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Eternal Thief – Chapter 357: I’m your Daddy! Bahasa Indonesia

When Ace came out of Feng’s room, there wasn’t anyone in sight, and it was already morning.

He was just about to descend the staircase when he saw two beautiful demonesses with the same distinguishing features as Feng coming to the fourth floor. Ace frowned slightly because he knew these two were Feng’s maids, and they had a very ‘deep’ relationship.

As Ace’s eyes landed on them, those two maids also saw Feng, and their eyes lit up. They quickly rush toward Feng and greeted him in their crisp voices, “Young Master, you finally came out, and you didn’t even inform us!”

They both acted coquettishly with Feng as they pout beautifully.

Although Feng was ruthless and decisive, these two were not afraid of him because they knew Feng was very kind to both of them, and they were terrific in bed and their pleasure techniques, that’s why he never goes too hard on the outside bed!

However, Feng was now dead and the person in front of them was none other than Ace who had Feng’s memories, he knew for Feng those two were nothing but playthings, and he was just kind of them on the surface for his own needs nothing else.

But he was also shocked when he felt those two maids’ emotions. They differed completely from what they showed on the surface. They were filled with hatred for Feng and as they keep pretending those emotions became even clearer.

‘Those two hide it too well. If my soul sense wasn’t at this level, even I might get tricked by them, but why did they hate him?’ Ace’s interest was piqued.

He said while smiling, “I was cultivating, so don’t have time for you two, and I’m planning to continue until we reached the king domain.”

The maid with a round face pouted cutely and said with a hint of resentment, “Young Master, you don’t want us anymore?”

‘Good acting!’ Ace was really impressed by this maid’s acting. It was on par with his, but they can’t hide their emotions like him, though.

“Flora, Dolly, you two are my favorite maids. How could I forget about you two? Let’s go on a stroll.” Feng flashed a lustful grin on both maids, and they blush.

The trio finally enter the lobby, which was a little crowded with other demons, and headed to the dining area of the guest quarters.

Those demons also shoot looked at Feng, but no one dare to greet him because of his special status. Although they were also with soul realm bloodline potential, but their potential wasn’t as great as the demon sword tribe, and they were all here to test their luck.

Ace very much appreciated this isolation, but he felt a headache when he felt those maids sticking their ‘assets’ on his arms from both sides. Although their appearances were only above average in Ace’s view, their figures were very busty and curvaceous, which could arouse any man’s hidden desires.

But for Ace, this was nothing but a distraction, and since he knew those maids’ inner emotions, he felt even more uneasy while having these two demonesses so close to him. There were both Flowing Qi River Cultivators after all, even though they pose no threat to Ace, but he didn’t want to reveal his prowess for now.

“Oh, if it isn’t Young Master Feng?”

Just as Ace entered the dining area, he heard a jeering voice from the side, and as he turned over. He saw a handsome blue skin demon with a wineglass in his hand. He was beaming at him with a hint of sarcasm.

‘Isn’t this?’ Ace felt quite strange when he saw the appearance and remembered who it was.

“Oh, it is good to see you, Young Master Miler.”

Yes, this was the same cloud demon Ace encountered on the road toward cloud demon city, and it was also because of Miler’s memory that he changed his route. He never thought he would encounter him here like his.

Miler was sitting with another beautiful Dark Cloud Demoness which was his younger sister, Grace. She was looking at Feng with disgust when she saw those two bimbos sticking with Feng like glue in public.

On the other hand, Miler felt his blood boil when he saw those two busty maids. He suddenly saw Flora winking at him with her lustful expression, and he felt even more vehement, but he quickly hid it with an ambiguous smile.

But how could this thing escape Ace’s senses? His eyes suddenly turned icy. ‘These two definitely hatching some plot. I have to get rid of them!’

“I heard young master Feng was diligently cultivating without showing his face. Consider me impressed!” Miler clearly was provoking Feng since, in his view, he also thought Feng was hiding inside his room and didn’t dare to show his face.

