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Eternal Thief – Chapter 347: We Called Demons! Bahasa Indonesia

At this moment, the mysterious demon spoke, “How much can you extract?”

Everyone became confused by this strange question, as they had no idea about what he meant by ‘extract’ and Henrik suddenly felt a chill run down his spine when he saw Killer was glancing at him with those icy pitch-black eyes.

Killer, on the other hand, seemed to understand what this question meant and answer candidly while looking at Henrik, “He’s at the peak of Early Golden Qi Soul Realm, so I can only extract about fifteen percent of his memory before he’ll die!”

A hint of understanding flashed past those soul manifestation realm experts when they heard Killer’s answer, while Henrik’s face turned ashen.

They were simply talking about soul-searching him like it was drinking water!

They all knew a soul search was the cruelest method to kill someone and also gained information. But they also knew the higher your cultivation, the harder it was to soul search someone and the chance of getting what you want was extremely low before the other party died or turn into a vegetable.

Furthermore, the soul cultivator like Henrik had a very powerful soul, so it was even harder to soul search them if they put an absolute resistance, which anyone who didn’t want to die will naturally put.

However, this was still a very cruel method. That’s why it was completely forbidden to use publicly, but now this mysterious demon was talking about it like it was nothing big deal.

Those High Elders and Blade Demon King started to understand why this guy wanted to distract everyone’s attention from this place and even put such a formation in play so no one could enter or exit.

Harold’s complexion was only slightly better than Henrik’s because he had a very good impression of Henrik, and he was also a soul realm cultivator, just like Henrik, but this Imperial Highness seemed to don’t care about cultivators like them.

“Please show mercy, my lord, I have done nothing wrong, this was all just because I was too careless and let that thief…” Henrik instantly pleaded because he could tell the other party had meant to really kill him or soul search him.

However, Henrik’s pleading was cut short by two words from the other demon, which sent him into the pits of hell!

“Kill him,” He said those words without any hint of emotions behind his voice.

No one could see just what kind of demon was hidden behind that mask!

Before anyone could react, a twisted voice of someone’s neck being cracked sounded in the silent vicinity of iron demon city, and the next moment, Henrik’s lifeless body fell backward from his kneeling position.

Everyone’s heart turned cold because they didn’t see how Henrik, a soul realm cultivator, died in an instant. While those soul manifestation realm’s cultivators’ eyes narrowed, they clearly knew it was very easy to kill someone like Henrik with their cultivation realm.

However, this was still a soul realm demon with a demon marquis title to his name. But it seemed this imperial highness didn’t care about it all, and they knew everyone in the royal zone looked down on the common provinces, but it still felt terrible.

Blade Demon King had an ugly expression on his face because Henrik was from his fief and a soul realm demon marquis of ocean demon tribe, and the old ocean demon duke was his very loyal subordinate.

But he can’t do anything right now. This left an unpleasant taste in his mouth and if not for the other party being stronger and having a superior status over him, he would’ve started fighting!

After Henrik’s tragic death, the thief symbol from his face suddenly vanished without any trace, and the Killer and the masked demon were also watching this.

The masked demon spoke again in an impassive voice, “It seemed this hex can’t affect or shift on someone else after the victim’s death nor does it seem to have any kind of attacking ability, and it didn’t activate its function without the caster.

“Which means this Hex was at least an advance level hex magic, and we’re dealing with an Advance Hex Master, with minimum cultivation of Soul Realm.”

Everyone finally understood why he killed Henrik. It was just because to probe the hex prowess, and it seemed he had a very high evaluation of it.

But he still killed a soul realm cultivator without batting an eye just because he wanted to examine the hex, which showed everyone this demon was too cruel and decisive!

Blade Demon King spoke at this moment with a stern voice, “How can, Your Imperial Highness, be so sure about this?”

He was simply asked for an explanation for why he had to kill Henrik just for this simple reason. They were thousands of victims. They could still achieve the same result just by killing them as well.

White Sword merely sighed, seeing the Lunatic Blade questioning someone from the royal zone, and others also felt this guy really deserved his title as a lunatic.

The other party didn’t seem to mind Blade Demon King’s rude question and answer coolly, “It’s very simple actually, the hex magic is divided into four ranks: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Flawless. The higher the hex magic rank, the more powerful a hex will be and the more control the hex master had over it as well.

“You see, if this hex was cast with either beginner or intermediate hex magic, then it either activates on its own or it started to spread in the form of a dark mist which also caused the hex master who cast it a backlash.

“But nothing like this happened, which made this an advanced hex, and only a demon with the Hex Demon Bloodline can achieve advanced rank proficiency over hex magic. No other race.

“Because without the hex demon bloodline, you’re simply courting death if you practice Hex Magic. It seemed Demon King is unsatisfied with this demon’s death?”

Everyone was shocked by this revelation because they didn’t know much about the Hex Demon Race since it was completely destroyed by the royal family thousands of years ago.

But it seemed this hex demon race was really dreadful, and it was indeed possible for them to challenge the royal family for their authority as the monarchy of the demon race.

However, they still failed, and this also showed just how fearsome the royal demon family was!

As for his last words, it made everyone tense and those high elders shot warning gazes at Blade Demon King to keep his mouth shut, but would he listen?

Blade Demon King honestly replied, “If your imperial highness knew this much about the Hex Demon Race, then you’ll also know how to break these hexes, right? There wasn’t any need to kill a soul realm demon, a strong pillar of our race.”

“Heh, Blade Demon King’s upright reputation indeed precedes His Majesty. But you’re wrong this time because there isn’t any panacea for advanced hex magic, and we didn’t know what that advanced hex was capable of.

“Who knows? It was a mind control hex and slowly take control over his mind without him or anyone knowing about it, and then he’ll be directly under the control of that hex master. So, killing him painlessly was showing him the mercy of sort.”

He spoke in a meld voice without showing any hint of anger that Blade Demon King questioned his decision and even called him ‘His Majesty’, which was a kind of recognition toward the Blade Demon King.

However, everyone was shocked by his words, and they felt real dread for this hex demon race for the first time and understood why this race was eliminated and why the royal zone sent someone from the royal family to deal with this matter as quickly as possible.

Blade Demon King’s eyes shimmer with understanding, “I understand. Please forgive my previous rudeness.”

However, those two sides who were listening to these bigwigs’ conversation were gobsmacked when they heard words like ‘Demon King’ and then ‘Blade Demon King’.

Who was a demon king? A god-like existence in the eyes of these tribes and he was standing right in front of them and speaking so respectfully with the other party, this naturally scared them shitless, and they finally understood just what kind of demons had come to this little place, and they even forget about the tragic death of Henrik!

Now they understood one thing: no one can resist these demons, no one!

The masked demon merely chucked and said, “Heh, Demon King, do you know the one and absolute rule of our demon race?”

Everyone became confused since they’re many such rules, not just one, and Blade Demon King also the same and truthfully replied, “Please enlighten this King.”

It was Killer who replied with breathtaking killing intent that only a real cruel demon could have,

“Never Forget We Are Called ‘Demons’!”


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