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Eternal Thief – Chapter 268: Detain in Mighty Demon Continent! Bahasa Indonesia

Mighty Demon Continent was the home of the demon race which, according to rumors, can go toe to toe with the Devil Race and the difference in strength between these two mighty races wasn’t too great.

However, for some unknown reason, Demon Race never strive for the first spot, and neither were they hostile toward Devil Race. On the contrary, the relationship between these two races was quite friendly.

This left every other race perplexed and because of this exact reason, no one dare to offend either of one race because they would have to suffer the wrath of two races together and these two races were already strong enough to destroy any race, alone!

The Mighty Demon Continent wasn’t divided like human’s azure wind continent, nor did there were different fractions. This continent was unified under the banner of the Demon Emperor, who was known for his cruelty even toward his race.

But everyone knows this was the nature of demons. Anyone with powerful fists can get a status in Demon Race. But this rule only applied to a member of the demon race and if any other race dared to cause trouble or harm any demon, the entire race would become united, and the offender had to suffer the retaliation of the entire demon race!

This was what makes the top three races of Golden Sky World so scary. They stand up for their own and remain unified against a common enemy. Although other races were also like this to their own, they didn’t have means or prowess like Devil, Demon, and Ancient Hunters!

Right at this moment, Ace was lying flat right in the middle of a demon city’s street.

All those demons were shocked and terrifying when the hooded Ace with two black swords appeared out of thin air, right in the middle of this crowded street. They were all prepared to struggle for their lives, but this ‘intruder’ didn’t do a thing, as he just ‘lay’ there like some retard.

So, this naturally aroused those curious demons’ curiosity because every big demon city like this was protected by a powerful defensive formation, and it was night impossible for other races to enter without startling the guards.

Which also gave all these demons the wrong impression that Ace was a wounded demon who somehow appeared here in the process of escaping for his life.

That’s why they also didn’t attack him and watch him with pity. This was one of the rules of the demon race. No one can attack a wounded fellow demon unless he was a traitor, criminal, or in a duel with another demon.

However, they can’t help this ‘demon’ either without an investigation or they will suffer serious punishments if this demon they helped turned out to be a criminal or someone who just run away from an ‘honorable demon duel’!

At this moment, loud footsteps filled with imposing auras rang in the crowded street.

“Quickly, clear the way the Demon Guards are coming!”

A path between the demons split opened and ten tall, sturdy personnel clad in black heavy armors and holding towering spears and halberds quickly surrounded Ace as they released their oppressive deep auras of Qi Bronze Core Realm.

Ace’s heart palpitated who watched these ten small giants like demons surrounding him, and he felt even more dread from each one of them than Gordon, who was a peak silver core cultivator!

‘So, this is the second-strongest race, Demons. Even these guards were at Qi river core realm!’ Ace thought bitterly. He knew he won’t be able to escape this time around, even if he was in his optimal condition.

He finally understood just how ‘safe’ the lower lands were, and he never thought he would miss them this soon after leaving them!

“Lose the hood and show your face or suffer the consequences!” A three-meter-tall demon holding a halberd sternly declared as his purple eyeballs behind the black helmet were as cold as ice. He was probably the leader of this small group of guards.

‘A wise man knew when to retreat.’ Ace didn’t take his chances and decided to corporate obediently.

The thief’s trainee hood instantly vanished into his thief’s space, as well as the hundred-face deception mask.

Although he knew he doesn’t have to worry about this mask since no one will be able to see through it as long as there weren’t a martial sense of Qi Soul Martial Cultivator and Soul Sense of Soul River Core Soul Cultivator.

But Ace knew he wasn’t in the lower lands anymore, and he will be going to encounter a Qi soul cultivator sooner or later, and who knows he might encounter them here since just these ten guards were this powerful who know how powerful would be their superiors!

Ace didn’t know this decision of his storing the mask away save him from a hell of pain because these demons guards have powerful inspection grade treasures on them, and they could’ve instantly seen through his disguise!

The moment Ace’s long coat vanished from his body, Ace’s extremely handsome, actual appearance with no disguise entered everyone’s view. But alas, those demons didn’t appreciate it at all.

“That’s not a demon!” someone in the crowd quickly exclaimed in astonishment.

“Then how did he appear inside Ocean Demon City without triggering any alarm?!”

“Who knows, maybe he’s a spy from some race and was punished by Demon Emperor for holding malicious thoughts towards our demon race. Don’t you see his pale face? He deserved to die!”

Those curious demons’ expressions instantly turned hostile after seeing Ace wasn’t from their race, and he was probably an invader from other races to ‘spy’ on them.

Those ten guards’ eyes also turned icy as thick killing intent was released and locked on Ace. If he dared to move now, they’re instantly getting rid of him.

“Detain him and take him to the dungeon for interrogation. If he resists, cut his limbs!” the demon with halberd commanded the other nine demons as it looked at Ace with a hint of killing intent.

‘These demons are as fierce as the records say. It’s not like I can do anything to them, but they’ll probably kill me if I try to move.’ Ace smiled wryly and didn’t dare to even twitch. It’s not like he can, though.

One of the nine demons took out a long golden rope and insert his Qi into that rope as it instantly come alive. The golden rope quickly ringed around Ace, completely restraining him.

Then the golden rope even lifted Ace from the ground like some rag doll. Those ten demons quickly left with pinion Ace, who was hovering behind those ten demon guards.

Ace was astonished as he had never seen this kind of rope before that can even lift someone, and he felt quite comfortable despite behind pinion. Furthermore, he was feeling dreadful about this golden rope, and he could discern if he resisted or play any trick, he will not like the outcomes.

As they were taking Ace toward the dungeon of the Ocean demon city, Ace was examining his surroundings.

The Ocean demon city was much grander than the human cities, as they were tall buildings with beautiful interiors. But the actual differences were strange statues on every street and those local demons bowing to them whenever they saw them.

Furthermore, Ace saw strange carriages moving with no demonic beast or mounts and there were many demons in armors moving around the city caring all kinds of weapons on them.

It was truly an eye-opener for him because in all those records he gained from three giants, demons were supposed to be bloodthirsty and fierce. Always fighting with each other and many strange things like this, but after seeing himself, Ace found out it was all but bullshit.

These demons were just as civilized as humans and probably more advanced than them as well because how could a race always fighting with each other can become number two in the race ranking, right?

However, what Ace didn’t know was, demons had many subspecies in their ranks and these blue skin demons were very civilized. Likewise, he has teleported very close to the core region of the almighty demon continent and the meaningless fighting wasn’t allowed here, nor did those fight hungry subspecies of demons.

If he was sent a few thousand miles east from this place, Ace would’ve been dead within a few seconds because there live the bloodthirsty demons. Those were real savages of the demon race, and they won’t even spare their kind, much less an intruder like Ace who appeared out of nowhere!

A large black gate surrounded by towering walls entered Ace’s view and above this gate was golden writing in demonic language on a three-meter rectangular black timber, “Ocean Demon Duke Mansion”.

Ace’s eyes instantly contracted as he felt a mysterious pressure from these words or more accurately from that black timber and the pain in his soul slightly spiked. He pivoted his eyes away. But his heart suddenly raced as he thought,

‘A soul-type material!’


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