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Eternal Thief – Chapter 199: Theft The 1st Grade Kingdom! Bahasa Indonesia

Ace kept reading the Leap Queen’s stolen memories in sequence.

Suddenly a frown surfaced on his serene face because from her memories he discovered the Lighting Treasure wasn’t in the treasury since this woman has been there many times and only the King know where it was.

This means the treasure was with the King or hidden somewhere else in the Leap Palace.

Ace couldn’t probe the memories of a Qi River cultivator yet, which made this even more cumbersome. He stopped using soul probing and move south, deeper into the palace.

He was going toward the King’s Library, where the King would be at this moment, according to the Queen’s memory.

Ace encounter some empty Qi river royal guards, but he easily flickered past them.

After crossing a big corridor, a tall silver door came into his view. This was the King’s Library where only the Leap King can enter, not even the Queen can enter this place without his permission.

He used the runic eyes and just as he presumed, a formation protected the door, and it was probably a 6-mortal rune formation.

He also sensed a soul signature inside the library which was at the peak of the Qi river realm, it was most likely of the Leap King. Furthermore, there were two hidden Flowing Qi river cultivators in that large corridor.

According to the Queen’s memory, these two were the Royal Life Guards of the King, and they were always hiding in shadows, protecting him.

Ace know his limits and he wasn’t their opponent. Nevertheless, he was going to try stealing the storage ring of Leap King!

If this didn’t go well, he can always escape, since no one can stop him here. Others would probably assume him an assassin who failed in his mission to ‘kill’ the king.

‘I have till evening where this guy come out, with those two guards I can’t enter the library since I have to use soul-shattering eyes to open the formation and show myself. Waiting is more convenient.’ Ace mused. ‘Since I have time, I should do something. Oh, now that I already know where the treasury is, it would be impolite to just leave it with ‘paying a visit, right?’

A thievish smile appeared on Ace’s face as he vanished from the grand corridor, and his direction was the Leap Treasury!

Everyone in the palace knows the treasury was somewhere underground, but it was just a sham and this treasury was a dummy treasury to fool others.

The real Treasury was hidden in the throne room, right behind the golden throne, with an invisible and alarm array protecting it. Only King and Queen know about it.

At this moment, a black-clad figure in a hood appeared behind the throne. It was Ace.

Wasting no time, he used true and false eyes and found the arrays and their flaws. After using the second form of Treasure opening hands, ‘Two-Finger Key’ five times in succession, the array finally opened, reviling a golden door.

Ace had to use the soul-shattering eyes since there was a formation lock on the golden door. After finding flaws, he used the fifth form ‘Lock Tearing Key’ and the door opened with a click.

Behind the door was a vast space, and there were many colorful, shimmering lights. These were the treasures of leap kingdom, they accommodate many years!

However, Ace didn’t step inside right away and used the runic eyes, and just as he suspected there was a formation on the ground and an invisible formation barrier in front of him.

If he had entered right away, the formation would alert the entire palace and trapped him there until someone come and captured him. Well, he can also escape this, but he would be exposed too early, and he didn’t want that.

He used the soul-shattering eyes for ten seconds before he remembered the flaws. But this was his limit after entering peak stage heavenly foundation, anymore, and he will suffer a huge backlash!

With beads of perspiration on his forehead, he used the fifth form ‘Lock Tearing Key again on the barrier and a small opening appeared, and he entered the treasury while stepping on the flaws on the ground formation.

Seeing all those glittering pill bottles, rows of sharp weapons, one small mountain of peak Qi stones as well an enormous mountain of high-level Qi stones, Ace wanted to laugh out loud since this was the biggest loot he has ever seen till now!

‘Time to get to work.’ Ace thought with elation.

After fifteen minutes, Ace came out of the treasury with an ecstatic smile. He could not hide his huge grin as he stares at the notification he just received.

