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Eternal Thief – Chapter 14: Soul Cultivator! Bahasa Indonesia

It has been one month since the incident of ‘Black Ghost’.

Billy wasn’t able to find the despicable thief and in the end, lost his mind. He killed almost a hundred innocent people.

In the end, citizens can’t take it anymore and gather together outside of the outer city guardpost to protest against Billy.

Guardpost of the city maintains the law and order of the entire outer region so they had no choice but to act because they also can’t ignore this type of behavior. If Billy kills in secret then there was no problem, but he was killing people in broad daylight!

The families of victims were infuriated and their eyes bloodshot as they protest outside the city guardpost. At last, the commander of the guardpost gave in and arrest Billy.

This is how one of the richest people in the outer region Billy Bill meets his doom. He was once known as an intelligent businessman but even he lost his mind and became a madman after losing his wealth. Such a tragedy

Slums area of River-Flower City,

Ace has changed a lot in a single month. He became taller and his skinny figure was somewhat gone and become a little muscular, He looked even more handsome and a little mature.

In one month, Ace practices his Heaven Stealer technique in the morning and practices his other skills and Dual Shadows Swords Technique at night time in the rundown park.

Ace still can’t master the Dual shadow Swords Technique first realm, because he didn’t understand what it means by ‘Sword as an Arm’ and only gain little mastery over it. Now he finally understands just how hard this technique was. But he didn’t get dishearten and continue to practice.

On the other hand, his 5 basic skills were improved by a large margin.

Today was just like another day, Ace has his eyes closed and reciting Heaven Stealer Technique ‘Black Wind Soul Scripture’.

‘Soul is the core of every myriad being, it contains their conscious and everlasting will. Heaven makes the soul the weakest part of every being because the soul is a key to reach Heaven’s secrets! It didn’t want anyone to glimpse into its secrets nonetheless I shall make my soul like the wind of emptiness and drift for eternity until I uncover Heaven’s secrets…’

In one month Ace didn’t manage to form the Formless Wind Soul Core of the ‘Heavenly Black Wind Soul Technique’, as he did instantly with the ‘Heavenly Crystal Body Technique’ on his first try.

With just that one can imagine how hard it was to cultivate the soul.

Although today Ace feels different, he was in deep meditation state when he grasps something and suddenly a tremor runs through his mind. He feels the space between his eyebrows trembling and becoming hot. The very next moment he feels something forming out of nowhere between his eyebrows.

Ace feels sharp pain but he grits his teeth and endures. Inside his head, a space was forming in the place between eyebrows with dark formless mist. This was the ‘Heavenly Soul Qi’! The difference between the Soul and Martial Qi was it cannot be seen by naked eyes only ‘Soul Cultivators’ has the ability to see the ‘Soul Qi’ or High-Level Martial Cultivators can feel it.

The space forming only takes a minute and after completion, it was ten cubic meters large and was completely black. After space was stabilized something, even more, fascinated happened. Inside the empty dark space in the center, a little globe of white transparent mist begins to form. The globe of mist was colorless and only the size of a fist. After that globe of mist stabilized it begins to spin clockwise in the center of his newly formed black space. It was like a peaceful moon in the dark sky

The moment that globe starts to spin Ace’s whole body jolted and despite his eyes being closed he was able to ‘see’ and feel 10 meters area around him clearly. Because he has finally formed the Formless Wind Soul Core or a ‘Soul Core’.

Soul Core has granted him ‘Heavenly Sense’ and ‘Soul Sense’.

With Heavenly Sense Ace can even see through walls and detect any hidden enemy within the range of ten meters, nothing can hide inside the field of his Heavenly Sense. The more powerful his soul cultivation becomes the more his ‘Heavenly Sense’ would grow.

That’s why practitioners chose to cultivate soul because it can give a lot more supernatural ability than martial cultivation. However, one can’t cultivate in the body if they cultivate in the soul because this is the law set by Heaven,

It is the law of Heaven that if you want something then you have to give up on something as well. That’s why if you want to cultivate in soul you can’t cultivate in body and the same rule applied to Martial Cultivators they can’t cultivate their souls either.

However, this law didn’t apply to Heaven Stealer Technique because it can help cultivate both Body and Soul simultaneously. If Ace finds out about it he would definitely go mad with happiness.

