on 1st Grade treasures.

He quickly checks his thief’s space.

Inside, with all those stolen goods in the corner appeared a set of beautiful pitch-black double-edged swords. The short-sword was 1-feet long and 2-inches wide while the long-sword was 3-feet long and 3-inch wide.

Besides the sword set was a half black and half white mask on its edges was engrave more than nine rune symbols, it was clearing a formation.

Lastly, there were five grey small beads filled with mysterious rune symbols!

Ace becomes extremely happy seeing all these Grade items. He really wants to test them now especially those two black swords. He felt some kind of connection with them for some reason.

Eva was still cultivating while her eyes were tightly closed, Ace thought for some time and decided to test these swords while traveling this forest. It was filled with ‘Demonic Beasts’ after all.

He takes out the black and white mask after he gave up on the idea of testing the swords. The moment he touched the mask the information of how to use it was transmitted into his brain by the system. He was quite impressed by this mask after he read all the information.

This mask can change his face into two different persons. He just has to select the target and let the mask formation scan it. After, the mask formation will create the illusion of the same face. This formation can even fool Qi River Cultivators!

‘With this mask, I don’t have to be afraid of Gannt or Kelby family even if I go back to River-flower city now. But since I’m on my new journey and with this new job mission I have to travel towards the upper-level cities. At least with this mask in new places I can always hide my face and do my mission with another face. Hehehe,’ He grins evilly after thinking about the advantages of the two-face mask.

He put the mask back into his thief storage space and after clearing his thoughts he starts to cultivate his dual shadow swords. His heavenly qi has already been replenished after he breakthrough into the 3rd Gate of Heavenly Gates.

Ace’s soul and body have already experienced a breakthrough in cultivation so he was focusing on dual shadow swords. It was his only technique that he still can’t cultivate properly no matter how much he tries but Ace has a firm heart and did not give up because he knows this technique can be his life-saving technique if he successfully cultivates it.

After two hours.

Ace was cultivating his shadow duel swords technique the whole time but he still didn’t make any progress, and he was depressed about it.

Eva opens her beautiful eyes after her full night of cultivation and now she was looking more like some fairy. She smiled after seeing Ace frowning face and said in her charming voice, “You didn’t seem happy about something?”

Ace was awakened by Eva’s mild voice and saw her smiling face. He couldn’t help but admire her face when he saw it again. He said with a forced smile, “No it’s nothing serious. On the other hand, you seem quite happy about something did you get something amazing in your memories?”

“Yes, I get two new skills and they’re quite powerful so I need some time to master them. But don’t worry it won’t affect our journey. Let’s continue our voyage to Red-Mountain City.” Said Eva.

They begin their journey again.

Ace said as they passed trees, “I didn’t see any demonic beasts in our way did they not live in this forest?” He wanted to test his swords but he couldn’t find any beasts to test them so he asked Eva since she was more knowledgeable than him.

“They are many high-Level demonic beasts here but they’re deep in the forest we’re just about to enter their territories.” Eva answer in a serious voice.

Ace becomes serious after hearing her, he knows what these demonic beasts are capable of they aren’t just any normal Qi Beasts that he eats.

They were Demonic Beasts of Beast Race.. Beast Race is No.5 on the ranking of races in the Golden-Sky World just below the Humans!


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