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Eternal Thief – Chapter 214: Regret It Very Soon! Bahasa Indonesia

At this moment, in the middle of the inner circle, sounds of fighting were echoing in the area.

“Just where the hell do these things keep coming from?” The Damien King’s frustrated voice rang as he killed a Stone Golem with a white long sword.

“Something is wrong with these damn monsters, they’re as hard as seven-star treasures.” Alvin was also quite frustrated, five Stone golems surrounded him.

“Die!” The red spear in his hand left afterimages, and presently it pierced through five stone golems chests.

After encountering these golems so many times, they also notice they have some weaknesses, and they just have to find and exploit them afterward.

“Stop complaining like girls, quickly clear these things, so we could catch that burglar. He won’t be too far now!” Lan scoffed.

At this moment, Ridge has just killed two Stone golems with his broad sword when suddenly sense incoming danger with Martial sense.

“Hmph!” He harrumphed coldly and twisted around while his broad sword shone with a metallic sheen, a powerful aura of a Qi river core cultivator released.

Ridge, swing his broad sword ruthlessly at this moment and the phantom-like Speed golem was instantly cut in half. The four of them finally saw just what this thing was because its speed was as fast as the newly advanced Qi river core cultivator.

“It’s the green monster, and it’s just at the Qi river source stage!” exclaimed Damien King with shock.

“It seemed more surprises are waiting for us.” Ridge’s eyes constricted when the half-Green monsters healed since he didn’t break those two gemstones.

“Stay down!” Ridge sneered, and two sharp metallic streaks released from his fingers and hit the emerald gemstones in Speed golem’s eyes.

To everyone’s shock, they didn’t break instantly and only left a deep mark!

Ridge’s face fell when he saw his metal element Qi didn’t manage to break mere gemstones, and outsiders even saw it. His eyes turn cold and looked at the almost healed Speed golem.

Before, he only used twenty percent of his actual power. He again released two rays from his fingers, and this time they had a silver sheen.

The gems instantly turn to dust, and the Speed golem becomes a puddle of mud.

“Let’s go!” said Lan and they move further inside the Inner circle.

The three Qi river core cultivators of Nightmare Ghosts and Marc’s group that joined them a few hours ago were now moving together.

They were facing the same difficulties as Lan’s party, but they were much better since they had three peak stage Qi river cultivators and not normal ones at that!

Yet, their pace was the same as Lan’s group because Marc and his two sword maids needed to rest after a while because the Qi replenishing effect inside the inner circle was too slow, and they had to use Qi stones.

Either way, both parties were determined to capture that hateful thief who keep leading them by finger.

While everyone was resenting Ace, he was almost at the edge of the inner circle’s other side and was very close to the deadly Mysterious circle.

On his way, he didn’t spot new powerful Golems and only encounter more speed golems of the Qi river source stage as he was closing into the mysterious circle.

But Ace wasn’t afraid of this at all, and he was elated about it since these Speed Golems were equal to 100k EXP for him.

He killed almost 400 Qi river source Speed Golems, and he no longer hunts stone golems and only hunts Speed golems now.

[Host killed a Qi River Source Realm Speed-Golem]

[Reward: 100,000 EXP]

[EXP: 58 Million/100 Million]

[Elemental Orb:0/1]

Ace looked at the accumulated EXP with shining eyes, and he managed to collect all these in a single day!

“This was four-hundredth one.” Ace mutter with ecstasy.

‘If I were alone, I would’ve hunted down every single Speed golem, but alas, I have to leave some for my ‘helpers’.’ Ace grinned widely.

If Lan and Marc’s group know Ace has deliberately left some Speed golems alive to hinder their pace, they would probably spit blood in anger.

Abruptly, Ace’s heart palpitated, and he quickly escaped far away from the spot where he just killed the last speed golem.

The very next moment thereafter, a group of fifty Qi river source speed golems appeared beside the puddle of mud.

