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Eternal Thief – Chapter 194: Dangerous Feeling Bahasa Indonesia

After leaving the flame library, Grey guided Ace to the pavilion’s lane.

They both leave the Flame Palace’s main gates and walk in the direction of the genius lane that was closest to the flame palace.

From time to time they would see alchemists moving past them and every one of them looked toward their direction with great interest since Ace was led by Grey a flame captain.

Those curious gazes did not bother Ace, and he was enjoying the lush greenery like he was on a promenade. He was in a good mood after finding something so interesting like Life Plexus inside the library.

After walking for some time, Ace spotted an exquisite seven-story building and a notable crowd of people outside, like they were waiting for their turn to enter. This piqued his interest since this was the first shop he spotted after leaving the Flame Palace, and it looked quite popular.

“Is there something unique about that shop?” Ace asked Grey.

Grey nodded slightly in affirmed, and she answered, “Yes, that’s the Green Flame Pavilion of Miss Green Flame. She is the number one alchemist genius of middle-level lands and one of the Azure Alchemists’¦”

She told Ace about the amazing history of Green Flame and her rise as well as her unique position in Flame City.

Ace was astonished after hearing about this Green Flame and her reputation. He wasn’t interested in alchemy, but even he could tell this girl was indeed a genius.

If he knows that this was the niece of the same woman who chase him near the sky-changing border and also the mastermind behind those wanted posters, who know how would he feel.

“I can buy anything with Qi stones, right? Or do I need CP?” asked Ace.

“Since this is a private shop, you can use Qi stones.” Grey also added, “However, please bear in mind Green Flame Pavilion is number one shop in pavilion’s lane and everyone in this shop either Miss Green Flame’s help or work under her. This makes them very conceited, that’s why sometimes they charge double from the actual price and get away with it since no one wanted to denigrate Miss Green Flame.”

Ace understand Grey was alerting him, and he wasn’t surprised about it in the least bit. He merely smiled underneath that mask and keep walking toward the busy Green Flame Pavilion.

Grey didn’t know what Finn was thinking, since he didn’t make any comments. With every passing movement, this person with the slave mask was becoming more mysterious.

Ace didn’t enter that short line since Grey already told him they were here specific for Green Flame, not for the shop. He crossed the doors and enter the lavishing shop with Grey behind him.

The interior was very attractive and spacious, there were many glass displays with different colored pills bottles, and medical herbs behind them. Three green robe alchemists were standing behind a big counter and many white-robes alchemists were attending to the customers.

One thing that was worth noticing was every working alchemist in the shop was a beautiful woman.

Ace was amazed after seeing all these alchemists working like some servants with no shame or grievance.

“Sir Flame Guard, may I help you?” A beautiful white robe alchemist with round face approach Grey with a smile on her fair face. She didn’t even glance at Finn since he was only a Qi gates brat.

Grey looked toward Finn and was astonished after seeing he didn’t seem bothered at all, “I’m not your customer. He is!” She pointed toward Finn. She knew this would happen.

“HIM?” The petite girl finally turns around and looked at Finn with naked disdain. “What do you want?”

She asked with an aggravating tone. She didn’t know who this masked brat was, but since he was with a flame guard; she has to give him some face. If he wasn’t, she would’ve already kicked him out.

This girl’s rude conduct did not bother Ace, and he calmly stated, “I need a map of Flame City.”

“Just map?” asked the girl.

“I can only afford a map.” Finn chortles.

“Hmph’¦” The white robe alchemist girl snorted with disdain and go to fetch the map. She wanted to do this task as quickly as possible, so this bumpkin could leave.

Ace completely ignored this ‘attendant’s’ hateful glare and scan the shop. With his soul sense, he felt a powerful presence on the upper floors. He found it very normal since this was such a famous shop. He was more interested in those pills and herbs behind those glass displays.

Everyone one of them was at least at the Green rank and this was just the first floor, there were positively high-rank pills on the upper level of this shop, and he wanted every one of them!

“10 high-Qi-stones!” The girl was back with a white silk scroll in her hand.

Grey’s eyes narrowed hearing the price, she knew this map’s price wasn’t this high and this girl can’t demand the payment herself since that counter wasn’t for just show, but she keeps her silence. She wanted to see what Finn do and would only help if he asked.

Ace didn’t even bat an eye and placed ten crystal-like Qi stones on the table. He could sense the other ‘attendants’ know this girl was breaking the rules but didn’t reprimand her.

‘Heh, I’m looking forward to my next visit.’ Ace thought with a faint sneer.

It displeased the girl when she saw Finn didn’t even respond since she would’ve mocked him, however, now she handed the map without playing any tricks even she knows when to stop, and she didn’t forget about Grey who did nothing all this time.

Ace place the map inside his thief’s space with other maps and turn around to leave since he already measures this shop’s wealth and their strength!

Grey followed Finn with no words when she saw him suddenly stop and noticed him quiver for a brief moment.

Ace’s eyes were wide because he suddenly felt a nefarious aura for a moment from the upper floors!

He quickly recovered his composure and start moving toward the exit again.

Grey wanted to inquire about what happened just a moment ago, but Finn look fine now, so she said nothing and kept following behind him. However, she noticed Finn was walking a little faster than before as if he was in a hurry to leave.

‘What happened to him? Is he finally angry?’ Grey made a wild guess, ‘It has to be it.’

Ace on the other hand was feeling very agitated and wanted to go back because that presence he felt for a moment was extremely dangerous. It was his first time feeling this kind of danger, one has to know even Alvin or Lan didn’t cause his soul sense to react this way.

‘Just who was it?’ Ace thought with a grim face, ‘If that presence wasn’t concentrated on something else it would’ve discerned my soul sense!’

Ace knew his soul sense was never wronged before, and he was even confident that no one here can pinpoint it. However, after sensing that presence he wasn’t sure anymore.

‘That soul signature was clearly of someone at Qi river realm, but it was even dangerous than Qi River Core cultivators! There were three more Qi river realm soul signatures close to that person.’ Ace mused.

“Sir Black Fox?” Grey’s loud voice pulls Ace out of his deep thoughts.

“Ah, yes?” Ace looked at Grey.

“I was asking where you want to go next? Is everything alright?” Grey was now sure that something was going on with Finn after seeing him absent-minded for the first time.

“No, we’re going back. I needed to go in secluded, I had an epiphany about the realm wall1 just a moment ago, so I don’t want to miss this change.” He lied.

“Oh, then we have to hurry back.” Grey thought this had to be the case for Finn’s strange behavior.

After half an hour they finally returned to the VIP area and all the way here Ace kept thinking about that strange encounter at Green Flame Pavilion.

Just when Ace and Grey were about to go inside the building, someone stops them between their steps. It was a tall man in flame guard armor.

“Flame Captain.” He greeted Grey with common courtesy of the organization and look to Finn the next moment before saying, “Flame General invites sir, Finn for a chat.”

‘What does he want now?’ Ace brace himself before following the Flame Guard, telling Grey to wait for him inside.

Since Alvin’s place was next to his, it didn’t take Ace long to reach there, and it was almost the same as the courtyard he was staying in.

“Flame General is waiting for you.” Said flame guard, and he retreats after leaving Finn outside a room’s door.

Ace was about to knock when a commanding voice sounded from the other side, “Enter!”

Ace took a deep breath and open the door, he didn’t know what Alvin wanted from him, but he could vaguely guess; it has to be something to do with leaving for high-lands!


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