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Eternal Thief – Chapter 358: Free Tribes of Nature Bahasa Indonesia

Thomas merely chucked seeing Miler leaving and wave his wineglass and said with a grin, “Cheers, young master Miler!”

Miler’s cold harrumph sounded, but he didn’t turn around and quickly leave with sullen Grace.

Thomas finally looked at Feng and said with a knowing smile after he looked at those dumbfounded busty maids in Feng’s arms, “Brother, you’re indeed a player. Why don’t you come and drink while we chat about life?”

Ace felt his Thomas was quite amusing. He didn’t know which tribe he belonged to, nor did Feng have any memory of this demon tribe, but his character was quite to his liking, and he even lends a hand despite knowing Feng’s status.

Ace looked at those two maids, who were bewildered by what he did. He knew Feng would’ve never dared to offend the cloud demon tribe so bluntly, nor he would flirt with Grace like this, so their confusion and shock were justified.

He said, “You two go to your room. I’m going to drink with Young Master Thomas and don’t forget to come to my room at night, understand?”

Flora and Dolly quickly snapped out of their stupor and quickly nodded before leaving shyly, but Ace could tell those two were hatching something. But he didn’t have time to mull over it for now.

Thereupon, Ace took the seat right in front of Thomas and, without his concern, Ace picked up the red alcohol bottle and pour a full glass for himself and drink it before saying, “Good liquor!”

Thomas was somewhat baffled. He never thought Feng would be this boorish, but he couldn’t help but grin widely since he also liked straightforward characters like Feng.

He waved his own wine glass toward Feng and said, “It’s nice to meet someone like young master Feng. You’re nothing like rumor describes you to be.”

Feng also waved his glass and beamed, “It is also nice to meet young master Thomas. It seemed you have quite a status yourself since even Miler is afraid of you.”

Thomas merely smiled. “Nothing worth mentioning. I’m still no match for Young Master Feng’s fearlessness and luck with girls.”

Ace knew this guy was talking about those two busty maids and how he teased Grace and chuckled, “Nothing special, I don’t believe you can’t get women with your… soul cultivation, I’m I right?”

Ace deliberately whispered the last part with a faint smile on his face.

Thomas’s smile suddenly vanished and shocked surface in his calm, white eyeballs. “You can sense my cultivation?”

He couldn’t help but ask in wonderment, he knew there weren’t many who know about his cultivation path and only those with at golden Qi river core realm or above can see through the nature of his cultivation and he could easily sense Feng was a peak Qi river cultivator, not a soul river!

That’s why he was shocked when Feng easily see through the nature of his cultivation.

Ace smiled faintly. How could he not feel those soul waves deeply hidden around Thomas with his soul sense? That’s why he even bothered to sit with Thomas beside his interesting character.

He wanted to know how Thomas’s tribe was left alone with a soul cultivation technique without getting wiped out by greedy demons, and why Miler was afraid of Thomas.

Although he wanted to use his soul probe, he wasn’t sure if Thomas would sense his soul Qi since Thomas was a peak soul river cultivator and Ace never used his soul probe on a soul cultivator and this wasn’t the time to take such a risk just to assuage his curiosity.

That’s why he revealed his discovery to Thomas, so he could make it clear he was not simple as Thomas think he was!

Ace said, “Hehe, is there any reason I should not be able to sense your cultivation?” He said while sipping on the strong liquor, which was quite enjoyable.

Thomas’s expression finally returned to his calm self, but this time he didn’t seem aloof as before. He didn’t dare to take Feng as a breeze anymore. A demon who can sense his soul cultivation and remain unfazed cannot be simple!

He said with a calm smile, “It seemed I belittle young master Feng before. Let me introduce myself properly. My name is Thomas <anno data-annotation-id=”1382839f-12ff-f973-6628-9dfc1b22db07″>Cheveyo</anno>, from Cheveyo Demon Tribe of Spirit Mountain Range.”

Ace’s eyes flashed in an understanding as he said, “You’re from wildness?”

