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Alvin saw the Old man looking at him with a set smile while he was sitting comfortably. He quickly greeted, “Craft Elder Lan.”

“Hah, Come sit here, it’s good to see you again so soon, Alvin!” Lan spoke in his husky voice with a smile on his wrinkled face and pointed at the closet chair with his old finger.

Alvin didn’t reject and sat there with a mild smile on his face.

“How was the middle land?” Lan asked in a casual tone.

“Well, it wasn’t a trash bin as they said in high-lands.” Alvin chuckles with sarcasm.

Alvin and Sofia weren’t from middle lands and they come here from the high-level lands just to find the Sky Stealer!

As for why that thief was so important to the organization only grand elders who also called the Flame Masters know.

Characters like Craft or Flame Elders just only know; that thief held very high importance to their organization anyhow.

That’s why they send someone like Alvin who had tons of experience in finding people in high-lands and Sofia just tag along so she could reap some benefits after finding that thief.

“Hahaha, I agree with you on this one. When I come here for the first time, my thought process was exactly like you.” Lan laugh heartedly.

However, Lan’s laugh suddenly stopped and replace it was a grim face, “Do you find that thief? Is it the boy with you?”

Alvin’s expression also turn solemn and replied, “No, he’s not that thief and I think by the time I reached there he already has been gone. After all, after we post those wanted posters all over the middle-lands that thief would be an idiot to not escape the regal kingdom.”

“Sigh…” Lan sighed and said, “You are right, it’s like a ghost chase and he didn’t appear after that big incident. He’s probably laying low for the time being and I don’t blame him because if I were him I would enjoy myself with that kind of wealth at my disposal.”

Lan’s joke in the end.

“Heh, yes, in the end, he’s just a kid who somehow stumbled upon an ancient inheritance. It’s just a matter of time he makes a mistake after thinking he’s invincible.” Alvin chuckles coldly.

Lan nodded in agreement with a cold smile, “Yes, so far he’s been so careful but the taste of fame and power will blind him, eventually.”

“I also encounter Black Reaper from Nightmare Ghosts!” Alvin gravely reported.

“What?! Those ghosts also send someone from the empire!” A hint of a surprise flashed past Lan’s old eyes.

“It seemed so and that Old Beast who came here with me is also investigating this matter alone.” Alvin nodded.

“I don’t know why that thief is so important to every organization and those old fossils didn’t even speak a word besides capturing him alive at all cost. But there is defiantly something deep here and to know the truth we needed to capture that thief.” Lan pursed his lips.

Alvin grimly nodded in agreement, he also has his doubts about this situation and wanted to know but only Flame Masters knows about the actual play.

“Enough of this, even if you didn’t find him, you bring crucial information about the ghosts. We gain something.” Lan sighed deeply, “Tell about the boy with you, is he your disciple?”

Lan probe about Finn with a smile.

“No.” Alvin mildly shook his head and proceeded, “But if my guess is right, that boy maybe even more important than some petty thief.”

Lan eyes narrowed after hearing Alvin’s words. He knew Alvin wouldn’t have said something like this so casually until he has found something extraordinary about that boy.

Lan said thoughtfully, “I’m listening.”

“Does Elder Lan ever hear about Element physiques?” Alvin questioned.

Lan mull over it for a while before answering, “Are you talking about the physique that legend to be rival with ancient hunter’s Elemental Bloodlines?”

“Oh, it seemed Elder heard about them.” This did not shock Alvin since these elders have access to even more historical records than Flame Generals like himself.

“Yes, my master talks about them once that how I know.” Lan nodded with a hint of sentimentality in his eyes.

“Then what if I tell you that boy has this legendry physique!” Alvin solemnly stated.

“Heh, don’t joke around Flame General. We both know this was just a legend with no solid evidence whatsoever.” Lan didn’t believe Alvin so easily.

“I know, it is unlikely and even those records on element bodies are extremely vague but what if I was right? There is no harm in testing it, right?” Alvin speaks in a grave tone.

Lan deeply looked at Alvin and pursed his lips, “Do you know the method of testing element physiques? You just say by yourself there aren’t many records on them.”

“Yes, but I read these physiques can absorb and reason with the element Qi they have an affinity with. These are the early signs of true element physics awakening. As for the latter, I don’t know.

“But I’m sure if we provide the higher-ups with enough evidence then they will look thoroughly in the secret sections of the ancient library which are off-limits to even us. There are bound to be more records on these element physics there. Just think about the boundless rewards we’ll get to find this legendary physique!” Alvin’s eyes shone with deep enthusiasm as he looked at Lan.

Lan’s face also flushed with interest, it would be a lie if Lan say it did not tempt him after hearing Alvin’s passionate appeal.

“If you’re this confident then this means you know the specific element that boy had, right?” Lan inquiry. He was after all an old fox and by Alvin’s confidence, it was clear he has very high expectations for a mere fantasy.

Alvin smiles faintly before saying, “Yes. But I wasn’t enough for prof anything and might be harmful to the boy. But we have to be sure so lets me show you just where my confidence came from. However, if this experiment bears even the slightest bit of result, then I need you to concoct ‘Wood Element Bath’ for the boy.”

Lan eyes narrowed and said, “You know just how costly element baths are right?”

“Yes. I know, but it is the only way to make sure that boy has the wood-type element physique. Besides, Elder can always sell that liquid to beast calling and we both know they’ll be happy to pay any kind of price for it.” Alvin replied.

These Element Baths were simply, pure elements Qi in liquid form and they can only be taken when someone reached the empty river realm to make the foundation sturdier.

Furthermore, this element bath can increase a Qi river cultivator’s chances to enter the Qi river core by 10%, and every genius in high-level lands bathed in this liquid when they reached the Qi river realm.

However, the cost was something that only some old clans in high-lands and other two organizations can afford!

Besides, there are only six elements formulas for element bath available and only a Craft Elder can learn them or a Purple rank alchemist, since only they can concoct this element bath.

That’s why Alvin came straight to Lan because he was the only one who can create this element bath in the entire middle-level lands and also has the rare materials!

“Fine. But only if you amazed me by whatever you’re about to do.” Lan sigh and finally agreed.

Alvin was right; Lan can sell this liquid to beast calling if this didn’t work.

“But you understand; he’ll melt to the last bone and become just an impurity in it if he took that bath in Qi gates realm!” Lan coldly asked.

“Yes, I know very well since I have taken one myself and nearly melted that time. That’s why only genius with perfect foundation can handle the potent pure element Qi.” Alvin grimaced when he remembered his personal experience.

“Oh, it seemed, it just your way of getting rid of useless trash.” Lan smiled coldly, “I like it though.”

“Hehe, he just knows too much now, and if he didn’t have the element physique, then his talent can’t even win him a position in flame guard regiment. So, even becoming an insignificant impurity in an element bath would be his honor.” Alvin wore a devilish smile.

“Hahaha, then why are we wasting time? Show me your trick first.” Lan grin with his devilish smile.

“Bring the boy!” Lan suddenly muttered to himself.

After a minute the golden door opened again and Finn enter the meeting room.

Ace didn’t know what these two discuss alone but when he saw the wrinkled old man’s warm smile, for some reason a chill run down his spine!

“This is Elder Lan,” Alvin speak when he saw Finn’s nervous expression on his face and introduce Lan to Finn.

“Elder Lan, this is the youngster I was just telling you about, his name is Finn.” Alvin does the same and introduced Finn to Lan.

However, no one knows in this room that this meeting…!


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