[Host has stolen treasures worth 74,000 TP]

[One Middle-Level Thievery has added to Thievery Count]

[First Middle-level thievery reward: 5,000TP & Basic-Talisman Crafting Technique (LOCK)]

[Thief Point(s): 109,000]

Truth be told, it was Ace’s first-time getting rewards from the system without doing any mission, and his thief points also crossed the threshold of one hundred thousand for the first time. That’s why he was elated

‘System what is this basic-talisman and why the hell is it lock? Are you trying to swindle me of my hard-earn reward?’ Ace asked with an unhappy tone.

How could someone not be dissatisfied when they ‘earn’ a free reward, but then someone just locked it away?

“[Host did not achieve Tier-1 Heavenly Rune Crafter Rank, that’s why the reward was locked. The moment, host achieve the Tier-1, the reward will naturally be unlocked.]”

‘So, this thing is related to rune crafting?’ Ace deemed and didn’t inquire any more, since now he knows he’ll get it when he reached the tier-1 rune crafter.

‘Thief Panel.’ Ace opened the thief panel after a long time.

[[Thief Panel]]

[Job [NOT Changeable]: Thief]

[Thief Name: Sky Stealer]

[Thief Title: Disciple of Darkness]

[Thief Rank: Novice]

[Thief Fame [Host and Symbol]: High]

[Thief Symbol: Dark Owl]

[Summoning Symbol: unlocked at the Popularity Level, Fame]

[Job Mission: 0]

[[Thievery Count Section]]

[Low-Level Thievery: 35]

[Middle-Level Thievery: 1]

[High-Level Thievery: 0]

[Thievery needed to reach next Rank: 500 Low-Level Thievery]

Ace was thrilled after seeing his fame has reached High-level, and he also got Middle-level thievery.

He needed [Popularity-level] Fame to summon thief’s symbol, and he was confident of achieving it this time around after he looked at the vivid big owl symbol on the treasury wall. It mysteriously appeared after he got the notification of middle-level thievery!

It was 10 meters large and deeply engraved on the center wall. However, there was a difference this time, there was golden writing on the owl’s sharp dark wings, ‘Sky Stealer’!

Ace guess it was all because of middle-level thievery, and the wording was also in the language of the golden sky world, not in the ancient god language the system used. This means anyone could read it!

Now he didn’t need to leave a Qi stone and everyone would know who the ‘artist’ was. After admiring the vivid owl symbol, Ace closed the door, and the formation arrays were instantly active.

Ace left the throne room and wait for his next target, the Leap King, to come out!

In the evening, the library’s silver door opened and a handsome middle-aged man in red King’s robe come outside. He had a 1.7-meter tall burly build, and he wore a tranquil yet complacent face. His eyes were like an intelligent hawk. This was none other than the Leap King!

The Leap King exit the library and the silver door automatically closed because of the formation. Without looking back, the Leap King walks out the corridor.

No one was following him, but the Leap King know his guards were shadowing him.

At this moment, a transparent orange thread as fine as a hair, meticulously move toward Leap King’s right hand where he wore a beautiful silver ring.

The fine thread was as if it has its own life, it moved without alerting the Leap King and gently wrapped around the silver ring!

The Leap King sensed nothing amiss as he continued to move with no care of his surrounding since he was confident in the security of his palace. Besides, who dare to sneak inside the palace of a 1st-grade kingdom in broad daylight.

Even, nightmare ghosts didn’t assassinate anyone in broad daylight.

While the Leap King was moving haughtily, he didn’t notice his cherished storage ring has been disappeared and an owl tattoo has appeared in its place!

In the corner of a corridor, Ace was looking at the invisible notification panel carefully while a silver ring resting in his hand. He didn’t dare to remove the Qi mark since it would alert the Leap King.

[Host has stolen treasures worth 43,900TP]

[One Low-level Thievery has added to Thievery Count]

[Low-Level Thievery: 36]

[Thief Point(s): 152,900]

Ace frowned and asked, ‘System is there any lighting type treasure in this ring?’

Since he can’t find out from the long thievery report, he directly asked the system!



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