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Eternal Thief – Chapter 13: Weapon Market Bahasa Indonesia

Ace heard system notification and snap out of his deep cultivation state and the next moment a rotten smell attacks his nostrils, he nearly throws his stomach out.

‘Where did this rotten wax-like thing come from? Is it because of cultivation?’

Ace quickly runs towards the water source outside. He has to wash for quite a long time before that smell goes away.

After bathing, Ace feels his senses have become somewhat sharper than before. He can now hear small sounds of insects around and see more clearly around twenty meters. His body is also much sturdier, he was much stronger than those idiots at least.

‘This is how cultivation feels like huh. I can feel my skin is absorbing Heavenly Qi on its own now and I didn’t felt extreme hunger like before. This is quite convenient actually.’ Ace felt excited after feeling his new prowess.

“System shows me my status!” He transmitted in mind eagerly.

[Eternal Thief System]

[Main Panel]

[Host: Ace White]

[Race: Human [No Bloodline]]

[Heaven: 1st Heaven Mortal Sky Heaven]

[Cultivation Level of 1st Heaven (Martial Cultivation): Heavenly Gates [1st Heavenly Skin Gate]]

[EXP: 50/1000]

[Soul Cultivation: Mortal]

[SP: 19/20] [31 Extra]

[Thief Points (TP): 40]

[Skills: 5]

[Cultivation Technique: 0]

[Current Mission: 0]

“My soul cultivation level is still at ‘0’. I have to practice it this time.” Ace mumbles to himself.

‘Let’s head towards the weapon market first to see if I can get a good swords pair there, I need them to cultivate the Dual Shadow Swords.’ Ace heads out after deciding his direction. But first, he goes towards the slums park where the loot was hidden to withdraw some ruby coins because he knows weapons were quite expensive especially the ones he needs.

It was very early in the morning so no one was around the park. Ace quickly dug out the bag and withdraw 1000 ruby coins from it, and put them in the black pouch that Alina left him. He quickly hid the bag there again and left hurriedly.

The weapon market of the outer region was the second-biggest business market after the pill market. The weapon market mostly deals with normal worriers and some novice cultivators. Because mostly worriers and cultivators like using weapons. It gives the weapon market as much value as the pill market.

Normal weapons were made by normal blacksmiths but weapons for cultivators were made by ‘Qi Crafters’.

‘Crafters’ held the same status as Alchemists. Crafters were also rare but not as much as alchemists. If you know how to control your Qi you can become a novice crafter.

Crafters have ranks like alchemists but different their skills measured by stars from 1 to 9. 1-Star is lowest and 9 are highest,

Weapons created by crafters can withstand and release the Qi of a cultivator, the more Qi a weapon withstands the higher its star rank will be.

In a 2-Star City like River-Flower City, there was only a 2-Star Qi Crafter present and he gets the same treatment as the white rank alchemist. As for 1-star crafter they were present in the inner region of the city, they were few but all of them work for big families.

The outer region only has novice crafters.

Ace reached the weapons market.

Ace didn’t eat anything so first he goes towards a nearby restaurant and orders dishes that he likes. As he was eating when he heard people talking.

“Hey did you hear about the Black Ghost that rob swindler Billy shop? But Billy still couldn’t find him anywhere no matter how much he searches high and low. Yesterday he even kills four men just because they have the same height as the Black Ghost.”

“Well he’s been killing anyone who he suspects to be Black Ghost for some days and it’s getting worse with each passing day. But most of the people believe that Black Ghost is someone from the inner region and that’s why Billy’s at his wits end because he can’t do anything to inner region peoples.”

“I have to admit that Black Ghost person has really some guts and skill, he steals Billy’s wealth under his damn nose hahaha.”

“You said damn right, the peoples he cheated were extremely happy when they heard the news. Some even called Black Ghost their hero and some poor commoners are calling him ‘Hero of Justice’ haha.” Said another man while laughing,

“What do you think will Black Ghost strikes again?”

“Well, no one knows the answer. But some people hopping for him to strike against other people like Billy. You know everyone has tightened their security because they’re afraid of ‘Black Ghost paying them ‘visit’ next hahaha.”

Ace becomes stunned when he heard their conversation, ‘They calling me ‘Black ghost’, haha not a bad name for a thief, But that bastard fatty is killing innocent people because he can’t find me.’

Ace’s frowned and was furious after thinking about Billy’s baseless killing. After all, he was just a 12 years old boy, and he never would’ve thought his thievery can involve the innocent.

‘If I had the chance I’ll avenge them and do something for them.’ Ace vows in his heart.

After eating his fill, Ace starts heading towards the weapon market. As he enters the market he saw many good build and tall men, they were currently roaming around the weapon shops and selecting suitable weapons for themselves.

