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After his abrupt announcement, Aden command gently, “Now people with the Golden Beast Tickets please follow me, as for the other please wait before the fastest category beasts take flight.”

Everyone does as Aden said and hundred people came forward and followed Aden.

Fifty of them were from the Zander family. The Zander’s siblings and 47 protectors with the minimum cultivation of peak Qi gates realm and the highest one was high stage qi foundation realm!

Even poor Toby didn’t get a seat, but these guards did and this made him very aggrieved. But what can he do? It was the decision of his grandfather and big uncle. Even his father was helpless to do anything.

As for the other fifty, they all were from titled families.

Jason in the crowd of faster category narrowed his eyes. ‘How did they get golden tickets from that cheat?’ But no matter how much he thinks of it he didn’t understand.

If Ace was here, he might’ve guessed something, but he isn’t and that made this thing fishier.

‘My tickets were also stolen by him.’ Jason’s expression turn violent as he observed these seat distribution closely.

Earl Patrick came in front of his children and gravely said, “Come back alive and you protect your younger sister and brother.”

Ace rolled his eyes, ‘If you loved them so much you can just not send them, what a hypocrite.’

“Yes Father, we won’t disappoint you.” The three of them solemnly said in unison.

After the brief encounter with the Earl, everyone moves towards their rides.

Ace finally saw the beast he was riding.

It was a 30 feet large hawk. Its blue feathers were exquisite and its body was silver-white. It was coldly looking at everyone with its beastly yet intelligent silver eyes.

‘Thunderstorm Hawk, that can fly for a month without even stopping and its speed is like an arrow. I wonder if we fall from it.’ Ace instantly recognized this species.

“This is a Thunderstorm Haw, a high stage qi foundation realm demonic beast. I’ll be controlling this beast.” Aden declared with deep pride in his voice.

“Now, ten among you hundred, please move forward and sit on the rune marking on its back. And please try not to pluck his feathers.” Aden chuckles as he joked.

Now the question was, who will ride with Aden? He was the most powerful here and it will be a safe journey with him.

It was another matter that the strongest man was a coward, though.

Everyone looked at Zinder’s family group with envy. They all knew what was going to happen.

“Let’s go.” Niko chuckles coldly at this moment as he commands his siblings and the seven strongest guards to embark on the beast.

‘There are some advantages of having a prominent position after all.’ Ace thought with ecstasy and do as Niko stated.

Ace jump on the hawk’s wide back and was astonished when he saw ten runes engraving there. ‘What are these runes’ symbols for? And they had carved them into a living being’s body.’ He couldn’t stop his curiosity.

“Heh, curious?” Aden’s gentle voice sounded at this moment when Victor was observing those runes. “These are anti-air runes. They can stop strong winds from blowing you and you won’t feel any air pressure because of them. Only our organization can carve those runes.”

Aden explains with obvious pride in his voice, without caring if someone was listening to him or not.

‘Anti-air rune, huh.’ Ace’s eyes shimmered with a peculiar light as he thought of something.

“You’ll sit with me.” Skyler’s sweet voice rang at this moment.

Victor falter slightly and nodded his head with a smile.

Both brother and sister sit on two runes at the very end.

“Why are you sitting in the end?” Niko wasn’t satisfied with this sitting arrangement.

“I’m a girl and I don’t want anyone to gawk at my back, so I’ll sit at the very back. Besides, Victor is here to accompany me.” Skyler mildly justified.

Niko didn’t have words to retort because Skyler had a point and gave up. “You two, make sure they won’t feel uncomfortable.”

He gave the command to two of his men and sit at the very front since he can’t bear to sit behind someone. Especially if they were mere guards.

‘This place is very comfortable.’ Ace couldn’t help but think like this after he sits on the fluffy warm back of the Thunderstorm Hawk.

After making himself comfortable, Ace’s focus finally turned to the notification panel, which was packed with 97 new notifications.

“System, can you make a short report for me? I’ll see each one of them separately when I had time,” Ace asked. He was in a hurry to find out his big haul of TP.

“[Successful Pick Pocket Count: 97]”

[Low-Level Thieveries: 8]

[Minor-Level Thieveries: 89]

[Total Reward: 12,000TP]

[Thief Point(s): 12,330]

[Low-Level Thievery: 13]

‘So little.’ Ace frowned because of the low-level thievery count. He thought it would be easy to increase his Thievery Count now since he was stealing from many people at once.

Now Ace realized he was wrong because there were ‘poor’ people mixed in this lot.

‘No problem, I still have more targets to steal from.’ Ace quickly shifted his attention to those remaining 103 targets!

Almost every one of these reaming targets was in the fastest category group.

‘5 of them are on Thunderstorm Hawk, so they can wait for now. The reaming 98, however.’ Ace quickly spotted the other people who were not on the same demonic beast as his.

One was non-other than Earl Patrick, who was standing expressionlessly on the side and 17 others were from the Beast Calling Organization, Nora and Jade included.

Speaking of which, Aden wasn’t taking his two ‘cherished’ disciples with him and leaving them to look after things until he returned.

As for the other 80 targets, all of them were youngsters of noble families or their protectors, except one particular person, who was standing in the sizeable crowd that was waiting for their turn.

‘Oh, there he is.’

An evil grin appeared on Ace’s face when he felt a familiar soul signature. It was none other than Jason’s!

Ace instantly asked a precise question from the system after finding Jason’s new cover, “System, can a person have a second thief symbol?”

“[Not until the host does a higher-level thievery than the previous one on the same person.]”

Ace couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed. He simply wanted to annoy that guy to death!

As for sympathy, Ace has none for Jason since he was an assassin.

Just like before, Ace created 98 soul threads and direct them into their position, and waits for the Thunderstorm Hawk to take flight.

“Now that everyone is ready, off we go,” Aden announced as he conjures a formation plate from his storage ring and pours Qi into it.

Thereafter, the runes shimmer with white light, and that light encompassed everyone’s body.

Ace closely studied the light barrier with his runic eye’s technique and was astonished because of the appearance of the same anti-air runes on this light barrier. It was just that they were very little.

After the barrier was set Aden closed his eyes as he used his beast tamer technique.

The Thunderstorm Hawk let loose a resounding cry as it flips its gorgeous, majestic blue wings and takes flight.

Ace quickly stops observing the light barrier and used the pick-pocket instantly and the next moment thief’s charity, in succession.

As for the written Qi stones, Ace has prepared 500 of them so he wasn’t out of supply yet.

The very next moment, the Thunderstorm Hawk speed sour as it became smaller and smaller for everyone to see and finally become a dote.

Ace was stunned seeing the speed of this demonic beast for a moment, but he focused soon turn to his surroundings.

Ace saw the large city becoming smaller by every second as the hawk was flying higher. He saw the vast golden sky and couldn’t help but think with envy, ‘Flying freely in this vast sky must be amazing.’

Nothing else was on his mind. A few years ago, he never even imagines that he would one day fly in the skies on a deadly beast.

This feeling of being free that he got from the sky was unique.

While Ace was enjoying his first flight,

On the ground.

At this moment, inside Beast Calling Colosseum, it was deadly silent because just a moment ago Earl Patrick nearly killed some poor guy from the organization who was standing beside him.

Everyone heard his shrill scream clearly before he attacked the poor guy.

It was; “M-MY STORAGE RING!??!”

Earl Patrick only let that guy go after ripping his clothes and made sure he didn’t have his storage ring.

Now Patrick was looking at others with naked killing intent.

Everyone closer to him put an enormous distance and this peculiar scene bewitched the crowd.

Everyone has one thought at this moment, ‘Is Earl Patrick was sadistic?!’


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