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Eternal Thief – Chapter 335: Weapon Intent! Bahasa Indonesia

Dustin smirked at this moment when he saw Tray and other archers were going to shoot a rain of arrows, and coolly commanded, “Stonewall!”

More than thousands of green fur dark gibbon demons come forward and place their hands on the ground and instantly a stone wall started to shoot up!

However, Tray didn’t seem to faze by this stone wall and merely chuckled coldly.


The very next moment thereafter, thousands of Qi arrows were darted toward this giant army like light rainfall.

Tray’s arrow was pure bronze color and the moment it came in contact with the dark gibbon tribe’s defensive stone wall, it instantly punched an enormous hole in it and easily penetrated the green gibbon demon behind it, killing it on the spot. But this wasn’t the end. That bronze Qi arrow was still vigorously moving toward the army behind.

“Just a mere trick!” at this moment, an old gibbon demon with a long gray beard scoffed. He was mounted on a three-meter tall war bear, which meant he had a prominent position in the dark gibbon demon tribe.

He coolly waved his hand as a powerful emerald Qi appeared, forming a defensive barrier right before the bronze arrow.

When the bronze Qi arrow clashed with the emerald barrier, it instantly caused a huge booming sound before the bronze Qi arrow finally shattered into bronze light particles.

However, this wasn’t the only casualty of this first arrow attack, although the other arrows weren’t as strong as Tray’s, some of them still manage to blast past the stone wall and killed hundreds of green-furred dark gibbon demons.

This clearly made the Iron Demon Tribe the winner of this first exchange, and it greatly raised their morale, while the dark gibbon tribe’s army wasn’t as cheerful as before.

Dustin clearly notice this change and commanded, “Elder Loral, Elder Bale, Elder Yun, I want you three to accompany Gianni in destroying that city wall, while Elder Kole will deal with that third level silver river core archer!”

Gianni smiled broadly when he heard his father was going to send him in. He looked at Tray and the other archers like he was looking at a clown. “Heh, they’re using bow and arrows in a war of cultivators? Do they retard? Let me teach them a lesson!”

Without any hesitation, he controlled his vicious war bear while emitting a powerful pressure of peak silver river core cultivator. He was closely followed behind by a female elder and two male elders, while the elder who just stopped Tray’s bronze arrow was at the very end. He was Elder Kole.

Elian quickly react when he saw Gianni and three strong cultivators break out of the formation.

“They’re coming for the city wall. Brother Uriah intercepts them with brother Tray and Gianni. You and your dark iron clan can start with your assassination plan. Make sure you succeed in one go. We won’t get another chance.”

Everyone solemnly nodded their heads and quickly began to move.

Gianni, the leader of the dark iron clan, was clad in a completely dark outfit and there were nine more such demons. After getting their orders, they quickly vanished from their spots.

They were going toward the hidden passage inside the city wall. This was their plan to stealthily exit the city wall from the hidden passage and assassinate Gianni, who had an earthquake element.

Elian and Dustin didn’t move, since it wasn’t the time for them, nor did they move their armies. Elian had an immense advantage since his tribe’s army was completely safe right behind the city wall, while Dustin’s tribe army was right in the open.

That’s why destroying the city wall was the top priority of the dark gibbon demon tribe, or they can’t take advantage of their large army.

This was one of the reasons the war challenge was so difficult. The defender had a clear advantage of home ground, while the challenger had to work its way through all the defensive measures of the enemy.

That’s why only the most powerful tribes dared to issue a war challenge for a noble tribe’s title while gaining it from the royal demon council was very difficult. Only those tribes with huge potential and achievements were qualified.

Ace closely watch this first exchange of these demons and was baffled because he thought they would instantly clash together, causing a huge chaotic battle, but other parties seemed to play it safe and conscientiously decide the next move.

Even he felt this battle was worth watching. He had never seen an archer in action before, and he could tell Tray was a very powerful and experienced archer, and the other archers also seemed trained by him.

‘Only an expert can nurture an expert.’ Ace nodded in understanding.

However, his eyes suddenly shifted toward the grand carriage of the ocean demon tribe and Henrik, who was also closely observing the battle, while deep in his own thoughts.

Ace didn’t forget about his own target while enjoying the grand show of war. But he didn’t dare to move around carelessly because of that surveillance formation put up by the New Moon.

He couldn’t spot the New Moon shadow or his mount, but he knew that the wolf guy was watching from somewhere. He can’t get within the radius of this formation or his stealth will become useless.

‘If I can just shorten our distance to two hundred meters, I have a chance to pickpocket this blue guy’s storage ring and complete the system mission. But I won’t be able to return to my hideout, and I have to escape somewhere else.

‘However, Noa was still inside the hideout and if I don’t return, she might come out and, with that formation, she’ll be instantly found out. I have to warn her!’

After thinking of this point, Ace quickly issue a mission that was more of a warning message. He didn’t want Noa to get captured, he won’t be able to rest if that happened.

He simply issued a mission titled, ‘Stay Put until I come back, and some more instructions. Likewise, he finally sighed in relief that he thought about this quickly, or he would’ve regretted it.

‘Now, I don’t have to worry about her.’ Ace’s focus again returned to Henrik and start thinking about how to lure him out of this formation range or enter himself without arousing any suspicion of the New Moon.

While Ace was still in stealth and observing Henrik, he had no idea about two small palm-size birds resting on two different trees near to him. Those two little ‘harmless’ creatures were also watching Henrik and the war battle with their intelligent, bubbly eyes.

They didn’t seem to see Ace because of his stealth, but they can see everything else very clearly.


At this moment, a huge booming sound rang in the area, drawing everyone’s attention toward the war again.

Gianni had a huge smirk on his furry face as he stood tall on the war bear’s back while the hundred-meter area around him was trembling and earthquakes were keeping coming.

However, those elders around him were completely steady and coldly looking at the cracking ground and city wall.

The Iron Demon Tribe started to panic when they felt the tremulous wall under their feet.

“Shoot that fur face brat!” Tray roared out loud as he shot multiple bronze Qi arrows toward those five, followed by thousands.

Gianni disdainfully looked at the rain of incoming arrows and coolly said, “Elder Kole, I think it is your time to shine.”

“Heh, I’m no longer young anymore, Young Lord. It’s the stage for young people to shine.” Elder Kole merely chuckled.

But the next moment, his dark gray eyes shimmered with emerald Qi as a long dark saber appeared in hand.

The very next moment, a magnificent scene played out, which left everyone breathless.

Thousands of emerald sabers started to materialize right above elder Kole, however, these emerald sabers had a white sheen on their blades, and they were almost vivid.

“Grand Sabre Rush!” Elder Kole utter coldly and all those sabers instantly clashed with that arrow rain instantly cutting it apart like some vegetables, not even Tray’s arrow held against these sabers’ lights.

Elian’s expression suddenly changed when he felt the deadly refine aura of those saber lights and quickly barked, “Everyone dodged at all cost those sabers had ‘Weapon Intent’ in them, only ‘Weapon Intent’ can go against Weapon Intent!”

Alas, Elian was too late with his warning and all those saber lights slashed past those archers, cutting them like vegetables. No one could resist, only Tray escaped with two ghastly slashes on his chest and shoulder.

More than thousands of Iron Demon Tribe’s archers died just because of a single person’s attack!

Everyone’s focus turned toward the old gibbon demon elder holding a dark saber with a tranquil expression on his wizened face, but there was a hint of contempt in his eyes as he looked at the pale Iron Demon Tribe!


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