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Eternal Thief – Chapter 179: Understanding The Circumstances Bahasa Indonesia

“Junior pay respect to Elder Lan!” Finn quickly greeted Lan.

“Sit!” Lan nodded in approval with a warm smile and order Finn to sit beside Alvin.

Finn didn’t dawdle and sat down near Alvin.

Ace deeply measured the old man before him and was astonished because he can’t see through this old man’s prowess in the slightest!

‘These damn concealment treasures!’ Ace instantly knew why this was happening and this old man’s concealment treasure was far stronger than Black Reaper’s.

Ace suddenly felt a strong martial sense locked on to him and finally felt Lan’s prowess and received his soul signature!

Ace’s heart turn cold because Lan’s was far more powerful than Alvin and he was the strongest person he come to contact after Empty Dream, who was unfathomed!

His only comfort was the hundred-face deception mask that he bought just in the nick of time or he would have already been exposed and become a prisoner!

“Not bad for a 3rd Grade Kingdom’s boy.” Lan coolly said with a smile.

He already carefully examines Finn’s foundation and found nothing extraordinary and his doubts regarding Alvin’s judgment become deeper. Similarly, for his compliment, that was just a lie.

“Thank you, Elder. I don’t deserve your praise.” Ace acted like a humble Finn, but he could tell that Lan was lying.

Alvin also notice Lan’s slightest change in attitude and knew Lan was doubting him.

Alvin looked at Finn and said, “Finn stand to that corner and I’m going to test you in front of Elder Lan just how I did when we first meet. If you pass, then Elder Lan will reward you!”

Finn’s face shone with intense fear and blurted, “B-but I nearly die…”

“I wasn’t asking!” Alvin’s face fell and rebuke Finn before he could finish his sentence.

‘Heh, showing your true colors already.’ Ace sneered coldly.

“I’m sorry.” Finn timidly apologized and do as he was told.

Ace didn’t have any choice since Alvin became restless because of Lan’s demeanor.

Lan said nothing and impassively watched.

Alvin didn’t delay either and when Finn was in position, with no warning he hurled a strand of element Qi just like last time. However, this time he used five percent of his power!

If this was a real Qi gate cultivator, it’ll blow like watermelon the moment it came in contact with his element Qi.

Lan’s lips curled upward into a stiff smile and thought, ‘He has no intention of sparing the boy if he failed. Heh, as expected of ‘his’ grandson!’

Ace coldly looked at the incoming streak and thought, ‘Let’s me see your reactions!’

The moment the green streak landed on Ace’s stomach it penetrates his natural defenses like paper and enter his inky meridians.

However, before it could wreak havoc, the dark void slightly revolves, and it instantly absorbed the wood Qi!

Alvin and Lan were expecting some kind of twisted expression from Finn, especially the latter.

However, to both of their shock, even after a couple of moments Finn was completely fine!

Lan stood from his chair and stride to Finn with a startled face.

With no warning, he put a hand on Finn’s head and use the martial sense again to see what happened. But to his wonderment, the element Qi has completely disappeared!

“Y-YOU?! What did you do?!” Lan has a flabbergasted looked on his face while asking this question in a shaky voice.

“N…. N-nothing.” Finn answers with an innocent yet frightening face.

Alvin trembled slightly before jolt awakened by his daze and laugh out loud, “Hahaha, it’s indeed an element physique!”

In his ecstasy, he even yelled the name ‘Element Physique’ in front of Finn!

‘Element Physique?’ Ace instantly picked the term, and he knew the gamble he made had paid off just by the look on both Alvin and Lan’s faces.

“System do you know about this element physique?” Ace quickly asked the most knowledgeable being he knows, the system.

“Wrong question, tell me what you feel when that Qi hit you?!” Lan took a deep breath to calm his pounding heart. Now even he was sure there is something extraordinary about this boy.

“Umm… I feel just a tingle. Last time it was very painful, though.” Finn answered with skepticism.

“[30TP]” The system emotionless voice sounded in Ace’s mind at this moment.