At this moment, the other demons also noticed Feng and Miler face-off, and they all watch with great interest.

Feng merely smiled and said, “I’m glad Young Master Miler sees me as his idol. I’m extremely honored to get such an admirer from Cloud Demon Tribe. If you wanted to any pointers, please don’t hesitate to ask. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to drink. You’re free to join me.”

Everyone became dumbfounded when they heard Feng’s shameless words. He was simply implying that Miler wasn’t his match, and he made himself his idol and completely mock the cloud demon tribe. This was a huge slap on Miler and the cloud demon tribe’s face!

Miler quickly snapped out of his stupor and his face turn slightly red as he shouted at Feng, who was already walking away, “Feng, you have gone too far!”

Feng merely turn and chuckled coldly, “What? Didn’t the young master say you were impressed with my diligence? You’re going back on your words? Does the cloud demon tribe didn’t have any backbone? Look, everyone young master Miler just said he’s impressed with me, and now he’s even bending reasons! Young Lady Grace, please take young master Miler to his room. I think he drinks too much and can’t handle it.”

Everyone felt this Feng was just too shameless, it was quite clear that he was the one who was bending reasons, but it still made Miler speechless since he really said he was impressed but who would’ve thought Feng would use his own words to humiliate him and even drag his tribe into this.

Now, if he retorted he lost face, and if he didn’t, he’ll still lose face, he was in a huge dilemma!

Grace’s face also turned slightly red when Feng shamelessly ordered her to take her brother away after humiliating him. She never left her home before, and she didn’t know what to do now.

“Hahaha, young master Feng really has my admiration. Why don’t you come and drink with me, since young master Miler seemed quite drunk.” A deep, jolly voice sounded from the other side.

Everyone looked and saw who dare to add oil to fire and weren’t afraid of getting burned.

Ace also turned and see a skinny demon with tan skin who look even more handsome than Miler, he was sipping over alcohol alone.

Miler’s expression turn ugly when he saw who it was and rebuke coldly, “Thomas, who the hell do you think you are to decide I’m drunk or not!?”

Thomas merely chucked and said without even looking at Miler, “I’m your daddy of course, what already forget?”

Everyone’s expression twisted when they heard this completely unexpected answer. They were all holding their laughter.

Grace took out a dark whip with metallic thorns. She spitefully waved the whip toward Thomas. He really went too far with his mouth.

However, Miler’s expression changed, and he wanted to stop Grace because he knew they both combine weren’t Thomas’s match despite being in the same realm, the peak of the Qi river realm. Furthermore, Thomas had a very special status!

However, something completely unexpected happened: someone caught Grace’s thorny whip with his bare hands.

This was none other than Feng or Ace.

Grace tried to get her whip free from Ace’s hand and also wanted to tear off his hand, but it was completely stuck in his hand and there wasn’t any trace of blood as well!

Feng chuckled coldly. “Young Lady Grace is indeed a thorny rose, beautiful but unapproachable. Consider this Feng fallen. But you can’t wave this thing around, or you might hurt your tender skin.”

Thomas nearly choked on his drink when he heard Feng’s words. He was ready to receive this attack, but he never thought Feng would intercept it and even shamelessly flirt with Grace.

“You scoundrel, you dare to tease me!” Grace’s entire face was blushing heavily.

She never experienced this kind of humiliation before in her own house, and now she was at a loss for what to do besides attacking Feng.

“Enough!” Miler’s stern voice sounded and shoot a vicious look at both Feng and Thomas before he looked at his sister and said, “We’re retiring!”

He looked at Feng and Thomas again and said hatefully, “I’ll remember this. I’ll see you two in the gathering!”

Miler clearly threatened both of them to take revenge on the gathering for three weeks for now, since he can’t deal with them on his own. This didn’t mean his cousins from the ocean demon tribe won’t!


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