Ace silently observed this group with his heavenly sense from twenty meters away.

In the very front of this group was a Speed golem, but its size was only 1.5 meters, and it was much refined not like those other golems look like made of mud. It almost seemed like a human.

Its emerald gemstones were also not just round anymore they were like actual eyes.

‘A new golem?’ Ace mused, ‘But it was like Speed golem and its cultivation was also at river source realm. But why does it appear so different?’

At this moment something astonished happened.

The new Speed golem utters some sharp sounds and those speed golems standing crudely suddenly surround him and form a wall around him. The new Speed Golem vigilantly looked around first before he moved right in the middle of the recently dead speed golem and the puddle of mud slowly absorbed in it!

‘This?’ Ace was startled, ‘This golem can command those speed golems, and he’s even absorbing that dead golem for some reason. Just what is this golem?’

Ace suddenly felt the rising aura from that Golem, which was immense in absorbing the remains of speed golem.

‘Is this some kind of Golem cultivation method?’ this fresh development intrigued Ace.

At this moment, a playful voice buzz in his mind,

“[If the Host didn’t kill that Golem while the Host still has the chance, the host will regret it very soon.]”

Ace’s brow raised and questioned back, “What do you mean?”

But no one was at home like always.

Ace’s brows tightly frowned together, even though he didn’t get an explanation, he can’t just ignore the warning coming from the system.

Before he was planning to just leave that thing alone after watching it for some time since it can easily control those golems which also means it has some intelligence, and it was not like those mindless golems.

However, now it was impossible for him to just leave.

His eyes turn cold as he looked at that sitting golem surrounded by speed golems wall. ‘I will regret it very soon, huh? Well, I might put some more effort into this then.’

Ace looked at the gloomy tree five meters away from those speed golems and like a monkey. No sound was made because there were no leaves on those gloomy trees. This forest was filled with these trees.

Now Ace was only ten meters away from the sitting golem, but he still didn’t take any chance and leaped inside the golem wall and making no sound he landed like an agile cat.

Ace was now surrounded by the terrifying aura of these fifty Qi river source speed golems, and it was hard to breathe. Wasting no more time, he sprang toward the sitting Speed golem from behind.

The sitting Speed golem abruptly open its emerald eyes as he sensed life-ending danger from behind.


Before it could even make a sound, two pitch-black blades were already penetrated its eyes. Emerald liquid was dripping from the black blades’ edges.

Those fifty Speed golems instantly sense their leader’s death, and they quickly turn around as all their gemstones’ eyes shimmered with dangerous lights.

But to their confusion, there was only a larger puddle of green mud with some emerald liquid mix within, nothing else,

No one was there because Ace has already escaped after doing the deed, and he was already five hundred meters away from the group of those berserk Speed golems.

[Host killed a Qi River Source Realm Speed-Golem’s Quasi-Leader]

[Reward: 500,000 EXP]

[EXP: 58.5 Million/100 Million]

[Elemental Orb:0/1]

Ace’s eyebrow raised after reading the name and getting half a million of EXP.

‘A golem leader, huh? Sighs…’ Ace sighed, this was just the inner circle and there were already many dreadful beings here, he wondered what would be inside the mysterious circle and shrugged for a moment.

But he still didn’t understand why the system said he would have regretted it very soon if he hasn’t taken the chance to kill the Golem leader.

“Hey, I already killed the Quasi-Leader, now can you tell me why it was so important to kill it there and then?” Ace tried his luck again.

This time, however, he got the answer but in the icy voice of the system.

“[When a Golem successfully evolved into a real Golem Leader, it can awaken a special trait that can help it see through anything within fifty meters area around it. Even the host’s extremely weak heavenly sense.]

“[The Quasi Leader host just killed was about it evolved, and the host was already in fifty meters area around it and the moment it locked on host it was almost impossible for Host to escape a catastrophe!]”


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