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Eternal Thief – Chapter 126: A Lunatic! Bahasa Indonesia

Jason was looking at Javier in bewilderment as he asked, “Why are you biding?”

Yes, it was exactly Ace who just made a bid or it would be more accurate to say he just jumped between the fight of titled families. As for why he did it only he knows the exact reason.

“What kind of question is this? We’re here for bidding, right?” Javier impassively replied.

“Oh, how foolish of me.” Jason quickly realized just how silly his question was, ‘This is not good!’

“Is he from outside the Zander County?”

“Possibly. Those two youngsters are friendly, though.”

Everyone was measuring the plain youth closely, and those titled families were throwing frosty glares at him, but to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t show any emotions.

They have even banded Javier and Jason together unknowingly since they were not from any of those titled noble families in Zander county.

“The gentleman in seat number 64,034 has bid 10,000. Any higher bid?” Rachel call as if she didn’t notice those ugly mugs of nobles.

Aden was also measuring Javier curiously but didn’t take any action since it was normal to have an ignorant fellow in this sizeable crowd who didn’t read the mood too well.

“10,000 one… 10,000 two…” Rachel began the counting.

“15,000…” An old man coldly raised the bid. He was from the viscount family.

“30,000…” But before Rachel would react, Ace nonchalantly double the bid instantly.

Everyone takes a second and closer glance at the youth again.

“35,000…” That old man icily stares at Javier and raised the bid again as if he telling him to back down.

“50,000…” But Ace has some other plans in his mind.

Everyone inhaled sharply because this is the highest bid until now and it was coming from an unknown youth!

Rachel was astonished and looked at the young man even more closely, who just raised the price to 50,000 instantly.

The old man who was bidding against Ace, his expression turn uglier but he didn’t fight for the seat anymore because the price was too damn high.

“Any high bid?” Rachel didn’t even count anymore and ask directly. But no bid came. Who would in their right mind fight with that lunatic who raised the price like it was nothing?

“Congratulation, gentleman to win the first seat, please raised your beast token.” Rachel smiled at Javier.

Javier nonchalantly raised his beast token as a streak of white light enter it and a golden 1 appeared on it.

Skyler was also looking at Javier with her narrowed eyes, ‘Father would be displeased now.’

“Hehe, you score quite high just like your brother.” Jason teased Javier but there was a hint of surprise in his eyes. He didn’t think this scapegoat is so rich.

“Thanks.” Javier smiled for the first time at Jason.

Jason abruptly felt a strange sensation seeing Javier’s warm smile and felt something was not right. But he can’t put his finger on it and didn’t find any other change either. So, he just thought it was his imagination.

‘The poor guy is just happy to win a seat, that all.’ Jason assumed.

“Seat number two bid is also like seat number one. Please proceed.” Rachel didn’t waste more time and open the bids for the second seat.

‘That hindrance is now gone. I can finally win this seat and I’ll teach that kid a miserable lesson after this auction.’ The old man who was biding with Javier thought resentfully. He was just about to bid when he heard that voice again.

“50,000 Low Qi Stones.” Javier’s voice was like thunder at this moment.

Aden’s eyes finally narrowed for the first time as he looked at Javier. “I need his information, every last bit of it.” He gravely commands his disciples.

Skyler was the same because this unknown guy was spoiling their ploy.

The old man with a dumbstruck face was looking at Javier, as well as Jason and others.

“Um, Javier isn’t one seat is enough for you?” Jason didn’t call Javier, little brother anymore.

“No, Elder Brother Jason, I want the whole beast to myself.” Javier beam at Jason.

Jason swallow hard as he saw his reflection in Javier and he was sure that something was unmistakably wrong going on with this oddball.

Ace was laughing at Jason right now in his heart.

“A-any higher bids?” Rachel quickly snapped out of her daze and said, ‘This guy is courting death.’ She grimly thought.

No one speaks as they already labeled Javier as a lunatic.

“The gentleman of seat number 64,033 also won seat number two,” Rachel announced with a smile that was not natural anymore.

“Ahem…” Aden’s voice rang at this moment in the silent venue, “I want to announce something that our associate has forgotten before. The payment for the fastest category is upfront, not after the auction.”

He gently smiled, especially while looking at Javier, “I humbly apologized for the inconvenient.”

Everyone knew this was bullshit. Aden has done this to see if Javier was bluffing and playing with them.

The second reason was to find out if these guys were noble because a noble would not take this kind of treatment standing and show displeased while declaring his status.

However, Aden didn’t even notice a wink surface on Javier’s face, as if he wasn’t bothered by it in the least bit.

In everyone’s curious and hateful gazes, Javier rise from his seat with an arrogant smile plaster on his face

“Beast Master is old, and it is normal to forget at this age.” Javier nodded in understanding.

But everyone around him move as far as they could and there was only one thought in everyone’s mind at this moment for this guy, ‘Lunatic!’

Jason’s face was as if he wanted to cry for some reason.

Rachel put some distance between herself and Aden because she felt a sudden chill rising from Aden. His smile didn’t vanish, though.

“Don’t worry, Beast Master, I’ll pay upfront. How about this? We save ourselves more inconvenience?” Javier grinned cheerfully at this moment.

“Oh, I’m all ears, little friend. Please speak your mind freely.” Aden nodded gently.

“Since Beast Master has given his approval, I’ll be blunt,” Javier stated.



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