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Eternal Thief – Chapter 215: Everyone Out Of Shadows! Bahasa Indonesia

“[When a Golem successfully evolved into a real Golem Leader, it can awaken a special trait that can help it see through anything within fifty meters area around it. Even the host’s extremely weak heavenly sense.]

“[The Quasi Leader host just killed was about it evolved, and the host was already in fifty meters area around it and the moment it locked on host it was almost impossible for Host to escape a catastrophe!]”

Ace started to sweat profoundly when the system revealed the reason behind the previous warning. He could guess if that golem locked on him, and with fifty powerful golems under its control, it was impossible to escape without using his trump card.

The corner of his lip spasmed when the system called his Heavenly Sense extremely weak, but he didn’t retort, since it was true.

Ace vowed to be more careful of unknown things like this in the future and keep a long distance, so he could escape at a moment’s notice.

Now that he had killed a Quasi-leader-level Speed Golem, he was only less than ten miles away from the mysterious circle.

To Ace’s surprise, he found no more golems in ten miles radius, and he was disappointed about it somewhat, but he didn’t forget his actual target and those after him.

After an unknown time, an area shrouded in emerald clouds came into Ace’s view.

‘Clouds like mist, is that the mysterious circle?’ Ace mused.

The cloudy mist was not leaking inside the inner circle and this create an obvious line between the two circles, it was phenomenal just how it was even possible.

It also reminded Ace of the first elemental orb’s location, there was also a boundary of mist created by the light orb. But this emerald mist was on a whole other realm than that mist, it was the difference between earth and sky.

Furthermore, this cloudy emerald mist seemed to hinder his soul sense and even his heavenly sense, he can only sense and see around fifty meters in that cloudy mist.

‘Well, if even my soul senses were hindered by this mist, I wonder if it would affect those Qi river core cultivators senses.’ Ace mused with an ambiguous smile, ‘I need them all to enter this mysterious circle, and only a proper motivation can make them!’

Ace took light steps toward the mysterious circle and when his half body was inside, he felt an extremely dangerous feeling from this mist. Only after he used ten times more Soul Qi did he keep himself unharmed.

‘Sighs…’ Ace sighed heavenly and took back his step and removed his body from the cloudy mist.

‘I can keep this soul barrier if I give up on using heavenly sense, but without it, I have to rely on my soul sense, which can’t detect those golems. If I used both of them together, I can only maintain them for six hours before I have to stop using one of them and replenish my soul Qi again.’

Ace carefully calculated for a while, since it concerned his absolute safety. Using only soul Qi was a big problem for Ace right now because it put too much strain on his body.

If he was a Heavenly River cultivator, it would be no issue for him to keep up this kind of soul Qi depletion easily, but he wasn’t at this moment and this makes things much more complicated.

Furthermore, if the concern was just this cloudy mist, he can easily maintain a balance between recovery and depletion, but sadly I wasn’t.

There was probably much more danger there than inner circle and Ace might need to use his soul abilities at that time his estimated six hours might reduce to 5, 3, or even 1 hour.

As for using the martial Qi, he didn’t dare to since it can be easily detected by inner circle-level mist, much less this cloudy mist which was over ten times more powerful.

“Hahahaha… I finally found you, thievish bastard!” A peal of hysterical laughter that was filled with vengeance, resentment, abhorrence, and madness rang in the silent inner circle.

Ace turned around nonchalantly since he already knew who this person was, if he wanted to escape he could’ve done it a few moments ago when he sensed this person’s soul signature entering his soul sense range, yet he didn’t do so.

Standing twenty meters away from Ace was non-other than the Leap King, who looked like a bagger with tatter clothes and disheveled hair. His aura was extremely weak as if he has been through an enormous battle.

But the hatred in his eyes burn deep and vagarious when he looked at the hooded figure.

“And who might this gentleman with a vile tongue will be?” Ace teased the pitiful Leap King.

Leap King’s pale face twisted with intense fury as he might explode at any moment after hearing that question. He wanted to chop this bastard into a million pieces, but he didn’t dare to attack.

Although he hated Ace to the core and was enraged at this moment, he still knows about his weak condition. Just reaching this point took all of his efforts, and he was still using the last remaining Qi to keep himself from being affected by the mist here.

If he dared to attack it would be over for him and no one could save him, he didn’t want to dig his own grave and then berried himself in it afterward.

Besides, he had a backup!

A vicious glint flash past the Leap King’s eyes as he roared, “I’m the one who you robbed everything from!”

“I robbed many people, I’m afraid I don’t remember all of them.”

Ace was telling the truth, though. But he was also telling a lie since he remembered powerful ones and Leap King was one of them.

“Oh, are you the Cuckold King… I mean his highness, Leap King?” Ace mocked again, he even held back his laughter.

Leap King’s eyes instantly turned bloodred as if someone had just stepped on his tail and without even caring about his injuries and ‘plan’, he sprang toward and as blue water, Qi turned into ten sharp spikes.

‘Hmph…” Ace snored, seeing the incoming mad Leap King with ten water spikes and a sword in his hand.

He used the misperception step.

Leap King saw the thief didn’t even move to dodge, and it infuriated him even more, he thought he has been looked down upon.

“Perish!” With ten water spikes and a sword in his hand, he attacked at full force.

But alas, those peak level Qi river realm’s attacks only injured emerald mist, and the hooded thief turned into smoke the very next moment.

Since Ace was only a few inches away from the cloudy mist before, Leap King instantly enter the cloudy mist since there was nothing between him and the cloudy mist.

But before Leap King could even fathom what has happened and completely enter the mysterious circle, a dark light flashed past from the back of his neck.

Ace’s finger appeared two-meter left from his previous position like nothing has happened.

[Host killed a Complete Qi River Stage Human]

[Reward: 1,500,000 EXP]

[EXP: 60 Million/100 Million]

[Elemental Orb:0/1]

However, this kill notification was proved that everything that happened was as real as day and night.

Ace grinned seeing the notification and snorted coldly thereafter while looking deeply at the inner circle, “Well gentlemen, how about you all come out… your companion seemed to be in a hurry, so I don’t think he will join you guys anytime soon.”

‘Clap, clap, clap…’

The resounding voice of loud clapping rang the silent area.

“I had to admit it, I’m impressed…” Lan’s voice full of praise rang at his moment, but there was a hint of mockery in it, “I never thought in my life I would say it to a thief, nevertheless.”

Ace saw Lan, Alvin, Ridge, and Damien King walking at the same place where Leap King was standing just a few moments ago. He was very familiar with Pill Flame Organization due but not with these two newcomers.

“If it isn’t his highness Craft Elder Lan, it’s a real honor to be praised by such a grand figure.” Ace patented to be humble.

He has probed many memories of nobles in these past few days, and he can easily mimic anyone he wanted to with his experience in acting and continuously improving his mimicking skills.

It was related to his survival, so he can’t slack off in this department even if he wanted to.

The quad silently looked at the infamous Sky Stealer, they can’t see through his cultivation since Ace wasn’t disguising his Heavenly cultivation base at this moment.

Before anyone in Lan’s group make their move, Ace nonchalantly stated with a sarcastic voice.

“Hehe, six gentlemen from Nightmare Ghosts, how about give me some face and introduce yourselves?” Ace’s head turned slightly to his right with an amusing smile.

Lan’s party face turned ugly when they heard the Nightmare Ghost’s name, and they also looked in the direction where Ace’s head was.

At this moment, six black-cloaked fingers appeared thirty meters away from Ace!


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