“Take them!” Ace quickly agreed since this information was crucial to his next step and determine these two old men’s actions, who also seemed frantic right now.

[Thief Point(s): 31,000]

“What did I say, elder?! I indeed found the legendary element physique!” Alvin has also reached Finn’s side with a rapture face.

“Hit him again!” Lan inhaled sharply and command Alvin.

“Fine.” Alvin knew Lan wanted to see what happened inside Finn’s body with his martial sense and he has the same thought.

Now that Finn wasn’t hurting anymore this means Alvin can test him in any way he wanted!

Ace did nothing and let them see what happened because he knew they won’t be finding the dark void.

One had to know even Empty Dream wasn’t able to find it much less these two far weaker than him!

“[Element Physique: Special Physique that can absorb a specific element from world, herbs or alchemist elixirs only, with no tedious processing.]

[Rarity: Uncommon]


[1: Fast cultivation.]

[2: The ability to comprehend any skill and technique related to the specific element in one-tenth of the time that they normally took.]

[3: Complete comprehension of the specific Law in the fastest time.]

[4: An innate ability.]

[Note: This ability can unlock at random and sometimes the Element Physique’s Possessor can’t unlock it in its entire lifetime.]

[5: World’s protection.]

[Note: The person with World’s protection can’t die easily and it had higher luck than a normal person!]


[1: Element Physique is ranked among the lowest physiques between heaven and earth.]

[2: The Possessor is limited to only its specific element and law.]

[3: Skills or Techniques of distinct elements are almost impossible to learn!]

[4: Weakest against the counter elements, likewise strongest against weak elements!]

[Example: Water counter Fire while Wind makes Fire stronger.]

[5: Because of World’s protection….]

Before Ace could read this information, Alvin has already ignited another element Qi strand toward him.

But this time both Alvin and Lan were monitoring Finn’s foundation with their martial sense.

However, to both of their astonishment, the Qi strand dissolved the next moment after it enter Finn’s meridians and none of its trace left!

“How is this possible?!” Lan exclaimed with a bewildered face.

“It seemed it a trait of element physique.” Alvin made a wild guess.

Ace on the other hand finally had a chance to read the information and was flabbergasted. Especially when he saw the fifth limitation!

First, Ace never even imagine these kinds of physiques existed and by the system information, it also appeared there were many physiques out there.

In the end, he was just limited by his knowledge and environment.

‘So, that why Alvin was so obsessed with me. He thinks I’m a wood-type element physique and took my ability to process the foreign Qi in the wrong way. These two also didn’t seem to know; these physiques can’t process someone else Qi. Heh, good for me, though.’ Ace thought with delight.

Ace finally understood what Alvin was after and why he wasn’t killed and the reason for his unusual treatment.

But why he was bought to Lan still wasn’t confirmed and his guess was it has to do with the confirmation of his authority as a real element physique and Lan’s next words confirmed it.

“Let me test him with my fire Qi to confirm he can only absorb the wood Qi and after that, we’ll move to the final test!” Lan solemnly stated.

Alvin agreed without any objection because he knew Lan was just making sure if Finn can only absorb wood elements and he also had this though. But he didn’t dare to test it since he didn’t know the consequences.

But now that Lan a Purple Alchemist was here Alvin was assured about Finn’s safety.

Besides, what are the odds of someone possessing two-element affinity, but it was worth trying, right?

Ace scowled when he saw these two old men were treating him like the wind.

He knew this wasn’t good because if he let Dark void do its wonder then it would be difficult to explain; how come he can absorb two elements at the same time.

Furthermore, no one would believe that this was a coincidence that he come in contact with the same elements he had an affinity with both times!

Even though, Alvin and Lan seemed misled by the possibility of a legendary physique appearance.

They would indefinitely notice this strange phenomenon and when they dost Ace knew the situation might take an unexpected turn and it would certainly be not in his favor this time.

Ace take a deep breath and quickly decided what he would do this time!


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