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Ace pays ‘110 TP’ for both techniques and Just like before information about both techniques began to drill into his brain. Memories after memories enter his brain, after five minutes he opened his eyes.

‘Is this really a cultivation technique just for a thief?’ Ace thought in a daze. He never saw any cultivation technique before but after seeing Heaven Stealer he was convinced that this system was not from this world.

Because if someone wants to cultivate this technique they can’t use normal Worldly Qi and has to absorb ‘Heavenly QI’. Heavenly Qi is Qi that no one can use or more importantly ‘Heavenly Qi’ is off-limits to every being. However, this technique can make it possible by stealing it from heaven itself, it was a taboo-like technique.

That’s why Ace was so stunned after getting the memories about ‘Heaven Stealer Technique.

‘If I want to cultivate this technique then I have to steal from heaven. Worthy of its name ‘Heaven Stealer’ and technique tailor-made for a thief, I can also choose not to cultivate it but I’ll definitely miss a chance to become extraordinary!’ Ace mused while still in a stupor.

If he chose this path there will be no turning back again because in memories Ace finds that the practitioner of this technique is called ‘Heaven’s Stealer’. It will become the enemy of Heaven and it has to face its wrath every time it wanted to advance in a major cultivation realm.

Ace suddenly remembered that day when he declared that ‘if I have some kind of power that allowed me to steal I’ll steal from Heaven itself!’ he grinned when he remembered his childish words.

That time he was extremely anxious and said those words in anger. However, he never imagen that he would hold that kind of power in his hand and so soon at that. Now, he just has to pick if he wanted to use it or not.

Ace begins to laughs haughtily, “Hahaha Heaven you steal my Love-Ones from me and I can’t do anything about but time has changed, now I have the power to steal from you so why am I hesitating for? From now on you Heaven and I Ace are ENEMIES!!!” He declared arrogantly.

A Heaven’s Stealer was going to be born!

Ace calms down after he makes his life’s biggest choice. He starts reading memories about Heaven Stealer Technique seriously.

“Heaven Stealer Technique Vol 1 It is divided into two parts one for body1 and one for the soul, the system didn’t lie about it.” Ace mutters while continue reading the memories,

“First part is called ‘Heavenly crystal body’ it is like this world martial cultivation system, the difference is it used Heavenly QI instead of worldly QI. Cultivation is divided into ‘Eight Large Realms’ and all Eight of them have their own small realms.

“The first Realm of cultivation is ‘Heavenly Gates’1 also knows as self-opening realm, it has five small realms; ‘Heavenly Skin, Heavenly Muscles, Heavenly Bones, Heavenly Organs, and Heavenly heart’.

“With every self-gate open, I’ll be able to store more amount of Heavenly Qi. At the peak of the Heavenly Gate realm, my meridians would open. This is so interesting this whole cultivation is fascinated.” Ace reads with full of enthusiasm, as he praises this cultivation.

“So Lil-Sis has already opened the 1st gate when I saw her status last time. I have to work hard if I want to meet her in the future.” Ace felt little pressure but became even more determined.

“Second part of Heaven stealer technique Vol 1 is called ‘Heavenly Black Wind Soul’, It’s a soul cultivation technique and didn’t have any realms like martial cultivation. However, it has ‘Five Soul Forms’.

“First I have to form a ‘Formless Wind Soul Core’ and after that comes five color forms of ‘Soul Wind’, ‘Yellow Form, Orange Form, Red Form, Golden Form, and Black Form’.”

Ace takes a deep breath of cold air after reading the full 1st Volume of Heaven stealer technique. This 1st volume is enough for him to stands at peak of this world.

After the excitement from Heaven Stealer Technique lowers a bit, he starts reading Dual Shadow Swords Technique with full attention.

“Hmm? It only has a single part called ‘Basic Shadow Sword Intent’ and it only has four realms. ‘Sword as Arm 1st realm, Sword of Finger 2nd realm, Sword in Mind 3rd realm, and Sword intent of Shadow’ final realm. Well, that is what you can except for a 10 TP technique.” Ace was somewhat disappointed in this technique after going over Heaven Stealer first.

