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Eternal Thief – Chapter 193: Green Flame Pavilion Bahasa Indonesia

The pavilions’ lane only exists in the Damien Kingdom’s Flame City.

Everyone knows that only powerful and experienced alchemists and crafters can have a shop in this particular area of Flame City.

But what most of the people didn’t know; this pavilions’ lane was also a training ground for geniuses among alchemists and crafters.

The pavilions’ lane was divided into two areas. The first area was from where the pavilions’ lane starts, ‘Entry Lane’. The second area was closest to the flame palace and only cover five miles of 20 miles long pavilions lane, ‘Genius Lane.’

This genius lane was the area where only genius among alchemists and crafters obtain shops for free. Only people with bronze or silver VIP tokens can hire these alchemists and their price was sky-high.

Even if they failed, one still has to pay half the decided fee!

But people with high statues still come here despite the sky-high price because these geniuses were from pill flame!

These geniuses were relatively young and some of them were even sent here from high-level lands to gain experience!

The most famous shop here was the Green Flame Pavilion, run by the number one alchemist genius of the middle-lands, Green Flame!

Five years ago, this young girl appeared in this flame city and at that time she was only a blue rank alchemist and her age was only 18. And just a year after coming here, she achieves the Azure rank and becomes the youngest Azure Alchemist in middle-lands!

Her fame spread far and wide and nowadays, everyone knows who Green Flame was, and they even called her the Alchemist Queen of the middle-lands!

That’s why no one dares to offend her nor cause any trouble in her Green Flame Pavilion.

The Green Flame Pavilion was distributed into three unique buildings, a shop, living quarters, and a workshop. The shop was seven-story tall with a beautiful outer appearance and the inside was even more lavishing.

On the top floor of Green Flame Pavilion’s shop,

The interior was decorated with beautiful marble and different medicinal herbs in beautiful glass vases were used as a mere decoration.

At this moment a handsome young man in white silk robes was sitting leisurely while sipping on a fragrant tea and on both his sides were two ravishing beauties.

One in the blue dress with flower patterns was charming and seductive while the other in loose green robes looked innocent and friendly.

These three were the group who landed outside the flame city just three hours ago.

At this moment, a veiled lady in Azure Alchemist robes entered the waiting room. Her azure alchemist robes clearly can’t hide her beautiful curves and well-developed chest. Her forehead was milky white, while her eyes were like shimmering stars. One can only imagine just how beautiful she would be if she removed that dark veil.

A dainty girl in blue alchemist robes was respectfully standing behind this veiled lady.

“Leave us alone.” The veiled lady ordered in her mellow voice, which was pleasing to ears.

Like a loyal servant that blue alchemist leaves with no hint of disrespect.

The young man gracefully put the cup on the table and smile gently as he said, “It has been far too long since I last saw you, and you’ve become even more beautiful my dear, Zelda.”

Yes, this veiled lady was indeed Zelda who once was the pavilion master of Jade Pavilion in Luminous City of low-level lands!

After Zelda and her aunt failed miserably in capturing that despicable thief they both returned empty-handed because that thief committed ‘suicide’ by diving into low-sky changing border’s formation.

Zelda came back to her Green Flame Pavilion since she didn’t receive any punishment for the failure because her aunt Layla took all the blame.

Zelda’s life was returned to normal until that ‘dead’ thief emerge again, and she quickly reported it back to her clan in high-level lands. Now her clan was secretly searching for that thief again.

As for why she didn’t want to return and even escape to middle-level lands in the name of training, it was precisely because of this handsome young man, who also happened to be her fiancé!

Now that her fiancé has come all the way here, she was ill at ease. If it was someone else who tease her like this, she would’ve already attacked and killed that person.

But she knew this fiancé of her was a cultivation genius and she as an alchemist didn’t have any attacking power like him. She wasn’t even sure if she could defeat his two Sword Maids beside him!

As for asking any help from the organization she knew it was useless since no one would dare to touch him as long as he states his background, not even Craft Elder Lan who was probably the only one who can handle him.

“Thank you for your praise, Crown Prince Marc. I’m honored.” Zelda gracefully greeted the young man with royalty courtesy.

She probed first before taking any action, after all, it was highly likely that he wasn’t here for her at all. She knew his nature very well, and that’s why she didn’t want to marry him but alas she can’t go against her clan’s wishes.

But there was a way that can help her escape this political marriage and that was if she entered the rank of the purple alchemist.

However, this gap was too great to cross, and she wasn’t sure if she even had time. Her last hope to cancel this marriage and join the headquarters of Pill Flame was that blood rose in the possession of that thief, but it was also crushed!

The young man or Crown Prince Marc’s smile widen when he saw Zelda behaving so timidly and said gently, “You two guard the door, I want to speak with my fiancé alone.” He orders the two girls standing beside him who were also his sword maids.

“Young Mistress.”

Those two sword maids greeted Zelda with smiles on their charming faces before leaving the room.

“Do the veil need to be intact even in front of me?” asked Marc with a meaningful smile.

Zelda didn’t remove the veil and coolly replied, “Crown Prince, I made a vow to only remove this veil at my wedding. So, I have to apologize.”

“Is that so?” Marc carefully measures Zelda’s body from head to toe with his impolite gaze before saying, “How about I help you complete that vow, Tonight?”

Zelda’s eyes turn icy cold the moment she heard this and even the slightest killing intent leaked her eyes.

Marc merely smile, sensing the killing intent, and coolly said, “What? I’m not even allowed to tease my beautiful fiancé?”

“I’m afraid’¦ I’m not worthy of Crown Prince’s teasing.” Zelda forcefully suppressed her murderous aura, ‘I have to endure, or he’ll get an excuse to take me away!’

“Hahaha’¦” Marc laughed out loud, and suddenly an icy, ghastly aura filled the room. In front of this aura, Zelda’s killing intent was nothing but child’s play!

Marc speaks with a chilling smile plaster on his face, “How about this then, remove that veil, and I’ll forgive you for making me wait in this shithole for an hour!”

He looked nothing like his handsome self anymore as his face was twisted with that nefarious aura.

Zelda trembled violently as her forehead filled with cold sweat and eyes contracted in deep fear, even with her Qi river cultivation she felt as if she was just an insignificant human standing in the middle of an icy storm!

Outside the waiting room.

“Heh, I told you His Highness was angry.” The sword made in blue dress giggles outside as she whispered in her companion’s ear.

The sword Maid in green robes nodded with a serious and enraged expression on her face, “Who does that bitch think she is? She didn’t even appear to greet His highness personally, and then she has him wait in this dirty shop for an hour. She has this coming. Hmph!”

Inside, Zelda subconsciously move her trembling hands toward her veil as her survival instinct told her; this was the only way to survive.

Just as she was about to grab the veil, the ghastly aura suddenly vanished, and she come to her senses. She hastens her hand away from her veil. She looked at Marc with intense horror.

Marc’s gentle smile has returned as if everything happened earlier was just a horrible dream.

“See? I’m quite a reasonable person and since you’re my future wife, I honored your vow. However, I’m quite disappointed in your resolution. Staying in this place makes you weak, and your potential is withering… Sigh…” Marc sighed with a piteous look in his eyes as if he was deeply concerned about Zelda.

“Just tell me everything about that Sky Stealer, and I’ll overlook your past mistakes. Oh, and don’t try to hide anything, or next time I won’t stop until you remove every clothing on your body!”

Marc said with a gentle smile on his face, but in Zelda’s eyes, this was the smile of a demon!


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