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Eternal Thief – Chapter 346: Advent Bahasa Indonesia

Two days after the Noble Tribe Title War between Iron Demon Tribe and Dark Gibbon Demon Tribe was voided.

This news reached almost every city in the Ocean Demon Duchy and from some unknown source, everyone found out that this event was related to a thief called Sky Stealer.

The most frustrated about this event was none other than Demon Duke Livy because he lost a massive face when the public found out a mere thief has stolen the Left Ocean Spear storage ring and even done something ghastly with his face.

Furthermore, he also got the letter from Henrik himself that he better not took any strange actions since this was related to the enemy of the entire demon race, Hex Demons. At least not until the royal demon council made a decision.

This left Livy extremely infuriated and helpless because he just wanted to get rid of the incompetent Iron Demon Tribe, and the reason for this was also the appearances of different thieves from their city.

He didn’t even bother to investigate and directly decided to eliminate the city with an official war.

But he never thought this matter will blow up so much so that a Hex Master would appear causing a tremendous commotion during a noble title war and even dare humiliate his tribe by stealing from Henrik and using a hex on his face.

Moreover, Livy was even more incensed about the appearance of the New Moon in his territory without any prior notice and made the decision to report this matter to the council without his concern.

Typically, it was supposed to be him who had to report this, but he was clueless about this entire thing until Henrik’s letter came.

Now, Livy can not only do anything, but he doesn’t even dare to go to the Iron Demon City because this matter was related to a Hex Master and this might implicate him since that hex master has appeared in his duchy’s second-largest city!

So, to take a minimum damaged, Livy didn’t go and wait until the council was done with their investigation and then feign clueless about this entire matter and dump it on the Iron Demon Tribe.

However, he knew even if this plan worked, he would still have to suffer from Blade Demon King’s punishment, since it also affected Blade Demon Tribe but not as much as Ocean Demon Tribe.

Livy, in the end, had no choice but to seek advice from his father, the Old Demon Duke who was currently one of Blade Demon King’s generals, because only he can save him if things went awry.

On the fourth day,

A stunning announcement was made by the Royal Demon Council which make every demon’s heart skip a beat for an instant, and this news was not about the Iron Demon City Incident at all.

This news was more of an announcement, an announcement directly from the Royal Zone!

It was about the mass recruitment of young demons with soul realm bloodline grade potential, and all the details were made public.

This stirred the entire demon race living outside the royal zone. It was almost every young demon’s dream to go to the royal zone; it was akin to their dreamland.

But alas, it never happened before. However, now this heaven send opportunity was given to them, how could they let it slide?

Every large demon tribe started to prepare their youths for this ‘Demon Gate Trial’ going to start in twenty-four months.

Even those hidden demon tribes that seldom made contact with the outside world started to move.

This opportunity was simply too hard to miss, and this also start a large movement in the mighty demon continent.

This announcement greatly affected the resource prices, pills, weapons, and talismans… which made the merchants even happier.

Everyone seemed to completely forget about Iron Demon City as if nothing mattered any more than this Demon Gate Trail.

This was also the result the demon council wanted to achieve for some reason as well!

The Iron Demon City had no idea about this huge announcement, as it was deliberately done to achieve such a result.

Both armies were now waiting for the Royal Demon Council’s decision, and Henrik was monitoring both sides.

The Iron Demon Tribe was shrouded in gloominess because things were looking grim for them after what happened.

While the Dark Gibbon Demon Tribe seemed quite cheerful as if they were victors and just waiting for the last order to take control of the Iron Demon City.

At this moment, Henrik, who was sitting on top of the city wall, frowned and took out the cube Harold handed him before leaving.

He saw two carriages enter the perimeter of the eagle surveillance formation and those carriages were nothing but ordinary because they were moving without any demonic beast. They were the size of a small house!

Both carriages were without any emblem, but they were clearly made with special materials.

Henrik didn’t dare to neglect these two carriages coming this way because he knew no one would dare to come here except the royal demon council.

He quickly descended the city wall and go toward the destroyed city gate to welcome these carriages.

Everyone’s attention was drawn to these special carriages when they come closer, especially Dark Gibbon Army, who was staying outside the city wall.

However, at this moment, something beyond everyone’s expectations happened.

Everyone saw hundreds of dark beams shooting toward the sky, releasing from one of the carriages and within seconds, a dark veil started to cover the golden sky like black curtains.

After a few moments, the entire Iron Demon City and ten-kilometer area around it were completely sealed within this dark veil, completely cutting off both tribes from outside.

Henrik suddenly started to feel uneasy, and other tribes’ elders as well showed worried expressions.

But they all can only insure themselves by thinking that this formation was for the thief, not for them.

It didn’t take before both carriages stopped right outside the broken city gate and both doors slowly opened.

One after another, nine demons disembark the carriages, two from the first one while seven from the other one.

The first two demons were wearing black masks while the other seven weren’t and each one of them has distinguished appearances like the old demon with fire ears and the old woman with a black gem on her forehead.

Henrik, even one knows of those seven demons, it was none other than New Moon who was gone to the royal demon council four days ago!

“Is he the one with a hexed face?” the demon, with a mask covering his entire face and eyes, asked deeply, without giving Henrik any chance to greet them.

Harold didn’t dare to delay and quickly nodded in confirmation, “Yes, your imperial highness, he’s the demon marquis who was affected by the hex demon!”

Henrik was shocked when he heard the ‘Imperial’ word and knew this person’s identity was extraordinary. And dropped to his knees and said, “Henrik Ocean, greeted His Imperial Highness!”

Henrik’s action was clearly noticed by both sides, and they all followed suit after him with a hint of awe in their eyes.

However, the person himself seemed completely oblivious to all this as his deep voice sounded again, “Show me your face.”

Henrik hesitated for a moment before taking off the mask from his face, revealing the thief symbol.

The demon with pitch black eyes, Killer, suddenly narrowed his black eyebrows seeing the thief symbol while those five high elders and Blade Demon King standing behind also curiously see the thief symbol.

“This is blunt disrespect toward our royal demon council!” Lora couldn’t help but exclaim with a hint of anger after reading the Thief Farewell Note.

Even White Sword, who rarely showed any extensive emotion, was frowning. This was really a slap toward noble demons.

Truth be told, they were all here because of this mysterious Imperial Highness, or they would never come to such a place themselves.

After the shocking second announcement, they all wanted to prepare for the upcoming Demon Gate Trail post hastily and even wanted to suppress the news for a month to get an advantage over others.

But this demon didn’t let them and made them release the news all over the continent and only after the news was made public did he move toward the Iron Demon City, dragging all the soul manifestation realm experts of Royal Demon Council and even Blade Demon King with him.

Those wily old demons weren’t fools, and they quickly understood this demon didn’t want the others to pay attention to this place and distract their attention with the huge announcement.

But they still didn’t understand just why he didn’t want anyone to know about this and had no choice but to follow his command.

They even confirm his identity when he gave the ‘Imperial Order’ about the Demon Gate Trail to them and this made it even clearer that his identity was too special, so they can’t just refuse his request upfront.

At this moment, the mysterious demon spoke, “How much can you extract?”


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