But little did Ace know that if words of a technique, that can teach you a ‘weapon intent’ and not just any intent but shadow intent gets out it will be a bloody war. Because you can’t learn weapon intent from just reading much less an element-type intent.

Because ‘weapon intent’ comes naturally no one can teach it. So Ace has this miraculous technique yet he still says he was disappointed by it if words get out every top expert in the world will faint in anger.

“Well, it can still teach me the basics of how I can use Qi with dual swords so it is worth the price. I also need dual swords to start practicing this technique. The system has them but they are expensive I can still do without them. I can just buy some from the weapon market it’s not like I don’t have any money. But I have to save my Thief Points (TP) for an emergency.” Ace finished making his final decision.

After a whole evening of excitement Ace finally starts to calm down. He eats his dinner early because he was going to start his cultivation of the Heaven Stealer technique tonight.

It was already night time so there was silence everywhere.

Ace calm his mind and closed his eyes. As he closes his eyes he starts to recite the Heaven Stealer technique 1st part ‘Heavenly Crystal Body’ scripture in his mind.

‘Body is the foundation of every living being, but heavens made everyone’s body with many flaws because it didn’t want them gain power that can pose a threat to it. It steals from everyone, it steals their right to gain strength from birth, it steals their right to live long lives then it steals their life itself, the biggest thief of eternity is high heaven itself. My unwillingness will cut open the path that leads to its hidden treasuries, I will draw the power from its hidden treasures that it steals from others, and make it became my everlasting power! I will steal from it I will steal until I become eternal….’

Ace recite in his heart he couldn’t help but move by Heaven Stealer scripture. They were only truth in them and no false, they were like knives to heaven because they reveal Heaven’s dirty secrets.

After Ace starts cultivating the Heaven Stealer technique he fell into a trance-like state. An unknown time pass, suddenly black color mist starts to fill the area surrounding Ace. This Black Mist was actually the Heavenly Qi.

Heavenly Qi was black because it was stolen Qi from heaven itself!

People say if you stole from someone you will curse by heaven but what if you stole from heaven? You will definitely hunt down by every being that is connected to heaven and Heaven Stealer technique was a taboo technique precisely for that reason.

If you use it you will get the Heavenly Qi and became stronger than others, but you will also get Heaven’s cursed every time you try to break into a higher realm, you’ll have to face the Heavenly Punishment.

Heaven will try to kill you every time you want to get stronger. Because if you get the Heavenly Qi you’ll become perfect like no other being, That’s why Heaven didn’t allow anyone with this kind of power to exist.

The moment that black mist or Heavenly Qi touches Ace’s body it starts to pour in his skin and begins to circulate in his meridians channels. Now Ace is truly a real Heaven’s Stealer!

At that moment an inky eye form in the darkness of night it was big enough to cover the entire Golden sky world’s starry-sky. That eye looked coldly in the direction of black Heavenly Qi, after seeing that it was just a mortal ant and it vanished.

After the eyes vanished from Golden sky world, a dark blue eye form on Ace’s forehead. Ace didn’t realize it and didn’t even feel anything. That dark blue eye looked coldly in the direction of that eye where it vanished not long ago. It also vanished in Ace’s forehead the next moment.

Ace didn’t realize that he’s already marked by heaven as a mortal enemy and now it will try to kill him at any cost every time it gets the chance.

Ace was currently feeling like he was flying in the sky because of Heavenly Qi. His entire body was being washed by Heavenly Qi. A black soot-like substance starts pouring out of his skin. That substance was impurities of his body.

This was one of the benefits of Heavenly Qi; it can purify the body and make it perfect.

Ace was immense in cultivation and didn’t notice the passage of time. After 10 hours the sun was rising and the sky starts to lit up.

Inside the small hut. Ace looked like a black wax statue right now. He cultivates the whole night and still didn’t open his eyes. Until he heard a sweet cold voice,

“[Congratulation Host! on Opening the 1st Gate of Heavenly Gates. the Heavenly Skin Gate successfully, Your Martial Cultivation Level has been updated.]”


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