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Eternal Thief – Chapter 143: The Journey Bahasa Indonesia

Patrick didn’t care about those strange gazes at him and roared in anger, “Where is my storage ring? Who stole it?! Come out and I’ll give you a painless death!”

No one speak since they didn’t even know just when his storage ring got stolen.

Abruptly, Nora’s cry of alarm echoed at this moment, “My ring is gone!!”

“What, where is my storage ring?!!” Jade join the fray after her fellow disciple.

Just like that, 94 more victims emerge and all of them were the fastest category passengers and some organization higher-ups.

If Jason didn’t want to draw much attention to himself at this moment, he was the only one left who didn’t speak!

‘That son of a bitch!’ Jason was on the verge of insanity because he knew just who had his kind of fetish and ability to steal storage rings.

“Didn’t you say you didn’t find him?!!!” Jason angrily exploded in his mind, since no one was here to vent his anger. He finds someone on his own.

“I-it must be a mistake…I scan the crowd and everyone outside.. He wasn’t here!” The old voice was also sounded frustrated.

“But he was here, and he stole my storage ring again!” Jason said in resentment.

“There must be some kind of mistake. It ought to be someone else. Yes, it has to!” The old voice soothed Jason or itself.

At this moment, Nora’s angry voice echoed again, “T-this ugly bird mark. Who dares to do this? Come out! You rascal!”

“Yii, sister look this ugly bird mark is on my finger as well.” Jade yelped in alarm and anger as well.

Earl Patrick was flabbergasted seeing this and couldn’t help but look at his finger. Because of anger and shock, he didn’t notice it at first, but now he also saw that bird mark on his ring finger.

“Insolent rat, come out!” Patrick roar again.

“Now how did you explain this?!” Jason coldly question as his face was twitching uncontrollably.

“That thieving brat!” The old voice was as if it would cry any moment.

“It was a thief called Sky Stealer!” A youngster spoke loudly with rage. He was also a victim.

Everyone looked at him dumbfoundedly.

The youngster quickly shows a fragment-Qi stone and said, “I found it in my pocket and this name was written on it!”

Those victims included Jason and Patrick, probed their pockets and, just like that youngster, they found a Qi stone with the same phase and name!

Patrick can’t take this anymore and vomit blood, in anger. This disgrace was too much for him.

Jason also felt a metallic taste in his mouth but swallowed back whatever was approaching. ‘I’m going to torture this arrogant bastard.’

“Boy, that brat has an earth-shattering secret on him. You have to become strong so you could capture him, and then everything he owes will be yours to take.

“Don’t forget, we can still track him by the map. As for the disappearance of Baleful Qi, we’ll find out how he did after capturing him.” The old grim voice buzz in Jason’s mind but there was a hind of greed in it, that Jason didn’t notice in his ferocity.

“You’re right. One day I’ll get back everything that belongs to me.” Jason calm his nerves and a new resolve shone in his eyes.

Before things got out of hand, Blank Hound appeared in his black cloak and control the situation.

However, Earl Patrick didn’t budge from the colosseum. He was hell-bent on finding that insolent thief named Sky Stealer and his storage ring.

Black Hound had no choice but to start a search of everyone since the people of the organization also got robbed.

After the tidiest search, no clue on the thief was found and people who got robbed complexion were ashen and filled with hatred.

Black Hound was also very frustrated because everything happened in the colosseum and if the news got out, their reputation will go down the drain and they all will receive punishment from the organization.

Soon, another shocking news reached everyone’s ears. It was about the thievery outside and the thief was also the same.

This makes things even more complicated and the name Sky Stealer becomes quite appalling.

Black Hound decided to report this freakish thief to the higher-ups of the organization while gritting his teeth. Even if he got punished, this was not something he could hide now, and it was far better if they found out from him rather than someone else.

As for Aden, he would be punished since he left his post without any prior notice. It doesn’t matter if he had a brother or father in a capital’s level branch.

The victims had no one to get compensation from and they could only shut their mouths and hate that thief to the bones, nothing else.

After this drama of Sky Stealer, the journey for the fastest category was canceled for a day since those nobles needed money to stay in the capital. They can’t just go empty-handed and then stay on the streets like beggars, right?

When the victims outside find out about the victims inside, they all were dumbfounded and swore to find that thief no matter what. Of course, Patrick was in charge of this search.

However, this search didn’t last lost when a piece of shocking news reached Patrick and everyone else in the city.

This news was so unbelievable that no one dares to believe it and it was also related to the notorious thief in Zander’s county, Sky Stealer…

In the vast golden sky,

A majestic demonic beast was flying high about like a gale of silver-blue wind. It was none other than Thunderstorm Hawk that takes flight before all the commotion.

It has been a week since the journey to the capital begins and the Thunderstorm Hawk didn’t rest for a moment. It can fly for an entire month like this and that’s why it was the beast in the fastest category.

Only five more days remain before it would reach the Regal Capital’s beast calling colosseum.

Aden and the others on the beasts were silent all this time and everyone focus on their cultivation.

However, if Aden knew what had transpired in Zander City just after a few minutes he left and the shocking news that shake the city to the core, he wouldn’t so relaxed and wish if he could’ve just stayed in the city.

Ace was also sitting comfortably in the last rune. He truly enjoyed the feeling of flying in the sky.

But he got bored after a few hours and, like everyone else, did his own thing.

First, he checked the result of his hard labor.

[Successful Pick Pocket Count: 98]

[Low-Level Thieveries: 12]

[Minor-Level Thieveries: 86]

[Total Rewards: 14,200TP]

[Thief Point(s): 26,530]

[Low-Level Thievery: 25]

This new thievery haul was very much to his liking and made him closer to reaching his goal.

After that, Ace’s prime focus was the Runic Soul Manipulation Technique, first level. He was learning it for some time now was very close to forming needle-like threads with the light soul Qi.

Ace has to acknowledge that from the moment he started to learn this technique, his control over soul Qi and even martial Qi become very precise.

One can see this by his soul threads, before he could only conjure fifteen after forming orange soul core and he thought it was his limit. But he soon finds out this was not the case at all after he began learning this soul-controlling technique.

Just because of this control technique, he manages to create Thief’s Charity as well or he still won’t be able to create this kind of skill. This skill might look simple, but it was not the case in the least bit.

Only someone like Ace could do this and he just didn’t know this astonishing truth about himself…

Whenever Ace get the time, he would practice this technique, as for anyone here finding out about his soul Qi. No one can it was that simple.

Although Aden was an empty river cultivator, he can’t detect Ace’s soul Qi until he reached the River Depth stage and focused solely on Ace’s.

That’s why Ace was practicing with no worry.

Three more days pass in the blink of an eye.

Ace’s eyes were closed as five white transparent threads were dancing on his left hand’s fingers. They were quite thin and still thinning until all of them were as thin as a needle

Ace open his eyes, there was visible excitement in them, ‘I finally reached the first level of Runic Soul Manipulation Technique!’ He thought with ecstasy.

He was in a high spirit since he can now finally study the encyclopedias, which he wanted to glimpse into for a very long time. Because without mastering the first part, he can’t assess to second part’s information,

‘I’m close to the capital now so I can open the third part after reaching it. First, I have to find a way to land this hawk.’ Ace mused.

From the start, he wasn’t planning on going to the capital’s beast calling branch because he knew these organizations had a way to communicate in long-distance just by their ability to founding information about him and Jason so quickly.

After what he did, it was most likely that a force was waiting for him there!


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