Ace’s aim was not a normal weapon because he knew they can’t withstand his Heavenly Qi. He wants a 1-Star weapon or a half-star weapon at least.

In the deeper part of the weapon market, there were not many people here like the outer part of the market. Ace look at the shop in front of him, its name was ‘Coal Weapon Shop’. He goes inside the shop and saw rows of shining weapons.

‘Beautiful’ was the thought that comes to his mind when he saw those rows of weapons.

“Boy, did you lost your way here?” A loud and heavy voice sounded in the shop.

Ace looks around and spotted a tall muscular black middle-aged man with a serious look on his face. He was Coal the owner of this shop.

Ace saw Coal and his serious face and speak respectfully, “Sir I’m here to select a weapon for myself.”

“What kind of weapon do you want?” Coal gets straight to business.

“I want a pair of swords one short and one long, capable of withstanding QI.” Ace also didn’t beat around the bush and tell Coal his requirements.

The suitable weapons he needs to practice his Dual Shadow swords technique was a Pair of Long and Short Swords.

“You are a cultivator?” For the first time on Coal’s serious face an expression of astonishment surfaces.

Cultivators were not rare in the weapon market, but cultivators as young as Ace were not common here. They were either in the inner region of the city or in 1-Star Cities. That’s why Coal was surprised.

“Yes sir.” Ace answer with little pride, it was his first time telling someone of his little achievement.

“Well it is rare to see a cultivator of your age here but doesn’t get too prideful, in big cities, there are many like you and even in our inner region, there are many young and talented people like you. So never get prideful because there’s always someone above you.” Coal berate with a serious face his previous surprised expression was long gone.

“Thank you! I’ll remember sir teaching.” Ace didn’t show any displeasure because he could tell that Coal didn’t have any hidden attention or disdain towards him. Coal was just teaching him like a senior and that’s why he thanked him politely.

‘He is right, even my Lil Sis who is many years younger than me was at the 1st Gate of Qi Gates realm and now that her bloodline is awakened she must be more powerful. So I can’t become arrogant with just this little achievement.’ Ace considered earnestly.

“Not bad boy your attitude is right for cultivation, remember never get arrogant no matter what, or when someone stronger crushes you like an ant you will never be able to stand again. Now let’s go I’ll show you sword pairs. It’s quite rare for someone to used dual swords style nowadays so I didn’t have many sets only three sets are available and all of them are half-star rank. In the outer region, you can only find half-star weapons. If you want a better one go to the inner region.” Said Coal coolly and start moving towards his workshop at rare.

Coal starts to like Ace for his humble attitude so he gave him some advice. If it were someone else he would never even bother to say an extra word.

Ace followed Coal in his workshop.

Coal quickly grab three long and slim wooden boxes from the corner of the workshop. He opens the boxes one by one. When every box was open shining swords giving a sharp and cold feeling come to view.

“These red color swords set are called fire twin swords prize 500 ruby coins. This set is called sharp edge twin swords 300 ruby coins. And this last set is called black raptor pair it can cut metal like butter and the best between these three sets prize of 900 ruby coins.” Coal gets straight to point with introduction and price.

Ace saw the sets inside the wooden boxes. He could tell they were not normal pairs of swords. He sends a bit of Heavenly Qi towards them to see which one can withstand it. When Heavenly Qi made contact with them they immediately start trembling. Coal also notices this and becomes stunned.

‘This kid is not a normal one!. Coal inhales a breath of cold air.

Ace was disappointed, these pair of swords can’t withstand his Heavenly Qi for long. “Sir I will buy this raptor pair.” This set can withstand his Qi for the longest of three.

“Ok take the case and follow me to the counter you can pay there.” Coal turns around after giving Ace an order.

Ace didn’t mind and grabbed the case with the raptor set following after Coal.

At the main shop, Ace paid 900 ruby coins. He was just about to leave when he heard Coal’s pressing voice “Boy I can tell these pair of swords can’t withstand your power so find a suitable one for yourself as soon as possible. It is also good for your cultivation as well because those who cultivate weapons didn’t change them daily. Remember a weapon is like a life to a warrior if it breaks during the battle he will die.”

Coal gave a piece of rare advice to someone and headed back towards his workshop like he didn’t care about Ace anymore.

Ace thinks about what Coal said and couldn’t help but agree with him in this, ‘I’ll buy those swords in system’s shop next time when I complete my mission.’

Ace lightly bow towards the workshop where Coal has vanished. Now he considers him a teacher who gave him advice.

After he returned to his little hut. Finally, he has a pair of swords to practice the dual shadow swords technique.

It was time to cultivate again!


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