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Eternal Thief – Chapter 125: Beast Calling Auction (4) Bahasa Indonesia

The auction moved smoothly after Jason’s little performance and, following a full hour, the faster category auction also ended.

There were ten Viscount Families and seventeen Baron Families in Zander County.

Noble Titles are the symbols of prowess and status in Middle and High lands.

In Kingdoms, there are Nine noble tiles, whereas the highest was the King, Crown Prince, Prince, Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, Baron, and Noble or Lesser-Noble is the lowest.

Almost all the fast and faster categories ‘sets’ won by these families with titles, and some go to the lesser noble families without titles. As for commoners, there was none, of course, if you didn’t count Jason the dark horse.

Many were still eyeing Jason’s first set, but they will not act until a meticulous investigation. But once they found out his true origin, they will not hesitate to eliminate him if his background was poor, especially these families with titles.

“Now let’s start the final round of today’s auction, the fastest category!” Rachel announced with a pleasant smile.

However, no one pays attention to the stage because most of the people are discussing with each other how they should distribute the seats among themselves and use the remaining to attract promising youths.

The second reason for the masses to lose interest in this category was because they stand no chance of obtaining these last sets, especially with those tilted families present eyeing them like hunters.

Rachel also notice the dim atmosphere and knew the reason for it. ‘Hehe, let’s make it interesting. Master Aden is crafty though, to do this in the end.’

A cunning flash passed Rachel’s eyes as she announced, “In the fastest category, there are ten beasts and they can only carry 10 adults each because more will show down their agility. So, there are only 100 seats available.”

No one reacts much.

Rachel smiled grow even widen as she finally announced, “Since there are only a hundred seats, there will be an individual auction for them!”

This announcement was like a stone dropping on a calm water surface that creates many ripples!

The crowd instantly came alive and some people become infuriated, as some faces shone with excitement.

“Hahaha, that old fox has played with both nobles and commoners alike.” Jason laugh out loud as everyone nodded in agreement.

‘Something is not right.’ Ace also deeply looked at Aden, who was smiling like an amicable elder, but Ace has seen this kind of smile in Mathies’s face, ‘Sly Fox!’

“Isn’t it unfair to change the rules in the end?” Someone shouted in the front rows. He was from a viscount family and unhappy about Aden’s abrupt play.

“Oh, we didn’t say that every seat is going to bid in sets, did we?” Aden question back, “If you’re unhappy please leave.”

“Please forgive my nephew, Beast Master Aden.” An old man quickly apologized and glare at the youth who just spoke.

That chap quickly shut his mouth as he felt a coldness creeped out in his spine seeing Aden’s warm yet dark eyes.

The other unhappy youths of titled families also stopped their yapping when they heard Aden speaking. This guy was not afraid of killing anyone even if they are prince or princess, so it was pointless to argue.

Moreover, their elders were acting weird as well because they didn’t speak a word.

Everyone thought that Aden had played with the nobles in the end.

On the other hand, commoner folks were quite happy about this. Now they’ll see these nobles’ idiots fighting among themselves.

“Little brother Javier, should I buy two for us as well?” Jason looked at Javier, who was silent almost throughout the auction. ‘This guy is an oddball, well the less he drew the attention of other the less problem for me.’

“I’ll do it myself, don’t worry, just watch your back or that guy behind me might eat you alive.” Javier coolly retorted.

Jason looked back at the gorilla man and couldn’t help but chuckle, seeing his icy eyes as if he wanted to drink his blood.

“Ass-Faced Uncle is not interested in me.” Jason innocently shrugs his shoulder.

“YOU!” That man’s gorilla-like face twisted with deep hatred when he heard that damn new name of his as if someone has stepped on his face. “I’ll chop you into millions of pieces!” He threatens but didn’t attack.

Jason sneer and didn’t pay any attention to him anymore.

“Seat number 1. The starting price is 500 low qi stones. Every bid has to be raised by 100 low qi stones or more.” Rachel finally open the bids.

“1000…” Someone instantly doubles the price.



The price was instantly sky-rocketed.

“Big sister, can I bid now?” Victor looked at Skyler with great expectation. He was barely holding himself back all this time.

‘This brat is too impatient.’ Skyler helplessly shook her head but there was loved in her eyes as she looked at her spoiled little brother.

“Not now, viscount families will have 30 seats and 20 seats will go to baron families, the rest is ours. Do you forget what father has told you, didn’t he?” Skyler pinched Victor’s cheek as she stops him from making any trouble.

It seems she knows this would going to happen from the start and there was a clear ploy in place.

“Fine, but you have to let me do the work, ok!” Victor finally gave in as he helplessly sighed.

“Deal.” Skyler nodded.

At this moment, the bid has already been raised to the 9000 mark.

“Any higher bid from 9000?” Rachel scans the crowd and starts counting. “9000, one… 9000, two…”

She pauses for a moment and looked at the crowd.

But no one speaks because only viscount families were bidding against each other and baron families didn’t even bid once.

Everyone understands there was some kind of tactical understanding between them. The commoners noticed this and their expressions turn ugly again as they could only sigh bitterly.

Rachel was about to seal the deal when a surprisingly unfamiliar voice rang in the silent venue.

“10,000 Low Qi Stones.”

Everyone turned around and they finally recognized that clown young man. He was quite famous because he bought a set in the faster category.

But to everyone’s astonishment, the bidder was not the clown; it was the other plain-looking youngster sit next to him!


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