Although Ace never set foot in those mountain ranges surrounding the provinces, the wild demon tribes were quite famous for being vicious and ruthless, they didn’t interfere with the royal demon council or demon provinces and didn’t provoke anyone unless someone look for a fight first.

All these demons living in the cities called these tribes ‘Wild Tribes’ and look down on them and even called them uncivilized barbarians. But no one dared to provoke them because they were all united and if they truly become annoyed, they’ll start a war with these demon cities, and they weren’t pushovers at all.

Even the Demon Emperor had given all those tribes their special status as Free Tribes of Nature and no one could bully them as long as they didn’t break any laws of Almighty Demon Empire and this was the exact reason these wild tribes respect and revere the Demon Emperor as well and consider themselves the part of Almighty Demon Empire.

But Ace never thought he would meet someone from the wildness, and it seemed this demon had a very high status in those mysterious tribes, and even Miler was afraid of him. He became more curious about these Free Tribes of Nature.

Thomas smiled and nodded. “Heh, yes, I’m from wildness, but that sounds too coarse. We called ourselves tribes of nature, the title his imperial majesty bestows upon us.”

“Please forgive my rudeness, it’s my first-time meeting someone from Free Tribes of Nature, but it seemed even you guys couldn’t resist the temptation of this upcoming trial, huh.” Ace candidly said with a smile.

He wanted some information from Thomas about wildness and those tribes that lived there and after discovering Thomas’s soul cultivation; he knew those wild tribes weren’t simple, and they might be more powerful than these demon duke tribes. It’s just that they don’t have any ambition or there just wasn’t anything here that interest them!

Thomas didn’t deny Ace’s words and nodded in affirmation, “Yes, we don’t want to miss this chance to see the royal zone as well. That’s why many of our brothers sent out in different dukedoms, so we can move toward king domains, even we can’t enter there without a marquis or duke.”

Ace nodded in agreement, but he ambiguously said, “I can agree with young master Thomas’s plight, but I still don’t believe they won’t give an entry to a soul realm cultivator from free tribes, right?”

Thomas’s eyes shone mysteriously before he neither denied nor agreed and answer, “Who knows since we never have any contact with provinces and even if it’s true, I like the liveness of these provinces and I personally prefer to move in groups.”

‘Heh, what a cunning fellow, he clearly knew who Feng was and even Miler knows who you are, and you’re saying you won’t come in contact with provinces, I should’ve held on to Miler’s memories and not discarded them so soon after extracting what I want.’ Ace felt pity that he won’t be able to guess the reason behind Miler’s fear.

Nevertheless, since he now knew Thomas’s identity, he can always keep an eye on these wild races.

“Hehe, my eyes are truly opened, Sir Thomas. I never thought I would meet someone like you here, and my view about your tribes is completely changed!” Ace wave his wine glass toward Thomas.

Thomas waved back and smile, “Not just yours, but mine as well. I never thought there would be someone worth befriending here.”

“To new and old friends!”

Thomas toasted, and Ace accepted.

However, both of them were looking at each other with calm smiles to see through what was hidden behind their smiles.

Thomas suddenly said in a harsh voice, “Since we become friends, I have something to tell you, believe it or not, it’s up to you.”

Ace’s eyes narrowed. This was too sudden, and still said, “Let’s hear it.”

Thomas said, “Your maids are not so simple.”

A sharp glint flashed in Ace’s eyes. ‘This guy’s senses are too sharp.’

However, he merely chuckled and said, “I can handle them.”

Thomas felt Feng didn’t believe him by his calm expression, but for some reason, he felt Feng already knew about this and his words harbor a completely different meaning, but he wasn’t sure, so he didn’t speak any further.

But he still felt Feng was worth befriending, and he felt his prowess was also worth having on his side for a special reason. He clearly knew Feng’s status in the ocean demon tribe, so he gave him another piece of advice, just for his own selfishness.

“Brother Feng, I don’t know if you know this, but if you have an individual noble demon title, others have to think twice before moving against you!”

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