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Eternal Thief – Chapter 334: Noble Tribe Title War Start! Bahasa Indonesia

Over an hour passed and New Moon with his Snow Fall Wolf come back after he investigated those mysterious explosions. His brows were tightly knit together in a deep frown as he mulled over something while calmly sitting over his mount.

Thereupon, Henrik appeared close to his carriage. He had a nasty expression on his scarred face, and his eyes were filled with murderous intent. He was just like New Moon. Even after searching thoroughly, he found nothing except fire and charred craters.

There wasn’t any hint of anything alive there, nor any lingering aura. Furthermore, the perpetrator did a meticulous job setting this entire event. It was quite clear that he knew what kind of formation he was dealing with and its weak points.

This made Henrik even more confused and enrage because all these signs were pointing toward a traitor who knows about Demon Eye Formation. Yet, he was helpless since he didn’t know who could that person be since few knows about demon eye formation and all of these demons were loyal subordinates of Duke Livy.

Henrik even thought that Little Purple was the traitor, but alas, he was now a stiff corpse, so he can’t question him either. Which only left him with one option, and that was to accept his punishment when he goes back and reported this to Duke Livy!

The search parties of Iron Demon Tribe and Dark Gibbon Demon Tribe were also returned empty-handed at this moment.

New Moon spoke at this moment, “We should not delay the war challenge any longer, or you know the consequences of delaying the challenge for your own benefits or reasons.”

Although this situation was quite messy, he still didn’t know if the person who cause these explosions was his target or not. But he knew whoever it was, that person was extremely cunning and probably wanted to achieve something by destroying the ocean demon tribe’s monitoring formation. As for what he wanted to achieve, he did not know.

Nevertheless, New Moon was a demon duke, and he knew what these challenges represent. It wasn’t just them who were watching this, but this challenge was registered in the royal demon council and approved by them.

So, if this challenge was stopped or delayed even by one day, the evaluators have to answer and probably suffer harsh punishments. Even the demon kings weren’t exempt from this.

The Royal Demon Council was absolute in Almighty Demon Empire, and this council’s orders were akin to the order of the royal zone!

That’s why New Moon didn’t delay this war challenge anymore because if the news reached the royal demon council, and he knew it will, not even Mist Demon King can plead for him.

Henrik took a deep breath and suppressed his indignation. He knew what New Moon was getting at, and he also didn’t want to get ‘summon’ by the royal demon council. The punishment from Duke Livy was already enough on its own.

“Thank you for your reminder, Demon Duke, New Moon!” Henrik really meant it. He could tell this New Moon had kind intentions, that’s why he reminded him.

He could also feel New Moon was an upright character just by the way how New Moon didn’t decide to just watch from the sideline and decided to directly involved himself in his war challenge after he become an evaluator.

Even though New Moon was not here with kind intentions, he was still kind enough to not push him around with his superior strength and title. Henrik greatly appreciated that.

“You two return to your positions!” Henrik coldly looked at Elian and Dustin.

‘It’s finally starting!’

Bother parties have this thought, and they quickly rush toward their posts after bowing toward New Moon and Henrik.

Although they weren’t able to win these two bosses’ favor, it doesn’t matter since it was depending on luck. However, the war which was about to start solely depend on skills and strength!

New Moon nodded in approval when Henrik quickly control his emotions and felt quite pity that such a demon was not working under him.

After everyone returned to their armies, Henrik infused his voice with Qi and spoke.

“I, the first evaluator, hereby, declare this war challenge officially begins!”

After that, both New Moon and Henrik left in opposite directions, so they could observe from both angles.

New Moon, at this moment, pulled out an exquisite white cube filled with blue runes. He quickly activated it with his Qi and all the runes on it lit in blue light before twenty small blue runic plates started to appear from the cube forming a circle.


New Moon commanded before all twenty runic plates shot toward the sky and scattered all around the Iron Demon City. And no one could see them in the sky because they were completely synthesized with the golden sky.

‘Although this Eagle Surveillance Formation burns a huge amount of peak-grade-2 Qi stones, yet with this, I can easily find an anomaly if it appeared in this formation range.

‘Anything at or below, Qi Diamond River Core or Early Stage Golden Qi Soul Realm can’t hide from this formation detection. Let’s see if that Sky Stealer is still hiding here or not!’

New Moon’s lips curled into a demonic smile when he thought about his target. He came prepared and from the mist demon king resources; they conclude the thief was still here hiding in the city because this entire region was closely monitored by the all-knowing parrot, who would not let any fly escape.

That’s why he was sent here to capture that thief and bring him back to the demon king, either dead or alive!

Ace was watching all the drama unfold from a corner. He was quite far from both soul realm cultivators’ detection.

After Henrik’s official declaration of war, Ace saw Henrik and New Moon were moving in different directions, and coincidentally, Henrik was coming on his way while sitting on the roof of his carriage.

‘Well, this makes it somewhat easier, I guess!’ Ace thought with a faint smile.

However, at this moment, his soul sense rang in alarm and his heart sank. He ran in the opposite direction of the city wall, and only when he was a thousand meters away did that sense of danger go away.

Ace gloomily looked toward the sky with his soul-shattering eyes. Although he saw nothing abnormal, he could vaguely see undulations emitting on a small scale.

‘Another surveillance formation and much stronger than the demon-eye formation. This must belong to that New Moon guy!’

Ace’s expression wasn’t too good when he sensed this formation will be able to see through his stealth, and if he was a little bit later in running, that new formation would’ve spotted him.

Ace saw Henrik didn’t react in any way, which meant he didn’t notice this formation. Ace’s soul sense had become much stronger after he unlocked the secret part of his soul cultivation technique.

Furthermore, this formation was weaker toward soul cultivators and that’s why Ace was able to timely detect it, or if this formation was a soul surveillance formation, even his soul sense could not pick it up and only his heavenly sense might be able to detect it.

Ace again had to thank his luck for this time, but he also knew he can’t always depend on luck and when one day his luck would run out, he’ll be doomed!

Nonetheless, Ace knew a soul type formation was too rare and his chance of bumping into one was quite low since no one will be willing to use it, on a mere thief like him as long as no one deemed him worthy.

Because a soul formation fuel on rarest, ‘Soul Stones!’ which were even rarer than soul materials!

Every time a soul stone appeared, it will be instantly snatched by soul cultivators or rune crafters, no matter the rank. These soul stones were only sold in big auctions in King Domains.

Ace watched Henrik stop four hundred meters away from his position, which was still under the detection of this mysterious formation. He can’t enter this formation vicinity no matter what, or he’ll be courting death!

At this moment, the booming sounds of war drums rang in the area, which draw everyone’s attention.

It was a sign that the war was about to start.

Ace also looked at hundreds of thousands of dark gibbon demons scattering in different war formations, while the Iron Demon City Walls were now filled with archers.

Tray could be seen holding a bronze longbow, standing solemnly at the very front of these archers. His eyes were as sharp as a hawk’s while he coldly looked at the enemy army.

“Archers of Iron Demon Tribe, let’s shoot those bastards down as soon as possible and go back to our homes to enjoy some alcohol afterward!” Tray declared as he pulled the string of his magnificent bow, and a bronze vivid Qi arrow formed.

Everyone knows this was the signal of the bloody tribe war getting started!


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