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Eternal Thief – Chapter 267: Teleported?! Bahasa Indonesia

Ace didn’t know what happened, but when his consciousness was almost on the brink of exhaustion, he suddenly felt a strange warm power enter his cold limbs. Abruptly, after that, he felt he was in the middle of a vortex.

‘What is happening?! Is this a path to hell?’ Ace thought as he finally regained some of his stability. But he still can’t seem to open his eyes, and he could only feel his surroundings.

Furthermore, Ace still assume he was dead, and he didn’t know about the activation of the life coin.


Ace groaned in pain when his body suddenly landed on a rocky surface. ‘Why can I feel pain even after death?’ Ace knew something was not right as he tried to open his eyes.

To his elation, this time, his eyelids responded to his wishes and, with some difficulty, he opened his eyelids. However, the very next moment a deadly pain attack his head and he knew he was not dead as he could feel his mind space and martial space.

But he was horrified when he saw the problem of that deadly pain. It was his true soul because it was full of cracks and his orange soul core was missing half of its core!

Before it was like a full moon, now it was more like a half and even the reaming core was also on the verge of breaking.

Ace guessed this was probably the aftermath of Gordon’s last attack. ‘It almost shattered my true soul. I’m afraid, if not for the soul core taking most of the damage, I’ll be dead. No… I should be dead, but somehow, I managed to survive. Didn’t this mean I’m still in that old man’s hand?!’

Ace instantly became anxious when he thought about it and in that intense soul pain, he again opened his eyes with extreme difficulty while enduring the soul’s pain. Even if he was alive as long as he was in Gordon’s hand, there was no point in being alive at all.

However, Ace was flabbergasted when, with some difficulty, he observed his surrounding with his blurry eyes. He saw a crowd of remarkably tall humans surrounding him, and they were babbling something that he can’t understand since his ears were ringing because of pain.

‘Where is this place?! Did I escape that old man, but how?!’ Ace was now even more perplexed as the pain intensified even more, ‘What the hell is going on?! Wait a moment, with this kind soul injury, why the hell is I’m still awake?!’

Ace finally notice this point and the very next moment he heard the system’s voice, which clear some of his confusion.

[Random Teleportation Life Coin has been used!]

[Host has been teleported to a random location!]

[Temporary healing effect cooldown: 499:59:58]

[Warning: Host soul has been greatly damaged and the healing effect of random teleportation coin can not completely heal host’s true soul. The host has five hundred hours to heal the true soul, or the life coin temporary effect of holding the true soul together will be exhausted. This will cause the host’s true death. Please refrain from using any soul skill before healing the soul core completely, or the temporary effects will be weakened tremendously!]


Ace finally understood what has happened and how did he had survived that sure-kill soul attack. His soul pain was also reduced to a tolerable level after this notification.

‘So that life coin wasn’t a scam after all, but my condition is really grave, and I only have less than twenty-one days to at least heal my soul core, or I’ll be really dead this time around, and by system tone that life coin will not save me again.

‘But that life coin is really a life-saving treasure, and I’m glad I bought it at that time. I should buy the reaming two after the shop opens again. But first I have to find some treasure that can give me soul points, this is the only way I can fast heal my soul core.’ Ace mused, he knew he had only this way to heal his soul quickly since the soul-related treasures will not be going to work on him typically.

‘But where the hell I should find those soul treasures? They’re just too damn rare, and I still have to deal with that old man. He will probably go after me if he found out I’m still alive. But foremost, I have to find out which kingdom I’m teleported to since this life coin can only teleport me to a random location.’

Ace still didn’t forget he was right in the middle of some street, and he was still wearing his thief’s trainee hood and his swords were still in his hands.

Now that his soul’s pain was bearable, he quickly stored those two swords in his thief’s space first, and his eyes also become clear. He finally has a close look at the surrounding people.

However, Ace’s eyes contracted in alarm when he saw the ‘people’ surrounding him. He felt he was dreaming or hallucinating because of his damaged soul. He closed his eyes and circulate his Heavenly Darkness Qi and opened his eyes again, but the scene in front of him didn’t change at all!

In front of him were a crowd of ‘people’, their heights were completely abnormal as the shortest of them was 1.9-meter-tall while the tallest of them was probably reaching almost three meters!

But what Ace was truly horrified about was, these ‘tall people’ skin color was completely blue, furthermore, they all had two bovine-horns of different sizes on their foreheads, as for their eyes they were completely light blue, and they didn’t have pupils!

Ace’s heart palpitated, seeing all those pairs of blue eyeballs curiously looking at him as if he was a rare monkey. He wanted to quickly stand on his toe and run, but because of his soul injury, he couldn’t move right now, and he needed some more time before he can move around, much less run.

However, he had a terrible feeling seeing all those ‘people’ and he knew something has terribly gone wrong during his teleportation.

‘Bastard System, where the hell did you just throw me?!’

Ace wanted to cry right now as he looked toward a completely dark golden sky which compared with the sky of middle-level lands… it was like comparing genuine gold with a fake half-ass imitation. He also noticed the density of Qi was thousands of times richer in this place as well.

Although the system has said the life coin has teleported him to a random location but this ‘random’ seemed quite an underrated word, seeing he was probably teleported out of the azure wind continent!

Ace even had some idea where he was. He had seen some records about this peculiar race which grow horns on their forehead exactly like these ‘people’ surrounding him in three giants’ secret records, but he didn’t want to believe it. Since it was too damn unbelievable to teleported to an entirely different continent, and if his guess was right, this was ‘the’ continent, not just any continent!

‘Why the hell is my luck so bad? I messed up even a random location!’ Ace complained in his mind as all the happiness of escaping Gordon’s alive vanished in smoke.

After his encounter with Gordon, Ace knew the world beyond the borders of lower lands was much more developed, and he was probably living in a remote village all this time.

But he never expected to throw right in the middle of this scary continent, which was like a hegemony compare with the human continent!

“Clear the way, the Demon Guards are coming!” Someone in the crowd suddenly exclaimed, with a hint of fear and respect in his solemn voice.

Although this language was foreign, Ace could clearly understand it because of his ancient god language, because all the languages were originated from it.

This was more like a supernatural ability of a person who could understand and speak the language of ancient gods, and Ace had it from the start, but he never paid much attention to it. However, now that he could clearly understand this foreign language like a fluent listener, he finally understood, this was quite handy at a time like this.

However, he wasn’t happy at all because this concludes this guess was indeed right after hearing the word ‘Demon’ and he knew he was in huge trouble!

‘Bitchy system, you fucking send me to ‘Mighty Demon Continent’ of all the places in this vast world?! If you want me to suffer, just send me to ‘All Devil Continent’ and be done with it!’

Ace didn’t care about the system, had just saved his life because it probably made it much worse right now.

As the name suggests, the Mighty Demon Continent was home to Golden Sky World’s second hegemony race, the Demon Race!

Ace preferred to send into hell than Might Demon Continent!


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