At this moment Ace was using his Heavenly Sense unknowingly when suddenly the newly form space between his eyebrows tremble and vomits a mouthful of blood as his eyes sprang open. His face became pale as a ghost.

“System what happens?” Ace asked weakly.

“[Congratulation host for achieving small success in Black wind soul technique. You have formed the ‘Formless Wind Soul Core’! Your soul cultivation level has been updated]” System gives him an update.

“That not what I’m asking! I’m asking why did I get shocked?” Ace was speechless by this because even he knows about the forming of the Soul Core.

“[Just like Martial Qi in Body, the soul also has Soul Qi for Soul. Just now, Host has overdrawn his Soul Qi while using Heavenly Sense.]”

“It’s just like when I have overdrawn my martial qi when I was using true and false eyes, huh, and Soul also has Soul Qi and my soul qi is Heavenly Soul Qi no less. I can now see anything in ten meters area around me, it’s like my personal space.” Ace mulled over it and become excited. “Status!”

[Eternal Thief System]

[Main Panel]

[Host: Ace White]

[Race: Human [No Bloodline]]

[Heaven: 1st Heaven Mortal Sky Heaven]

[Martial Cultivation: Heavenly Gates [1st Heavenly Skin Gate]]

[EXP: 50/1000]

[Soul Cultivation: Formless Wind Soul Core]

[SP: 30/100]

[Thief Points (TP): 40]

[Skills: 5]

[Stealth Basic [Middle-level]

Silent Steps Basic [Middle-level]

True & False Eyes Basic [Low-level]

Treasure Opening Hands [Basic Art] [3rd Form]

Pick Pocket [Low-level]]

[Cultivation Technique: 2]

[[Heaven Stealer Technique Volume 1], [Dual Shadow Swords]]

[Thief Points (TP): 40]

[Current Mission: 0]

After seeing his progress of the month, Ace nodded in satisfaction, his hard work was not in vain.

‘Without EXP and SP, my progress will not halt but it will be quite slow so I need a mission or some other way to earn EXP and SP.’ Ace mused because he could tell after practicing the Heaven Stealer Technique that he can progress without EXP and SP but it will take him a long time to achieve a breakthrough. EXP and SP were like elixirs or pills to him the more he has the faster he progresses.

‘I can’t do mission here anymore enough innocent peoples have been killed already. I should sneak into the inner region and try robing those rich bastards.’ Ace starts to prepare after he decided to go into the inner region.

Ace was now confident about stealing from anyone in the outer region. But he wouldn’t do that because he was observing Billy for the full month and saw innocent people getting killed each day. He was planning to kill Billy after forming the soul core, but alas he was too late and now Billy has been arrested already. He can’t get revenge for all those innocent people.

Now Ace would steal from those nobles of the inner region and they can’t blame these outer region commoners for it. That’s why he was going to sneak into the inner region tonight.

If he wanted he could just show his status as a cultivator and enters the inner region without any problem. But he didn’t want because if he goes in this way, he has to register himself to the city lord mansion. By doing it his records will be open for anyone to see because he was a resident of this city and anyone can find about him with little research.

If someone investigates him, they will find out that he was just a poor little kid without any guardians and who worked at a restaurant as a dishwasher for five years.

Then how will he explain becoming a cultivator all of a sudden? And most importantly where did he get the cultivation technique from? He can always say that his parents left one for him because they were also cultivators. But he’s not doing it because Ace didn’t want anyone to know that he was in the inner-city.

Also, in this way Ace can rob anyone and no one will ever know where the robber came from. If he was going there to do thievery why not go like a thief too.

Ace collects his bag full of pill bottles and ruby coins, and of course ‘Black Ghost’ outfit from the hidden hole. He changes into the ‘Black Ghost outfit’ and hung his bag behind.

His raptor pair swords were tied on his waist with a belt. He was completely black only his eyes were visible through his mask eyes hole.

‘Outer region my home I’ll see you again next time. Mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma, I’ll come in the future to pay my respects after I become strong and make you guys feel proud in the underworld.’ Ace says his goodbyes to his parents and grandparents’ graves and heading towards the inner region of River Flower City.

This is the beginning of a Legendary Thief journey!


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