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Eternal Thief – Chapter 200: Whereabouts Of Sky Stealer Bahasa Indonesia

Ace’s lips rose in an ecstatic smile when the system voice sounded in affirmative.

Since the treasure was in his hand now was time to leave the Leap Palace, before the Leap King realized his storage ring has gone missing and an owl tattoo replaced it.

Within a few minutes, Ace was already outside the palace, and he didn’t stop there and move toward the city’s gates.

Ace knew once the news of him being here spread, the whole mob of enemies will flood this place, and he had to start the preparation of his big plan post-haste before it happened!

Inside the Leap Palace,

The Leap King was strolling toward the Queen’s chamber with an ambiguous face. Today he was in a good mood because he just received the report of his youngest son reaching the last trial of Damien Royal Institute.

He was going to tell his wife the Queen about this good news and also ‘celebrate’ with her for the night. He subconsciously touched his ring finger because of a habit.

Like always, he expected a metallic touch but to his surprise, he only felt his warm skin.

The Leap King finally looked at his ring finger with a puzzling gaze and when his eyes landed on the ring, there was a strange bird tattoo, not the storage ring!

The King’s brain immediately ceased working for a moment, his widely opened eyes nearly left his skull while his whole body started to shake uncontrollably.

The very next moment thereafter, the King vomited a large amount of blood as his face turn ashen like a ghost.

“Your Majesty!” Two thunderous voices filled with stupefaction and trepidation sounded as two men clad in black armor appeared beside the Leap King.

They first thought it was an assassination attempt and released their auras to the fullest. But they didn’t find anyone.

When they finally looked toward the Leap King, they were stunned because the King’s face was twisted with madness and abhorrence. They never saw the composed Leap King like this before.

They didn’t dare to speak anymore since they could feel the thick icy killing intent rising from the King. Even they were afraid if they speak, he might kill them.

The King’s eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the owl tattoo with deep, thick aversion. He clearly remembered seeing this symbol months ago, and he knew who the owner of this symbol was. He sends a small party to search for him but never succeeds.

Never in his wildest dreams, he imagines this person one-day theft from him and giving him this symbol for a lifetime. The most infuriating thing was, he didn’t even know when that bastard stole the storage ring!

His murderous aura reached its peak, he shrilled in a hoarse voice and the entire palace heard it.


Those two guards’ faces were pale since they were closest to the Leap King.

The King’s words confused them when they also abruptly remembered hearing about something very astonishing months ago. They quickly looked at the King’s hand and their faces lose all blood when they spotted the owl tattoo.

“HOW?!” One of them couldn’t help but blurt out in befuddlement.

The Leap King controlled his chaotic emotions since he was a ruler of the nation and also a powerful peak Qi river cultivator, there weren’t many things that can jolt his emotions to this extent.

However, this calm didn’t last long when he thought about the treasury, and he sprang toward the throne room at full speed. Although the treasury was hidden, he still wanted to check himself to calm his agitated heart.

The king finally enters the throne room as he flipped his hand to take out the formation key from his storage ring when he spitefully remembered it was gone with the storage ring!

He nearly spat another mouthful of blood, but he calmed himself since there was another key in the Queen’s hand. He turned around to go toward the Queen’s chamber hurriedly when his steps frozen in the place the moment his eyes landed on the golden throne’s back.

There was beautiful writing that wasn’t supposed to be there,


“[Thank you for the generous gifts, I accept them all graciously, Your Majesty.

“Since I took his Majesty gifts, I am too ashamed to leave without giving something back.

“I’m giving you a gift of truth, and it’s hundred percent true, believing it or not is your problem.

“The truth is: Your Wife is sleeping with your brother for 19 years and your youngest son is also their ‘product’ not yours. Just go in your brother’s manor before night and in his bedroom, you’ll find your wife and him doing… if you know what I mean… hehe.

“Your loyal subject, Sky Stealer!]”


The Leap King finally couldn’t take it anymore and vomited two consecutive mouthfuls of blood after reading Ace’s ‘sincere’ message.

He was so angry, he laughed like a maniac with a twisted face. He knew the treasury has been compromised as well. Hundreds of years of accommodating treasures were gone as well as the national treasure in a single day!

“Why Us?! What we have ever done to you?!!!” The Leap King’s ashen face was filled with despair, hatred, and madness.

This was the starting of an unforgettable storm that the Sky Stealer was about to stir in Middle-level lands!

The very next the day, the morning was sunny and calm like every day, but the people weren’t because of two shocking news. Each one was more shocking than the other.

The first was the Flame Pill Organization announced, falling out with Nightmare Ghosts Organization. The reason was unknown, but the Pill Flame announced whoever deals with the Nightmare Ghosts will face their wrath.

No one dare to take this warning lightly since they knew what was the meaning of falling out with the Pill Flame Organization; their supply of pills and weapons will be cut off by them since all the alchemists and crafters were under their banner.

This news was the biggest news when another even more stunning news surfaced. The entire middle-level lands shake because of this.

This news was about the infamous thief, Sky Stealer who had appeared again, and this time he does something unimaginable. The Sky Stealer theft the entire Leap Kingdom Royal Palace and stole the Leap’s King storage ring right under his nose!

First, no one believes this since this was a 1st-grade kingdom not some 3rd-grade kingdom like the Regal Kingdom but when the Leap King publicly confirmed this claim, everyone exclaimed and many people began to feel uneasy.

Because if that thief can steal from a 1st-grade kingdom and escape right under a peak Qi river realm cultivator, this means he can also rob them, and they won’t even know until it’s too late, just like Leap King!

The Leap King also purposed a Union Meeting between the ten 1st grade kingdoms to hunt down the Sky Stealer before he targets them, and the response was very shocking.

Every 1st-grade kingdom agreed, even the Damien Kingdom, within three days and this meeting was going to be held in the Leap’s Place in a week!

The Leap King also does something very shocking the very day he purposed the meeting, he executed his wife the Queen, and his younger brother!

Furthermore, this wasn’t the end of it, the Leap King also eradicate the Queen’s entire clan and disown his youngest son!

No one knows the reason behind this madness, but everyone thought that the Leap King has gone mad, and he was no longer suitable for the ruling. But everyone’s opinion changed when the news leak from the Leap Palace.

It said the Queen and King’s younger brother were found doing adultery by the King and the youngest son was also not his and born from the younger brother of the King!

Everyone thought after that the King’s actions were very reasonable, and no one called him mad anymore.

Even with all this shocking news together, the appearance of Sky Stealer took the top, and he became even more mysterious in others’ eyes.

Nonetheless, the thief’s whereabouts were exposed, and he was now in the 1st Grade Lands, and he didn’t seem to be afraid of anyone!

Some people called him a degenerate, some called him a liberator, some people even called him a Judge because he only steals from those in power, but these people were very low in number, and most of them were from the lowest social class.

Many poor youngsters or those who were injustice by the system tried to imitate the Sky Stealer, but they didn’t have the skills and got caught by the guards. Those who succeed leave traces behind and meet with a fate worse than death.

Those in higher positions quickly hid these ‘little’ incidents.

However, now everyone in power could tell if no one stopped the Sky Stealer the consequences will be very dangerous and unimaginable!


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