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Beast Race is the most ancient race of the Golden-Sky world. It is even ancient than Devil Race. The beast race was actually the true inhabitant of this world. But one day other races start to emerge out of nowhere.

This completely enraged the beast race the true ‘masters’ of this world and a huge war broke out. No one no how this great war ended but it did clearly not end in the favor of the beast race. Because in the end the entire world split into ten pieces and the beast race who were supposed to be the true owner of this world was ended up in the fifth rank.

But to this day the best race was still found all over the world. The demonic beast was a branch of the beast race that lived in the Azure-Wind continent. They can cultivate like beast race but they cannot transform into human form after they reached a threshold like True Beast Race.

Ace and Eva were now deep into this vast unknown forest.

They were still relatively far before reaching the Red-Mountain City and needed to travel at least four more days to reach their destination.

In this region of forest, the demonic beasts frequently roamed.

This was the first time Ace has been so far away from River-Flower City, his heart was somewhat excited but also vigilant.

Eva was also very excited. She did travel before with her father, but she didn’t remember much about that journey, she was very young at that time. And her mother was just passed away so, it wasn’t a pleasant memory.

While traveling on the dirt road, Ace suddenly noticed some movements behind him. He operated his Heavenly Qi and gathered it at his feet and was ready to activate silent steps so that he could quickly dodge or attack at any time.

“Eva something is approaching us! Get ready for the battle! If we can’t defeat it then I’ll buy you some time to escape…” He has just warned Eva about the danger.

‘shua shua shua’

When he saw a big Tiger with a horn was coming towards them at high speed. He had not expected that he would encounter a demonic beast this early after they just enter this part of the forest.

The expression in the Horned Tiger’s eyes was very dull and filled with murderous intent. One could tell that he was here to hunt for his ‘meal’.

As soon as the tiger appeared Ace took out a set of inky swords from his thief’s space.

Ace felt as if they were part of his arm the moment he held those swords in his hands. He didn’t have time to understand that feeling because that horned tiger has already leaped towards Ace at full speed.

The horned tiger’s attack was although simple but at the same time was also quick and ruthless. At the moment it leaped, two black lights flickered in Ace’s eyes, Heavenly Qi released from his whole body, as Heavenly Qi suddenly poured into his swords.

The long-sword burst out with a mysterious aura and Ace slashed his sword in a circular motion, a long arch congealed from Heavenly Qi appeared in the air, it quickly swooped towards the incoming horned tiger, like a black beam of light. The moment that beam touched the horned tiger,


The horned tiger didn’t even have a chance to understand what has happened because he saw that his left and right-side vision starts to become distant. That was the last thing the Horned Tiger see before its eyes became noticeably sluggish and lost their luster and he split into two halves. Dead!

That horned tiger in front of the sword beam of Heavenly Qi that was being generated from the Dual Shadow Swords Technique was like butter being in front of a hot knife. Its body was easily cut down in half with just a sweep of the sword slash!

Only with the help of a powerful and profound technique like Dual Shadow Swords was it possible to congeal Qi into something tangible!

In this life and death situation Ace has comprehended the first realm of the Dual Shadow Swords technique ‘Sword as Arm.’

All of this happened within few seconds, Eva didn’t have a chance to react and help him. When everything was over, Eva comes to her senses she saw a huge tiger was laying on the ground in two pieces.

She hurriedly moves close to Ace who was standing in a trance while holding two swords. “Are you ok?” She asked him with concern.

Ace didn’t notice Eva’s arrival because he was in an enlightened state. ‘So that’s what it means by ‘Sword as Arm.’ He has comprehended the first realm in this life and death situation and mostly with the help of these two swords. ‘Without these two swords, I can’t imagine how long would it take me to understand the true meaning of this technique. Now I know why I felt that feeling the first time because these swords were made for the Dual Shadow Swords Technique.’

Ace was still in a daze when he felt something soft was touching his face and he heard Eva’s anxious voice, “Hey! Are you ok or not? Do you need any medicine pills I have some in my bag!” She was panic after seeing Ace didn’t reply to her and she place her hand on his face to check if he was alright.

“I’m fine don’t worry, I just have an insight on my technique. Sorry to make you worried for nothing.” He said in embarrassment after seeing her so worried about him, he felt slightly warm in his heart as it was rare for someone else besides his family or sister to care about him. ‘She’s really nice to me.’

“Humph! You scared me for nothing. Since you’re fine then tell me what was that technique and where did you get these amazing swords. Did you get them from Rylan storage ring?” Since Ace was alright, she relaxed and starts to question him like some curious child.

Ace smile lightly after seeing Eva returning to her usual self.

He retrieved something from his thief’s space. It was a blue 1-feet long and 1-inch wide single edge short sword. There were two blue gems on its hilt. It was clearly a sword for women.

“Here this sword is a 2-Star weapon. I find it inside Rylan’s storage ring, this is for you. Use it until we reached the city since it is dangerous in this region of the forest. Once we reach there you have to give it back because we can’t show this kind of weapon in open.” He gives that short sword to Eva.

Eva’s eyes instantly brighten seeing the beautiful short sword. She didn’t hear Ace’s warning and quickly grabs the sword and stars to swing it around to test it.

A short sword is very suitable for her Shadow-Devil clan’s skills. She smiled after she checks the sword and said, “You don’t have to worry about me I can hide this sword with my new skill that can change my appearance, it can even change treasure appearance. It’s an illusion skill of the Shadow-Devil Clan.”

Eva wave her hand and Qi starts to form a blue mist, this blue mist enveloped that sword completely. After a moment the mist faded and that sword turns into a normal-looking sword.

Beside her, Ace exclaims after seeing this skill and couldn’t help but think, ‘It is more useful than my two-face mask.’

But when he used true and false eyes, he saw the normal-looking sword turn into its original appearance. ‘It appears she didn’t master this skill to its full potential. it can only deceive early Qi Foundation Building realm cultivator.’

Eva didn’t know that Ace has already checked her skill true prowess. She wrapped her hands around her big chest and said haughtily, “What do you think of my ‘Shadow Deception Skill’ with it I can even change my appearance and don’t have to be afraid of the Qi River Realm cultivators after mastering my skill to the perfection. For now, it can only work against the Early-stage Qi Foundation Building realm. But it’s enough in Red-Mountain City.”

Ace was bewildered after seeing Eva showing her beautiful curves. He quickly looked down while he replied with a slightly redden faced, “Y-yes! It is a very good skill!” To not embarrass himself further he starts to collect the big tiger meat that was now into two pieces.

He didn’t notice that Eva’s eyes become even gentler while she was looking at him. She thought emotionally while she tenderly looked at him, ‘After you have done all these things for me and free me from my nightmare. You didn’t even blink when you said you’ll cover for me. You are really an honest and caring person. Now only you are worthy of knowing everything about me and I will show my true self only in front of you, as for others I’ll become a true Shadow-Devil!’

Eva makes her resolve.

Ace notices a change in Eva’s mood but didn’t pay much attention to it, since he thinks it was because of the new sword he gives her. He was just done collecting all the meat of demonic Horn-Tiger when he hears the system’s voice in his mind,

“[You have killed a demonic beast of 2nd Gate. You have earned 10 EXP]”

[EXP: 460/5000]


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